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The Transformative Power of Books, a guest post by David Aleman

Playing to our Strengths (and Other Insights on Co-Authoring a Novel): A Conversation with Nicole Melleby and A. J. Sass

Seed libraries: Grow a relationship with your community and help save the world | From the Editor

Love, Family, and Mental Health, a guest post by Rajani LaRocca

Don’t Ban Them. Don’t Silence Them. The Importance of Writing About the “Tough Stuff” in Teen Fiction, a guest post by Lila Riesen

Programming with Constructive Destruction, a guest post by Austin Ferraro

The Necessity of Writing Queerness Without Romance, a guest post by Maria Ingrande Mora

Crafting Villains and Antiheroines in YA, a guest post by Rachel Menard

Writing in the Time of Covid, a guest post by Dana Alison Levy

Centering Central America in Children’s Fiction: A journey home, a guest post by María José Fitzgerald

Meet Me in Montauk: How a Film Inspired a Novel Almost Twenty Years Later, a guest post by Sarah Lyu

Stories and Themes: Rambling, Ranting, and Reflecting, a guest post by T. P. Jagger

Being Scared Silly to Spill a Secret, a guest post by Elizabeth Eulberg

Panels, Prose, and Other Superpowers, a guest post by Jarrett Pumphrey

Children of the Black Glass: A Bedtime Story, a guest post by Tony Peckham

Sunday Reflections: My Child Deserves Representation in the Library

The (Societal) Importance of Play, a guest post by Brittney Morris

The Stories We Tell About Mental Health and Why, or #BooksReallySaveLives, a guest post by Ann Jacobus

The Cages We Create, a guest post by Kate J. Armstrong

Writing About Suicide While Suicidal, a guest post by Lizzy Mason

The Forest in the Sea, a guest post by Anita Sanchez

Rebranding Happily Ever After? A guest post by Lakita Wilson

The Importance of Books, a guest post by Aden Polydoros

Black Patriotism in America, a guest post by Alana Tyson

School Librarians Should Approach ChatGPT with Caution | Soapbox

On the Healing Power of Road Trips, a guest post by Chloe Spencer

Showing Teens It’s Okay to be Angry, a guest post by Lauren Blackwood

Writing Trans Joy in Spite of Everything, a guest post by Edward Underhill

I Spy Something Awkward, a guest post by James Ponti

WRITING FOR YOURSELF FIRST, a guest post by author M. K. Lobb

A Coming of Age Quartet, a guest post by Krystal Marquis

Celebrate Lantern Festival by Making Your Own Magic, a guest post by Gloria Chao

Resurrecting Ghosts, a guest post by Kimberly Behre Kenna

Gothic Obsessed, a guest post by Dianne K. Salerni

A Conversation with Kendare Blake about BUFFY, THE NEXT GENERATION

Philosophy and/as/of Literature, a guest post by Amy Zhang

The Value of Innocence for BIPOC Students, a guest post by David Mura

Inventing the Wheel: Behind the Scenes of THE MANY FORTUNES OF MAYA, a guest post by Nicole D. Collier, Ph.D.

The Key is Self-love: Powerful Transitions in YA Books, a guest post by Charlene Allen

Bringing Grief Out of the Shadows, a guest post by Megan Paasch

Elon Musk Is Why We Need Librarians | From the Editor

YA Publication as an Immigrant: A Conversation with Sofía Lapuente & Jarrod Shusterman

The Future of Our Past, a guest post by Lesa Cline-Ransome

How My Local Library Changed — and Saved — My Life, a guest post by Mike Albo

When Success is a Maze, a guest post by Tracy Badua

In Defense of Romance, and the Pivotal Role it Plays in YA, a guest post by Ellen O’Clover

Smart Characters and Emotional Intelligence, a guest post by Shawn Peters

The Unparented: Writing for Those Who Raise Themselves, a guest post by Ann Dávila Cardinal

YA Novels to Savor, a guest post by Anne-Sophie Jouhanneau

Bringing Black Panamanian Culture to Children’s Books, a guest post by Tamika Burgess

3 Classic Tropes as Reimagined in The Love Match, a guest post by Priyanka Taslim

Old Hate, Renewed Response: Resources to curb antisemitism in school, in person, and online

