February 20, 2018

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Children’s Publishing Reckons with Sexual Harassment in Its Ranks

Illustrator David Díaz resigned from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators board after sexual harassment complaints emerged about his past.

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Murals Making a Difference for Low-Income Students

The mission of the Estria Foundation, based in Honolulu, HI, is to foster social change through the creation of art.

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Follett Challenge: Winning Stories | Sponsored

So often, the stories you hear about education are riddled with news about funding crises, achievement gaps, and failing schools. But those are the stories that make the news. And those are the stories Follett Challenge—a contest that rewards innovation in K-12 teaching and learning— is trying to change. The folks at Follett are looking for more stories. We know there are so many more stories just waiting to be uncovered in our future winning districts. So don’t be afraid to share yours.

Getting Hands on at ISTE’s Digital Age Library Playground | ISTE 2014

For three hours at ISTE’s Digital Age Library Playground, teacher librarians excitedly milled from station to station, absorbing knowledge, connecting with colleagues, and exploring new strategies. At any given time, hundreds of people were not only taking in the presenters’ shared knowledge, but trying out the resources being discussed.

Plagiarism: That ‘P’ Word!

Ah, tis’ spring! The smell of the flowers, the warmth of the sun, and the dreaded end of the term’s essay assignment! For most students, that means a heavy reliance on the Internet, where they have virtually instant access to information. This tempting availability of facts (or opinions presented as facts) has made it even easier for students to search, copy, paste, and turn it in! But while it’s increasingly easy for young digital natives to locate papers to plagiarize, […]

The Search for Meaning

How you can boost kids’ reading comprehension

A few years ago, most of our students at Lansdowne Elementary were struggling readers: while many could recognize words, half were unable to understand the stories they’d just read. Not surprisingly, these kids weren’t interested in books. The problem wasn’t Why Johnnie Can’t Read, but more specifically, Why Johnnie Can’t Understand—and the answer had a lot to do with poverty.

Lansdowne is located in a poor part of Baltimore. More than 60 percent of its […]