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Inside-out and Outside-in: Thoughts on Setting in SNOW FOAL and Beyond, a guest post by Susanna Bailey

Never Give Up! How my long and winding journey to publication taught me the value of perseverance, a guest post by Laura Segal Stegman

Tragically Playful: How Verse Novels Lend Levity to the Difficult, a guest post by Caroline Brooks DuBois

Post-It Note Reviews: Quick peeks at 8 new titles

18 Films for Young Viewers About Pollution, Native American History, and More

Kyle Lukoff is on The Yarn Podcast!

Book Mail: A return to the Graceling Realm, rescue animals, Wuhan in the first days of the pandemic, and more!

Top 10 Music of 2022

Top 10 Audiobooks of 2022

From First Draft to Finished Book: My Writing Process, a guest post by Erin Yun (Plus a Giveaway!)

Writing for the Voiceless, a guest post by Nanci Turner Steveson

A Love Letter to my Hometown – Wuhan, a guest post by Ying Chang Compestine

The Beauty of Rejection, a guest post by Charity Alyse

Every Rectangular Panel is One Little Moment: How Comics Helped Me Cope with Grief, a guest post by Will Betke-Brunswick

He Couldn’t Read It, So He Wrote It, a guest post by Justin Arnold

Creativity On the Wild Side: Writing Animal Point-of-View, a guest post by PJ Gardner

Where the Light Hasn’t Reached, a guest post by Neal Shusterman

What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up? A guest post by Rebecca Carvalho

Finding THAT Book, a guest post by Mark Fearing

A Halloween Podcast for You: R.L. Stine (Pt. II) on The Yarn!

Holiday House Showcase: October and November Releases

Book Mail: Anthologies, a teen spy, a haunted funeral home, a gothic mystery, and more!

The Half-Truths and Lies in JUNKYARD DOGS, a cover reveal and guest post by Katherine Higgs-Coulthard

Being Selfish or Being Yourself: Navigating Family Life, a guest post by Christina Uss

Why We Read and Write Nonfiction, a guest post by Kathie MacIsaac and Rebecca E. F. Barone

Old Friend, New Story: Garvey in the Dark, a guest post by Nikki Grimes

The Perfect Pairing: Historical Fiction & Nonfiction for Tweens, a guest post by Susan J. Austin

Mecca, Medina, and the Mysterious Art of Writing What You Know, a guest post by S. K. Ali

It’s R.L. Stine Month on The Yarn Podcast!

Next Question, Please, a guest post by Pete Hautman

Reclaiming Queer History, a guest post by James Brandon

Peachtree Showcase: September, October, and November releases

Two New YA Books That Put a Unique Twist on Zombie Stories: Burn Down, Rise Up and The Undead Truth of Us

Post-It Note Reviews: A Quinceañera, Swimming, Ananse, School Band, and more!

Why Do Friendships End?, a guest post by author Carol Dines

What Do Katherine Applegate and Derrick Barnes Have in Common?

So You Want to “Do Revenge”, Revenge Fantasies in YA Lit for Fans of the Netflix Film

Music, Mythology, and Misanthropy: The inspiration behind My Name is Magic, a guest post by Xan van Rooyen

On Resiliency, a guest post by Sarah Guillory

Book Mail: Voting, Secrets, Witchcraft, an Intergalactic Rescue, and more!

11 Family Music Albums To Get Kids Moving

What is Writing? A guest post by Michelle Mohrweis

Growing up in the Library, a guest post by Nicole Lesperance

The Power of Writing Down a Goal, a guest post by Anita Kharbanda

How Somebody Else’s Reading of My Novel Changed My Own, a guest post by Isaac Blum

Four Books in Forty Years, a guest post by Stacy Nockowitz

Four Books in Forty Years, a guest post by Stacy Nockowitz

47 Titles Not to Miss, Including Music and the Latest by Raúl the Third & Karen M. McManus| Starred Reviews, September 2022