Luminous Review, Twitter Exodus, and a Thoughtful Airport Encounter | Readers Respond

A Whodunit for the STAND BY ME Generation, a guest post by Melanie Conklin

Slow Burn: An Appreciation Post for Writers Who’ve Been Around A While

Slow Burn: An Appreciation Post for Writers Who’ve Been Around A While, a guest post by Bev Katz Rosenbaum

The Roles We Play, a guest post by Z. R. Ellor

Inside-out and Outside-in: Thoughts on Setting in SNOW FOAL and Beyond, a guest post by Susanna Bailey

Never Give Up! How my long and winding journey to publication taught me the value of perseverance, a guest post by Laura Segal Stegman

Creating an Unlikeable Female Character, a guest post by Victory Witherkeigh

Tragically Playful: How Verse Novels Lend Levity to the Difficult, a guest post by Caroline Brooks DuBois

Cover Reveal: HALF MOON SUMMER by Elaine Vickers

What About All That Buzz?: Newbery Committee Inside Insights

On Carrying the Weight of Survivor’s Guilt, a guest post by Deeba Zargarpur

We’re in This Together, a guest post by Linda Sarsour

Sister Acts, a guest post by Amanda Sellet

On Cozy Fantasies, Comfort Reads, and the Need for Whimsy in YA Fantasy, a guest post by Jamie Pacton

From First Draft to Finished Book: My Writing Process, a guest post by Erin Yun (Plus a Giveaway!)

Simply the Best: Honoring the year in children’s and YA books is a moment to savor | From the Editor

A Love Letter to my Hometown – Wuhan, a guest post by Ying Chang Compestine

The Beauty of Rejection, a guest post by Charity Alyse

Every Rectangular Panel is One Little Moment: How Comics Helped Me Cope with Grief, a guest post by Will Betke-Brunswick

Grounded in Their Communities and Hands-on Learning Across Disciplines, Libraries Can Be Critical Partners in Climate Action

He Couldn’t Read It, So He Wrote It, a guest post by Justin Arnold

Creativity On the Wild Side: Writing Animal Point-of-View, a guest post by PJ Gardner

Where the Light Hasn’t Reached, a guest post by Neal Shusterman

What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up? A guest post by Rebecca Carvalho

Finding THAT Book, a guest post by Mark Fearing

Writing a Dystopian Past, a guest post by Lyn Miller-Lachmann

The Rule of Cool, a guest post by Madeleine Roux

In Defense of Disaster Main Characters, a guest post by Susan Azim Boyer

This Christmas, I’d Like to Read a Hanukkah Romance, Please, a guest post by Hannah Reynolds

Insides and Outsides, a guest post by Sashi Kaufman

The Half-Truths and Lies in JUNKYARD DOGS, a cover reveal and guest post by Katherine Higgs-Coulthard

What We Carry in Our Guts, a guest post by Lindsey Stoddard

Being Selfish or Being Yourself: Navigating Family Life, a guest post by Christina Uss

Why We Read and Write Nonfiction, a guest post by Kathie MacIsaac and Rebecca E. F. Barone

Old Friend, New Story: Garvey in the Dark, a guest post by Nikki Grimes

The Perfect Pairing: Historical Fiction & Nonfiction for Tweens, a guest post by Susan J. Austin

Mecca, Medina, and the Mysterious Art of Writing What You Know, a guest post by S. K. Ali

My Friends are Characters, a guest post by Hena Khan

Teen Girls and Magic in the 1900s, a guest post by Sacha Lamb

You Can Heal Through Art, a guest post by Robin Roe

In Praise of Scary Things: Restricting kids’ access denies them a mode to process fear | Editorial

Next Question, Please, a guest post by Pete Hautman

2022 Middle Grade Debut Novels: A Gaggle of “Onlies,” a guest post by Kellye Crocker

Reclaiming Queer History, a guest post by James Brandon

The Importance of Stories, Myths, and Dreams, a guest post by Rati Mehrotra

I Wrote a Book About the Pandemic. I’m Scared No One Will Want to Read It, a guest post by Sara Saedi

When We Come Together, Our Voices are Stronger, a guest post by A. M. Dassu


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