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Asexuality and the Rules to Happiness, a guest post by Amanda DeWitt

Post-It Reviews: Six quick reviews of recent graphic novels

Coming Home to the Library, a guest post by Yasmin Rahman

Our 200th Episode of The Yarn Podcast!

Book Review: All the Dead Lie Down by Kyrie McCauley

The Loveboat, Taipei Trilogy’s Finale: Exploring Uncharted Places, a guest post by Abigail Hing Wen

The Weed Tour – A Diary of Travels, a guest post by Caitlin Donohue

Intergenerational contact and queer YA, a guest post by Hal Schrieve

Now on The Yarn: A True Story by Dashka Slater

In Defense of the “Unlikable” Character, a guest post by Janet Sumner Johnson

I’M SORRY, MOM: How Writing My YA Novel Helped Me Better Understand Her Alcohol Addiction, a guest post by Susan Azim Boyer

Post-It Reviews: Twelve Quick Reviews of Recent Releases

Imperfect Elders: Why I Tell Intergenerational Stories, a guest post by Addie Woolridge

Do Animals Belong in YA Fantasy? A guest post by Hanna C. Howard

Book Review: One in a Million by Claire Lordon

Seizing the Day, or Not, in Middle-Grade Sequels, a guest post by Michael Mann

All the World’s a Stage: Making Theater (and History) Fun for Teens, a guest post by Deborah Hopkinson

Writing a Beloved Real-World Setting into a Novel, a guest post by Zachary Sergi

Grocery Transfiguration, a guest post by Polly Horvath

Finding Myself Through Princess Jasmine, a guest post by Alexandra Monir

Multigenerational Mayhem, a guest post by Shanna Miles

Let’s Get Delicious in Middle Grade, a guest post by Alechia Dow

There’s Magic All Around, You Just Have to Look for It, a guest post by Michelle Barry

Book Review: Gather by Kenneth M. Cadow

Be That Way: Art as Play, a guest post by Hope Larson

Book Review: Be That Way by Hope Larson

Mad Science for the Modern Reader, a guest post by S. H. Cotugno

Book Review: All the Fighting Parts by Hannah V. Sawyerr

What Makes a Story a Fairy Tale? A guest post by Emma Steinkellner

Peter Brown and the WILD ROBOT Trilogy

Book Review: Kin: Rooted in Hope by Carole Boston Weatherford, Jeffery Boston Weatherford (Illustrator)

Book Mail: Build Your TBR with These 30 Books!

Seeing Yourself in a Story, a guest post by Michelle Mohrweis

Grief, Hope, and Bittersweet Endings, a guest post by Victoria Wlosok

How My Book Helped Me Face My Fears, a guest post by Thushanthi Ponweera

Book Review: All That Shines by Ellen Hagan

Building an African Fantasy World for Goddess Crown, a guest post by Shade Lapite

The Yarn: Not Just for Your Ears!

Holiday House and Pixel + Ink Showcase: Fall 2023

The Critical Need for Environmentally Focused Rural YA Books, a guest post by Nora Shalaway Carpenter

Stories Are Everywhere, a guest post by Kate Albus

19 Amazing Audiobooks Adapted from Graphic Novels | Multimedia Audio Reviews

A Conversation with Lane Smith

Loving Home, a guest post by Ellen Hagan

Book Review: Just Do This One Thing for Me by Laura Zimmermann

Recycling Shelved Manuscripts – Your Words Are Never Wasted! A guest post by G. Z. Schmidt

In Defense of Scary Reads, a guest post by Mark Fearing

Book Review: All You Have To Do by Autumn Allen

The Role of Horror in Life and Kid Lit, a guest post by Ciera Burch

Book Review: True True by Don P. Hooper

Book Mail: New books from Chris Lynch, Hena Khan, Kalynn Bayron, Michael Rex, and so many other great authors!

