February 20, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

PARCC and You | Consider the Source

The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC) tests are coming to 10 states this spring. How can you help colleagues, parents, and students to prepare for them?

Let’s Talk About “Selma” | Consider the Source

“Selma”—there’s the film, and the reactions. Beyond all the friction is the question: What can we learn from the film and the controversy?

Breaking the Hypnotism of the Now | Consider the Source

The Italian media consultant Marcello Vena argues that we are in an “attention economy.” Our problem is not to locate media, but to find the time to read, watch, listen to, or play it. How does this relate to the role and function of the school librarian? Read on.

Bringing World Voices into Your Library | Consider the Source

Briony Everroad and Daniel Hahn, in conjunction with Words Without Borders, have crafted an online magazine issue entirely comprised of young adult writing in translation. It’s a tool to that opens the door to connecting US teens with their global peers.

Back to the Future | Consider the Source

New discoveries, new tools, and new perspectives constantly yield a new past—history is alive, coming into view right now. We must make sure that students see history as an adventure, a detective story, unfolding in front of us and not as a set of unyielding key points to be rehearsed and memorized for tests.

Connecting Adults, Kids, and Science | Consider the Source

Where science and math were once deemed cold, distant, less human and humane than English or history, attitudes are changing.

Let’s Go to the Video… Rethinking College Applications | Consider the Source

Reading Portfolio, a tiny non-profit, is hoping to make wide and deep reading a verifiable and valued experience—and one that students can present to college admissions boards.

Let Pixar Turn Your Library Into a Laboratory | Consider the Source

Looking for inquiry projects that will get your students excited? Introduce them to The Pixar Theory and see where it leads them.

A Girl Who Loved Reading and Triumphed in Math | Consider the Source

For the first time in its history, the Fields Medal, sometimes referred to as the “Nobel Prize for math,” has been awarded to a woman. Clearly, the cultural image of girls as uninterested in the sciences is something we need to work on in the United States.

Waiting for the Common Core to Go Away? Don’t Hold Your Breath | Consider the Source

I often hear the hope, expressed as an expectation, that the Common Core State Standards are about to disappear. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in opposition states.

Delivering Quality Spanish-Language Books: The Guadalajara International Book Fair | Consider the Source

How can we bring high quality Spanish-language books into American libraries? The Guadalajara International Book Fair is one answer.

Growing Up Together | Consider the Source

J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” and John Green’s “Fault in Our Stars”—the books and films—have me thinking that instead of conceding “Young Adult” to “New Adult, ” maybe we should create the category of “New Family”—books that are both truly YA and truly adult.

Greatest Generation | Consider the Source

Charlotte Zolotow, Margaret K. McElderry, Jean Karl, Dorothy Briley, and Frances Foster—all creators of modern books for children and teenagers—groomed many young editors. What was it that these greats had in common?

Are Teenagers Reading Less? | Consider the Source

A Common Sense Media study released earlier this month reported on findings from a number of surveys conducted by respected groups on “Children, Teens, and Reading,” But what questions did those surveys fail to ask?

One Story That Should Change How We Teach History | Consider the Source

A lively conversation with a “sparkling” group of seventh grade students and their teachers, and Randy J. Sparks’s latest book has led the author to a radical conclusion.

I Heard It Through the Grapevine | Consider the Source

“There is no longer one Common Core approach, or need, or form of professional development. ” That’s one reason why the relaunch of the five-headed ‘Uncommon Corps’ blog makes sense.

Hello World, Goodbye Flatland | Consider the Source

“Between the booths, the artists, the displays, and the discussions, the Bologna Children’s Book Fair is a feast for the eyes and ears; it is the market, the souk, of materials for children and young adults.” The innovative works on display there make American publishers appear timid in comparison when it comes to experimenting with style and format.

The Right To Know | Consider the Source

Instead of squabbling over elements of Common Core we need to look at what the standards offer: a ladder. We must break through the blur of the immediate…to what [young people] need to know, to the skills and tools that will allow them to know, and the assurance that they have a right to know.

Diversity in Librarianship | Consider the Source

Over the past few weeks there’s been a great deal of discussion among librarians and authors about the lack of diversity in books published for children and teens. When it comes to our profession, have we closely examined the imbalances that exist? Marc Aronson weighs in.

The Good News | Consider the Source

Lately, everything we hear about the Common Core State Standards is gloom and doom. Marc Aronson brings us the latest good news.