The Importance of Intersectionality: Spanish Series Nonfiction

Educators and librarians know the importance of minority and English language learning in conjunction with children seeing themselves in the books they read. As evidenced by this season’s series of Spanish and bilingual books, it’s clear that some publishers are responding to the rising demand for the representation of complex and intersectional identities in children’s media.  

With as many as roughly five million English language learning students in the U.S. today (National Center for Education Statistics, May 2019), the need for second language media in schools and libraries continues to increase, and for good reasons. Educators and librarians know the importance of minority and English language learning in conjunction with children seeing themselves in the books they read. Consequently, there continues to be a demand for books that celebrate not only linguistic diversity but a variety of diversity identifiers, including ability, age, and gender identity and expression. As evidenced by this season’s series of Spanish and bilingual books, it’s clear that some publishers are responding to the rising demand for the representation of complex and intersectional identities in children’s media. Now is a critical time to examine intersectionality and its role in the perception and portrayal of English language learners who also represent a variety of other status identifiers.



Arnold, Quinn M. Las bicicletas. ISBN 9781640262539.
––––. Las motonieves. ISBN 9781640262584.
––––. Las motos de agua. ISBN 9781640262546.
––––. Los monopatines. ISBN 9781640262577.
––––. Los scooters. ISBN 9781640262560.
ea vol: 24p. (Semillas del saber). glossary. index. photos. Creative Company/Creative Education. Sept. 2019. Tr. $29.95.
PreS-Gr 2 –These books may be short, but they pack a punch. Bicycles, snowmobiles, water scooters, skateboards, and scooters and all the exciting ways they’re used are introduced in this Spanish series. Readers will learn not only about things that go but also about the different geographic environments in which they’re used and some of their practical and recreational uses. A few short sentences on each page are accompanied by color photographs and captions for the smaller details. All the different parts of each vehicle are detailed in words and pictures with easy-to-read captions and plenty of white space around sentences. In the book about bikes, a visual glossary of parts will help children identify the components of their own bikes. Diversity is positively represented in this series. VERDICT Recommended for general purchase, especially for larger collections.

Brody, Morgan. Every Minute Counts / Cada Minuto Cuenta. ISBN 9781680205459.
––––. The Long and Short of It / El Largo y Corto de Él. ISBN 9781680205473.
Clopton-Dunson, Karen. Money Matters / El Dinero Importa. ISBN 9781680205497.
––––. Shapes in the Sand / Formas en la Arena. ISBN 9781680205435.
ea vol: 24p. (Math on My Mind (Bilingual)). further reading. glossary. index. photos. websites. Mitchell Lane/EZ Readers Bilingual. Sept. 2019. Tr. $22.95.
K-Gr 3 –This bilingual series presents a variety of situational questions and answers about basic math concepts, including telling time, counting money, elementary geometry, and measuring skills. Every section, including the table of contents and practice questions, is accurately translated and fully bilingual. Large, full-page photographs work in tandem with the text to give readers an accurate visual example of each situational question and its solution. Every Minute Counts features high-quality images of clocks to help younger learners practice telling time, with bolded vocabulary terms to make concepts easier to identify. The Long and Short of It contains step-by-step instructions on how to measure everyday objects, accompanied by high-impact illustrations. VERDICT Important math and logic concepts become accessible thanks to this series, and diversity is visually represented.

