“Reasons to Love ­Libraries” from School Library Journal and Library Journal and sponsored by OverDriveis a yearlong project and c­ampaign to engage the public in reflecting on libraries and their impact. Telling the story of libraries has been our business for decades. In the face of disinformation and social media hot takes targeting these institutions, we invite you to contribute your thoughts about libraries, which could reflect your own experience, or what libraries mean to your community or the broader culture. 

Share the library joy on social media with the hashtag #ReasonstoLoveLibraries. Downloadable assets for Instagram, Facebook, and X, below, along with RTLL Canva templates.


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SLJ/LJ Coverage

College Readiness

$14K Funding To Help Hartford Public Library Support College-Bound Immigrant Women (LJ)


Reasons to Love Libraries: 23 Notable Authors and Public Figures Share Their Joy
Amanda Chacon: Community Champion | 2024 School Librarian of the Year
A Public Library’s Comprehensive Babysitting Training Workshop
A Win for Stanton County: An ALA grant fuels a library/school partnership in rural Kansas | Editor’s Note
From Petting Zoos to Field Trips, These Library Initiatives Forge Strong Ties with Communities.
Julie Stivers: Creating a Place to Read and Thrive | 2023 School Librarian of the Year
Los Angeles Public Library Acquires Angel City Press (LJ)
Outstanding Outreach (LJ)
Rural Libraries Endowment Invests in New Mexico’s Small Communities (LJ)

COVID Response

Educators Use 3-D Printers to Create and Donate PPE 
Georgia Public Library Service Distributes 7,000 Chromebooks, 2,800 Launchpad Tablets (LJ)
Health-Based Library Outreach in the Covid Era | First Steps
Library of Congress and StoryCorps Partner on COVID-19 Oral History Archive (LJ)
The Outside Chance: Innovative Outdoor Programming (LJ)
Rolling with the Times: How Mobile Services Innovated During COVID
School Librarians Get Creative To Hold Book Fairs Despite Pandemic Restrictions
Public Libraries Get Innovative for Playtime


Early Learning

Public Library Programs to Address Stress | First Steps
Lights, Camera, Literacy! Create Digital Media for Early Learning | First Steps
Professional Development for Caregivers | First Steps
Reading by Numbers: Four Types of Counting Books


Equity & Inclusion

Black Librarianship: Stories of Impact and Connection 
Building Better Book Fairs: Librarians Create New Models
Building a Shared Vision of Inclusive Future in a Smalltown Library (LJ)
Favorite Children’s Titles Turned Tactile in Public Library Makerspace Program
Going the Extra Mile: Equity in Summer Programming
Intersectional Accessibility: Creating Inclusive Spaces, Examining Ebook Accessibility (LJ)
Jessie Storrs: Serving “Just Kids” | 2024 School Librarian of the Year Finalist
Local Heroes: Librarians Address Inequity Where They See It 

Health and Well-being

Anythink Boosts Patron Well-Being Through Renew Initiative (LJ)
Art, Health, Community: Libraries Support Bicycling During Bike Month and Beyond (LJ)
Call a Doctor: COVID-Generated Library Telehealth Programs Continue to Grow (LJ)
Hungry for Connection: Addressing Loneliness Through the Library (LJ)
Librarians Offer Personal Attention and Community to Students Facing Challenges 
Miami Opens Health Library (LJ)
Strike a Pose: Yoga for Young People, from Babies to Teens


Intellectual Freedom

In the Fight Against Book Bans, Retired Librarians Are Making a Difference | From the Editor
Kansas City, San Francisco Libraries Tackle Censorship with Super Bowl Bet (LJ)
Tamara Cox: A Leader for All | 2024 School Librarian of the Year Finalist
Unbanning Books: LJ’s 2023 Librarians of the Year (LJ)
What’s It Like to Be the Target of A Book Banning Effort? School Librarian Martha Hickson Tells Her Story.



One Million Books and Counting: The Citywide Digital Library’s Success Story in New York City Schools 
Karina Quilantan-Garza: Local Hero | 2023 School Librarian of the Year Finalist
Melissa Corey: Books for Every Student | 2023 School Librarian of the Year Finalist
Reading to the Rescue: Educators Use Time-Tested Strategies to Boost Literacy, Scores
Winning Numbers: The Right Books Turn Math Haters into Math Lovers


Mental Health

Eco-Action: How Librarians Turn Students’ Climate Anxiety into Agency
Librarians Support Students Amid Anti-LGBTQIA+ Legislation, Challenges 
Reading for Well-Being: A Librarian-Counselor Initiative
Where Healing Happens: Librarians Adopt Trauma-Informed Practices To Help Kids 
Working Toward Wellness: Exploring Trauma-Informed Librarianship (LJ)
As COVID Continues to Pressure Kids and Communities, Libraries Lean In to Support Mental Health


Nine Tips for Zine-Making Programs at Your Library
Hip Hop Architecture Camp Brings Urban Planning to Summer Programming 
Hip-Hop EDU: Use Music To Spark Students’ Creativity and Learning 



From Keynote to Sphero, Tech Tools Foster Meaningful Connection Among Students
Librarians can take the lead on educational use of AI
Librarians lift student learning with AR and VR
QPL Hosts Edit-a-thon to Enhance Wikipedia and Wikidata on Queens (LJ)
School Librarians Explore Possibilities of ChatGPT




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