Inclusion Doesn’t Always Mean Representation, a guest post by Chaz Hayden

Form as Message, a guest post by Amanda Rawson Hill

Wednesday Books Showcase: November Through April Releases

May Your Creativity Runneth Over, a guest post by Charlene Thomas

22 Audiobooks Inspired by Fairy Tales and Mythology

Book Review: Dead Flip by Sara Farizan

How I Coped with Death by Moving into a (Fictional) Funeral Home: Managing Anxiety Through Literature and Creativity, a guest post by Emma K. Ohland

How Writing YA Novels Helped Me Find the Forgotten Parts of Me, a guest post by Sabina Khan

Post-It Reviews: Books exploring friendship, being trans, life in Mumbai, body image, and more

Over on The Yarn: Amy Sarig King

Where There’s Smoke There’s Inspiration, a guest post by Iain Lawrence

Book Review: I Rise by Marie Arnold

The Limitless Potential of an Idea, a guest post by Refe Tuma

In the Haunted Glen: Finding the Middle Grade in “Goblin Market,” a guest post by Diane Zahler

Newbery, Part Two-bery

How to Befriend Your Fears, a guest post by Ryan La Sala

Lerner Publishing Group Showcase Fall 2022

Wednesday Books Showcase

Reimagining Greek Myths, a guest post by Laura Brooke Robson

What if a Story Doesn’t End?: How My Eleven-Year-Old Character Changed My Mind about Traditional Narrative, a guest post by Louise Hawes

Book Review: What’s Coming to Me by Francesca Padilla

Beating Burnout and Scribing Shipshape, a guest post by E. E. Dowd

On The Yarn Podcast: Newbery Authors LIVE

Book Mail: 20+ New and Forthcoming Books for All Ages

Never Forget the Lyrics: How Poetry Helped Me Overcome My Learning Disability and Become an Author, a guest post by Alora Young

Post-It Note Reviews: Quick looks at new books for all ages!

How To Write Music, a guest post by Lio Min

Book Review: Don’t Call Me a Hurricane by Ellen Hagan

A Farmhouse Comes to Life: Sophie Blackall Visits The Yarn Podcast

A Book About Grief? Why Should I Read That?! a guest post by Linda Epstein

Penguin Random House Showcase 2022

Getting Children with Learning Differences to Love Books, a guest post by Alma Fullerton

Wide Open Spaces: Writing the “Rural” YA Novel, a guest post by Gary Eldon Peter

Finding Macy’s Voice by Lakita Wilson

Finding Macy’s Voice, a guest post by Lakita Wilson

Why We Love Graphic Novels, a guest post by Paige Braddock

Blending the Family Story with the Coming-of-Age Novel, a guest post by Anna Rose Johnson

Book Review: Improbable Magic for Cynical Witches by Kate Scelsa

An Ode to Summer, a guest post by Ellen Hagan

Our Settings, Ourselves: Crafting Settings That Matter from Settings That Inspire, a guest post by Erica George

10 Children's Music CDs to Enhance Collections

The importance of play: how turning a problem into a game can foster creative problem-solving skills, a guest post by Candy James

Shark Week and Earl Grey Tea: Bob Shea and Brian Won on The Yarn Podcast

Book Mail: Dachshunds, monsters, magic, climate change, and more!

Four Breezy YA Summer Reads for Fans of 'Along for the Ride' on Netflix | Read-Alikes

Post-It Note Reviews: Graphic novels, picture books, and more!

Four YA Romances for Teens Watching 'The Summer I Turned Pretty'

For Your Listening Pleasure: Donalyn Miller on The Yarn Podcast

Things I Never Learned in Library School: You Won’t Get Paid to Read and You Will Never Read Everything in Your Library Collection (See Also: Why we can’t pre-read the books that we purchase, even while facing massive book bans)

Top 25 titles at my school

22 Noteworthy Audiobook Adaptations of Young Readers Editions

“You Mean Not Everybody Feels Like This?”: Self-Discovery Through Writing, a guest post by Andrew Joseph White


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