Chang, Kirsten. Mis amigos son sordos (My Friend Is Deaf). ISBN 9781645270065.
––––. Mis amigos tienen autismo (My Friend Has Autism). ISBN 9781645270096.
Duling, Kaitlyn. Mis amigos son ciegos (My Friend Is Blind). ISBN 9781645270034.
––––. Mis amigos tienen síndrome de Down (My Friend Has Down Syndrome). ISBN 9781645270126.
––––. Mis amigos usan aparatos ortopédicos (My Friend Uses Leg Braces). ISBN 9781645270157.
––––. Mis amigos usan sillas de ruedas (My Friend Uses a Wheelchair). ISBN 9781645270188.
ea vol: 24p. (Todo tipo de amigos (All Kinds of Friends)). glossary. index. photos. websites. Jump!/Bullfrog. Aug. 2019. Tr. $25.65.
K-Gr 3 –Children with disabilities deserve to be positively represented in the books they read. This excellent series in Spanish introduces readers to ability diversity in a compassionate and practical way. Readers will be drawn in by the book’s full-page color photographs of children from all racial and ethnic backgrounds and all abilities and will benefit from simple text and short chapters. Photographs show friends participating in activities together without marginalizing or separating children based on their ability. Friends and caregivers of children with disabilities will learn how to be inclusive thanks to suggestions for how to make everyone feel welcome in all situations. Translations are not only accurate, but the choice of words in this series contributes to its gentle, respectful tone. VERDICT Everyone is responsible for making all children feel welcome, and this exceptional series drives that message home.

Daly, Ruth. La Administración de Seguridad en el Transporte. ISBN 9781791102074.
––––. La policía. ISBN 9781791102043.
––––. Los bomberos. ISBN 9781791101985.
––––. Los paramédicos. ISBN 9781791102012.
ea vol: 24p. (Personas que nos protegen). photos. websites. Weigl/AV2 by Weigl. Aug. 2019. Tr. $28.55.
K-Gr 2 –Four occupations and their valuable contributions to the communities they serve are highlighted in this Spanish language series. Travel Security Administration workers, police officers, firefighters, and paramedics are shown performing everyday duties: making our airports safer, protecting people from violence, putting out fires, and providing speedy medical assistance to those in need. Both men and women are shown in a variety of roles, with ethnic and racial diversity shown as well. Text and color photographs are spaced consistently throughout each book, providing predictability and enhancing narrative skills. The last two pages of each book display pictures and ask readers to review what they’ve read and what they see, inspiring caregiver-to-child discussion. A table of contents is included, but there is no index. VERDICT Although not comprehensive, this is a good start for a small collection.

Hansen, Grace. Parque Nacional Acadia. ISBN 9781532187599.
––––. Parque Nacional Badlands. ISBN 9781532187605.
––––. Parque Nacional de las Montañas Rocosas. ISBN 9781532187636.
––––. Parque Nacional de los Volcanes de Hawaii. ISBN 9781532187629.
––––. Parque Nacional Grand Teton. ISBN 9781532187612.
––––. Parque Nacional Zion. ISBN 9781532187643.
ea vol: 24p. (Parques Nacionales). glossary. index. photos. websites. ABDO/ABDO Kids Jumbo Spanish. Aug. 2019. lib. ed. $28.50.
PreS-Gr 2 –The history of how each park came into existence, its basic geographic features, and suggestions for sightseeing are included in this series. Each volume features striking photos of plants and animals, as well as fun facts that will make kids want to explore the outdoors. Lines of text are short, with plenty of white space around words and unfamiliar concepts highlighted. Neither pictures nor text dominate the pages, making this an ideal choice for any children’s collection. Purchasers should note that there are two sets of this series, each of which covers different parks; for the sake of completeness, both sets should be considered for larger collections. VERDICT Readers of all ages will want to explore our greatest national treasures thanks to this enlightening and visually stunning series.

