April 21, 2018

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Tara Kron

About Tara Kron

Tara Kron has an MLIS from the Pratt Institute. She currently resides in Denver, CO, and works at the Aurora Public Library.

Tween-Friendly Romance Titles | The Upper Deck

Columnist Tara Kron takes a look at three recent YA titles that bring the romance—in developmentally appropriate doses—for tween readers.

True Dystopia: Three New Wartime Novels for Tweens | The Upper Deck

These three recent historical novels about wartime survival should appeal to upper middle graders and teens.

Embracing the Darkness in Middle Grade Fiction | The Upper Deck

A brand new column, The Upper Deck, recommends titles for upper middle grade through teen readers. In this inaugural piece, librarian Tara Kron looks at several recently acclaimed middle grade titles that explore dark, sometimes disturbing, issues—but which ultimately offer strength and hope.