SLJ Reviews 4 Video Games to Transport Players to Fantasy Worlds

Spirits and Superstitions: Writing a Reality Steeped in the Supernatural, a guest post by Vanessa Montalban

Brand New on The Yarn Podcast: Chris Baron’s THE GRAY

Book Review: Your Plantation Prom is Not Okay by Kelly McWilliams

Post-It Note Reviews: 14 quick reviews of recent MG and YA books

Using the Feelings of Childhood Memories to Find the Heart of a Story, a guest post by Sharelle Byars Moranville

Behind the Scenes of A WORK IN PROGRESS with Jarrett Lerner

11 Family Music Albums to Get Kids Moving

Beads on a Necklace: A Story Collective, a guest post by Kimberly Behre Kenna

The Curious League of Influencers and Thieves, a guest post by Tom Phillips

There’s No Right Way to Do Grief, a guest post by Shideh Etaat

My Loneliness is Killing Me, a guest post by Amelia Diane Coombs

‘That dark period forever cured me of procrastination’ Kate DiCamillo on The Yarn Podcast (Pt. 2)

Book Review: Ever Since by Alena Bruzas

Can’t wait For Barbie? Try these graphic novels!

Book mail: A locked-room mystery, kid detectives, a coven of survivors, and more!

The Lightning Capital of the World, a guest post written and illustrated by Malavika Kannan

A Satisfying Leap, a guest post by Toni Buzzeo

Book Review: Fatima Tate Takes the Cake by Khadijah VanBrakle

How the Pandemic and Violence Against Asian and Asian Americans shaped LOVE & RESISTANCE, a guest post by Kara H. L. Chen

In Conversation: Ron Roy and Kayla Whaley discuss A to Z Animal Mysteries

Post-It Note Reviews:

Post-It Note Reviews: Quick peeks at a handful of new titles

“Do I Need to Read Jane Austen Before I Read Your Books?” A guest post by Tirzah Price

Candy Crush and Redbull: Another SPEED ROUND on The Yarn Podcast

An identity formed through protesting: How the 2019 Hong Kong protests were shaped by young people, a guest post by K. X. Song

Leap of Faith, a guest post by Maura Jortner

Handle with Care: “delicate” topics in books for teens, a guest post by author Gigi Griffis

Writing a Story: When the illustration Comes First, a guest post by Chrissie Krebs

Book Mail: 24 new middle grade and YA titles for the summer and fall

On The Yarn Podcast: Aubrey Hartman

Books As Agents of Change, a guest post by Khadijah VanBrakle

The inspiration behind EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW, a guest post by Kelly Loy Gilbert

Fear Itself: How Anxiety and Horror Walk Hand in Hand, a guest post by Kyrie McCauley

Top 25 Titles at My School: Graphic Novels and Mauds Reign Supreme!

Why Sad Books are Vital in Kidlit, a guest post by Cassandra Newbould

“Enough with the chicken noises.” A guest post by Sean Ferrell

14 Animated Picture Books, Discussable Documentaries & Eye-Opening DVDs

Jane Austen, Cowboys, and Comics, a guest post by Rey Terciero

In the Tunnel: One Companion Novel’s Purpose, a guest post by Julie Lee

Kirby, Sonic Return | SLJ's Video Game Reviews

Cute, Sensitive, Funny: Creating A Happily Ever After, a guest post by India Hill Brown

Back in the (Literary) Saddle, a guest post by Jessica Burkhart

A Podcast Experiment: SPEED ROUND w/ Marla Frazee, Dan Santat, Doug Salati, and Amina Luqman-Dawson.

LOST IN TAIWAN: The Story Behind My New Graphic Novel, a guest post by Mark Crilley

GROWING UP GAY IN THE 80s: Two very close friends dealing with the same secret in very different ways, a guest post by Sean Hayes, Todd Milliner, and Carlyn Greenwald

Book Review: Pardalita by Joana Estrela, Lyn Miller-Lachmann (Translator)

Book Mail: 39 books out between now and November!

Alena Bruzas in Conversation with Robin Alvarez


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