Hansen, Grace. ¡Protege a las abejas de la miel! ISBN 9781532187551.
––––. ¡Protege a las tortugas verdes! ISBN 9781532187544.
––––. ¡Protege a los atunes rojos! ISBN 9781532187537.
––––. ¡Protege a los orangutanes! ISBN 9781532187568.
––––. ¡Protege a los osos polares! ISBN 9781532187575.
––––. ¡Protege a los rinocerontes negros! ISBN 9781532187520.
ea vol: 24p. (Pequeños activistas: especies en peligro). glossary. index. photos. websites. ABDO/ABDO Kids Jumbo Spanish. Aug. 2019. Tr. $28.50.
PreS-Gr 2 –Young environmentalists and animal lovers will appreciate this Spanish series about six endangered species: honey bees, sea turtles, bluefin tuna, orangutans, polar bears, and black rhinoceroses. Two or three simple sentences and full-page color photographs make this an ideal series for both beginning readers with help from a caregiver and older readers with an interest in animal activism. Each book covers a different species, where they’re found, their lifespan, why they’re in danger, and specific things readers can do to protect their favorite animal friends. Consistent with other ABDO series, unfamiliar concepts are bolded for added comprehension, as well as a bulleted list of main points at the end, which sums up all the topics covered. Text size is appropriate for early readers. VERDICT With high-quality design and translation, this series will inspire a future generation of passionate environmentalists.

Hicks, Dwayne. Reglas en el autobús escolar (Rules on the School Bus). ISBN 9781725304932.
––––. Reglas en el patio de recreo (Rules in the Playground). ISBN 9781725305014.
––––. Reglas en el salón de clases (Rules in Class). ISBN 9781725305052.
––––. Reglas en la biblioteca (Rules at the Library). ISBN 9781725304970.
ea vol: 24p. (Reglas en la escuela / Rules at School). glossary. index. Rosen/PowerKids. Aug. 2019. $23.60.
PreS-Gr 2 –Children who are preparing to enter school and their caregivers will benefit from this bilingual series that focuses on social skills development and following rules in different school environments, including the bus, the playground, the classroom, and the library. Each page presents Spanish words followed by the English equivalent, a subtle way of appealing to an early English language learner. Plenty of space around words and simple statements make this an accessible option for the beginning reader. A bilingual index is included, as well as a glossary that reviews words that have been highlighted throughout the text, bolstering comprehension. Illustrations are playful and colorful, reinforcing positive interactions between characters, with racial, ethnic, and ability diversity represented. VERDICT This basic series is ideal for preschools and childcare centers, as well as school and public ­library collections.

Honders, Christine. ¿Qué significa ser ­bombero? (What’s It Really Like to Be a ­Firefighter?). ISBN 9781725305489.
––––. ¿Qué significa ser carpintero? (What’s It Really Like to Be a Carpenter?). ISBN 9781725305540.
––––. ¿Qué significa ser electricista? (What’s It Really Like to Be an Electrician?). ISBN 9781725305663.
––––. ¿Qué significa ser maestro? (What’s It Really Like to Be a Teacher?). ISBN 9781725305700.
––––. ¿Qué significa ser mecánico? (What’s It Really Like to Be a Mechanic?). ISBN 9781725305748.
––––. ¿Qué significa ser médico? (What’s It Really Like to Be a Doctor). ISBN 9781725305625.
––––. ¿Qué significa ser programador? (What’s It Really Like to Be a Coder?). ISBN 9781725305588.
––––. ¿Qué significa ser veterinario? (What’s It Really Like to Be a Veterinarian?). ISBN 9781725305786.
ea vol: 24p. (Trabajos que quieren los niños (Jobs Kids Want)). glossary. index. photos. websites. Rosen/PowerKids. Aug. 2019. Tr. $23.60.
Gr 1-3 –One of the best ways to get kids excited about reading is to inspire them to think about the professions that await them and to cultivate a collection that will shape their biggest dreams. Common professions and the educational path for each are detailed in a concise format, with easy textual and visual transitions between topics. In ¿Qué significa ser maestro?, different facets of teaching careers and all the various subjects one could teach are presented; content is not restricted to just the traditional roles that each profession serves in society but instead offers a more liberal, modern interpretation. This series scores high in multiple areas: Intersectional identities are represented, including ability diversity, and the translation quality hits the mark. ­VERDICT Recommended especially for school libraries but serves as an excellent update to a public library collection.

Klukow, Mary Ellen. Las cebras. ISBN 9781681518824.
––––. Las jirafas. ISBN 9781681518787.
––––. Los cocodrilos. ISBN 9781681518763.
––––. Los elefantes. ISBN 9781681518770.
––––. Los gorilas. ISBN 9781681518794.
––––. Los guepardos. ISBN 9781681518756.
––––. Los hipopótamos. ISBN 9781681518800.
––––. Los leones. ISBN 9781681518817.
ea vol: 16p. (Animales africanos). photos. Amicus/Spot. Sept. 2019. Tr. $27.10.
PreS-Gr 3 –Exotic animals come to life in this Spanish language series featuring eight species of animals native to the African continent, including zebras, giraffes, crocodiles, elephants, gorillas, cheetahs, hippopotamuses, and lions. Readers will learn what each animal eats, where they live, and characteristics that differentiate them from other animals to help them survive. New vocabulary is shown in both words and photographs, ensuring retention. Several pages have no text at all, making this series another possibility for even younger audiences. Due to their striking visual appeal, this series could serve as a good choice for reading aloud to a bilingual or Spanish-speaking audience. A picture glossary for review is included at the end of each volume. VERDICT A specialized selection of books on popular animals will excite readers in the early grades.

Klukow, Mary Ellen. Los dálmatas. ISBN 9781681518893.
––––. Los golden retrievers. ISBN 9781681518909.
––––. Los gran daneses. ISBN 9781681518916.
––––. Los husky siberianos. ISBN 9781681518930.
––––. Los Shih Tzu. ISBN 9781681518923.
––––. Los Yorkshire terriers. ISBN 9781681518947.
ea vol: 24p. (Razas de perros favoritas). glossary. index. photos. Amicus/High Interest. Sept. 2019. Tr. $29.95.
Gr 1-3 –Six dog breeds—dalmatians, golden retrievers, Great Danes, Siberian huskies, Shih Tzus, and Yorkshire terriers—are introduced to animal lovers in this high-interest Spanish series. The history of each breed, their unique identifying features, and other basic facts are included, with plenty of close-up photographs of the dogs and their favorite activities. Kids will love to learn that dalmatians often ride on firetrucks and that Siberian huskies have pulled sleds for centuries. Some of the text might be too small for beginning readers, making this series ideal for an older audience. Still, with its large color photographs, younger audiences will appreciate this fun series about some of the most popular dog breeds. VERDICT Recommended for first purchase.

Markovics, Adam. Canadá. ISBN 9781642806885.
Markovics, Joyce. Argentina. ISBN 9781642806892.
––––. Brasil. ISBN 9781642806915.
––––. China. ISBN 9781642806908.
ea vol: 32p. (Los países de donde venimos / Countries We Come From). further reading. glossary. index. photos. websites. Bearport. Aug. 2019. Tr. $28.50.
K-Gr 3 –Did you know that Canada is home to about 35 million residents? Or that Brazilians eat chocolate candies called “brigadeiros”? These books about Canada, Argentina, Brazil, and China are packed with fun facts about food, traditions, geography, festivals, and more. Full-page photographs, drawings, maps, and diagrams provide visual context. Notably, this series mentions the presence of Native peoples and an introduction to the process of colonization in North and South America in a way that’s understandable for young readers. In the book about Canada, ethnic and racial diversity is represented. Collection developers should be aware that purchase options vary for this series: The Spanish series includes a total of 11 volumes, while the English version includes 74, making language representation a bit lopsided. VERDICT Content is concise and up-to-date, but may not be comprehensive enough for large collections.

Martincavage, Coral. Preparing for a Blizzard / Preparandonos para Una Tormenta de Nieve. ISBN 9781680204414.
––––. Preparing for a Flood / Preparandonos para Una Inundación. ISBN 9781680204438.
––––. Preparing for a Hurricane / Preparandonos para Un Huracán. ISBN 9781680204452.
––––. Preparing for a Tornado / Preparandonos para Un Tornado. ISBN 9781680204476.
ea vol: 24p. (Preparing for Severe Weather (Bilingual)). further reading. glossary. index. photos. Mitchell Lane/Little Mitchie Bilingual. Sept. 2019. Tr. $22.95.
Gr 1-3 –Each volume of this series focuses on a natural disaster and the characteristics of each, how to prepare, staying safe, and the recovery process after the storm. Repetition of phrases will help children retain what they read: For example, in Preparing for a Blizzard, each section of text ends with the same phrase, “Brr, it’s a blizzard! / Brr ¡Es una tormenta de nieve!” Text and pictures are large, making this an ideal series for the earliest readers. The authors emphasize how each storm clears and that the sun (or even a rainbow) appears when the disaster passes. VERDICT This is a fun-to-read, well-translated series that will introduce basic disaster preparedness for early readers while providing comfort to those who might fear storms.

Murray, Julie. El Año Nuevo chino. ISBN 9781532187247.
––––. El Cinco de Mayo. ISBN 9781532187261.
––––. El Día de San Patricio. ISBN 9781532187292.
––––. Kwanzaa. ISBN 9781532187278.
––––. La Navidad. ISBN 9781532187254.
––––. Rosh Hashanah. ISBN 9781532187285.
ea vol: illus. by Maria Puchol. 24p. (Fiestas). glossary. index. photos. websites. ABDO/ABDO Kids Junior. Aug. 2019. lib. ed. $27.07.
PreS-Gr 2 –This series presents the history of six cultural celebrations and how they’re celebrated today, including the Chinese New Year, Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick’s Day, Kwanzaa, Christmas, and Rosh Hashanah. Each book has fewer than 25 pages, with short sentences and lively illustrations that will engage early readers. Racial and ethnic diversity is shown where applicable, but the lack of a Muslim holiday might make this series too limited for larger collections. VERDICT Could be a good first purchase for smaller collections or childcare centers.

Nugent, Samantha & Jared Siemens. El gato. ISBN 9781791110109.
––––. El hámster. ISBN 9781791110222.
––––. El perro. ISBN 9781791110147.
––––. El pez. ISBN 9781791110185.
Siemens, Jared. El conejo. ISBN 9781791110260.
––––. El pájaro. ISBN 9781791110062.
ea vol: 24p. (Conoce a mi mascota). index. photos. websites. Weigl/AV2 by Weigl. Aug. 2019. Tr. $28.55.
K-Gr 2 –This series offers practical tips for taking care of pets, including cats, hamsters, dogs, fish, rabbits, and birds. Full-spread photographs and one or two simple sentences per page make this a good choice for preschoolers. Some pages have no text, making this series appealing to an even younger audience. Interesting facts that kids may not know about their pets are included throughout: Did you know your dog can sleep up to 16 hours a day? Did you know that a rabbit can jump up to three feet in the air? A quick review of important topics is included at the back of every volume and is organized by page number so readers can easily refer back if desired. Also included: a link to online content for further learning. VERDICT ­Recommended for first purchase.

Peterson, Anna C. Amarillo (Yellow). ISBN 9781645270393.
––––. Anaranjado (Orange). ISBN 9781645270423.
––––. Azul (Blue). ISBN 9781645270454.
––––. Café (Brown). ISBN 9781645270485.
––––. Gris (Gray). ISBN 9781645270515.
––––. Morado (Purple). ISBN 9781645270546.
––––. Negro (Black). ISBN 9781645270577.
––––. Rojo (Red). ISBN 9781645270607.
––––. Rosa (Pink). ISBN 9781645270638.
––––. Verde (Green). ISBN 9781645270669.
ea vol: 16p. (Diversión con colores (Fun with Colors)). index. photos. Jump!/Tadpole. Aug. 2019. Tr. $24.21.
PreS-Gr 1 –This series in Spanish introduces beginning readers to all the colors of the rainbow and where to find them in nature, at home, and more. Examples of everyday objects in every color are shown in detailed, vibrant full-color photographs. Each page is limited to one line of text or a short caption—and in a few cases, both—without overwhelming readers who are just starting to practice letter recognition. This series is notable for its lyrical quality: Rhyming words end each section, making this an engaging selection for reading aloud or one-on-one. A visual glossary accompanies each volume, and the “¡Repasemos! / Let’s Review!” section asks thoughtful questions to further critical thinking skills. VERDICT A colorful and playful addition to an early literacy collection.

Turner, Joshua. ¿Qué es el respeto? (What Is Respect?). ISBN 9781538349342.
––––. ¿Qué es la equidad? (What Is Fairness?). ISBN 9781538349182.
––––. ¿Qué es la igualdad? (What Is Equality?). ISBN 9781538349229.
––––. ¿Qué es la libertad individual? (What Is Individual Freedom?). ISBN 9781538349267.
––––. ¿Qué es la regla de la mayoría? (What Is Majority Rule?). ISBN 9781538349304.
––––. ¿Qué es un acuerdo? (What Is Compromise?). ISBN 9781538349144.
––––. ¿Qué son los derechos de las minorías? (What Are Minority Rights?). ISBN 9781538349380.
ea vol: 24p. (Los principios de la democracia (The Principles of Democracy)). glossary. index. photos. websites. Rosen/PowerKids. Aug. 2019. lib. ed. $23.60.
Gr 2-4 –This seven-volume Spanish language series highlights essential principles of what it means to live in a democratic society. Topics include how to “disagree agreeably,” the difference between equality and equity, how laws are written and passed, activism, and social justice. Diversity and inclusiveness are emphasized not only in words but also in pictures, as photographs portray a variety of intersectional identities. Thoughtful discussion questions follow each chapter or topic area, reinforcing critical thinking and reasoning skills. A noteworthy feature of this series is its in-depth discussion of how equality and equity play out in everyday situations and the consequences of systemic inequality throughout history. The books’ style of Spanish will resonate with a wide audience, and the link to suggested reading will catalyze students to learn more about their favorite civics topics. VERDICT An essential addition to any social studies collection, this series touches on relevant current events and topics.



Castellano, Peter. La Declaración de Independencia (The Declaration of Independence). ISBN 9781538249574.
––––. La guerra de Independencia (The American Revolution). ISBN 9781538249482.
––––. La guerra de Secesión (The Civil War). ISBN 9781538249543.
––––. Las trece colonias (The Thirteen Colonies). ISBN 9781538249604.
Jacobson, Bray. La Constitución de Estados Unidos (The U.S. Constitution). ISBN 9781538249635.
––––. Los Artículos de la Confederación (The Articles of Confederation). ISBN 9781538249512.
Lynch, Seth. El sufragio femenino (Women’s Suffrage). ISBN 9781538249451.
––––. La Carta de Derechos (The Bill of Rights). ISBN 9781538249307.
––––. La compra de Luisiana (The Louisiana Purchase). ISBN 9781538249420.
––––. La guerra franco-india (The French and Indian War). ISBN 9781538249369.
––––. La Proclamación de Emancipación (The Emancipation Proclamation). ISBN 9781538249338.
––––. La Revolución Industrial (The Industrial Revolution). ISBN 9781538249390.
ea vol: 32p. (Conoce la historia de Estados Unidos (A Look at US History)). further reading. glossary. index. illus. websites. Gareth Stevens. Aug. 2019. lib. ed. $26.60.
Gr 3-6 –Essential to any collection is a comprehensive series on American history that accurately represents a variety of perspectives, especially those of traditionally underrepresented groups and people of color. While this Spanish series briefly touches on topics like immigration, the Native American experience, and slavery, the content is still outweighed by the depiction of white colonists. The layout and graphic elements of this series, however, make it widely appealing, especially to striving readers, and could serve as a starting point for important conversations about history. ­VERDICT Graphics and layout make this series broadly appealing; subject matter is a starting point for early learners but not ­recommended for the middle grades.

Chambers, Catherine. Historias y leyendas indígenas americanas (American Indian Stories and Legends). ISBN 9781410991225.
––––. Mitos y leyendas de África (African Myths and Legends). ISBN 9781410991188.
Hunt, Jilly. Mitos y leyendas de Grecia (Greek Myths and Legends). ISBN 9781410991218.
––––. Mitos y leyendas de Roma (Roman Myths and Legends). ISBN 9781410991201.
Macdonald, Fiona. Mitos y leyendas de Egipto (Egyptian Myths and Legends). ISBN 9781410991195.
ea vol: 48p. (Un mundo de mitos / All About Myths). glossary. index. photos. websites. Capstone/Raintree. Aug. 2019. lib. ed. $33.32.
Gr 5-8 –This Spanish-only series focuses on myths, legends, and folklore from five different cultures: Native American, African, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian. With a combination of attention-grabbing visuals and appropriately spaced captions, each book comprehensively explores all aspects of the culture’s unique stories and their relationships with history, language, art, science, and the folklore of other civilizations. Imagery accurately represents accompanying subject matter and depicts a variety of art styles: photographs, drawings, diagrams, and maps, interspersed with reproductions of primary sources. Book chapters are consistently organized across the entire series, giving equal attention to all aspects of the culture including religion and spirituality, myths and their relationships with modern belief systems, and the myths’ origins in the natural world. VERDICT Any folklore collection will get a refresh thanks to this modern, up-to-date, and high-interest series.

Weakland, Mark. Los dinosaurios blindados: clasificación por velocidad, fuerza e inteligencia. ISBN 9781623102043.
––––. Los dinosaurios carnívoros de dos patas: clasificación por velocidad, fuerza e ​inteligencia. ISBN 9781623102098.
––––. Los dinosaurios con cuernos: clasificación por velocidad, fuerza e inteligencia. ISBN 9781623102074.
––––. Los dinosaurios de cuello largo: clasificación por velocidad, fuerza e inteligencia. ISBN 9781623102081.
––––. Los dinosaurios pico de pato: clasificación por velocidad, fuerza e inteligencia. ISBN 9781623102050.
––––. Los reptiles voladores: clasificación por velocidad, fuerza e inteligencia. ISBN 9781623102067.
ea vol: 32p. (Dinosaurios por diseño). glossary. index. illus. Black Rabbit/Bolt. Sept. 2019. Tr. $32.80.
Gr 3-6 –This is a different kind of dinosaur series: Books are organized not by species, but instead by their unique abilities and physical characteristics, such as dinosaurs with long necks, flying dinosaurs, and dinosaurs with duck beaks. Every book is action packed with fast, fun facts that will keep the pages turning. The series’ title, “Dinosaurios por diseño / Dinosaurs by Design,” is a creative way for readers to think about dinosaurs and their superpowers. Computerized and digital renderings of dinosaurs are vibrant and exciting. This series is notable for its identification of lesser-known species of dinosaurs. A review of important terms is included at the end of each book, as well as an index, visual glossary, time lines, and more. VERDICT Not your average dinosaur series, this will infuse any collection with fun.

This season’s offerings continue to explore topics of interest to second language learners and provide them with reading materials that will inspire their imaginations. The standout series are the ones that focus on practical skills, like “Math on My Mind” (Mitchell Lane/EZ Readers Bilingual), “Preparing for Severe Weather” (Mitchell Lane/Little Mitchie Bilingual), and “Conoce a mi mascota” (Weigl/AV2 by Weigl). Translation quality seems to be advancing, which is an encouraging development in Spanish and bilingual publishing.

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