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New Books Alert: Mind-readers, hackers, influencers, a middle school drag queen, and more!

Full Steam Ahead with Labo Lado's 'Brick Train'

What’s Going on at The Yarn?

Amanda’s favorites of 2019

20 2020 Middle Grade Books To Have On Your Radar

20 2020 YA Books To Have On Your Radar

Top 20 Books of 2019: 15-11

Top 10 Audiobooks | 2019

Top 10 Music | 2019

Penguin Random House Spring 2020 Showcase

Crash Course: Recent poetry books for younger readers

Otherization of Sikh Women, a guest post by Jasmin Kaur

Crash Course: Graphic novels for younger readers

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Spring 2020 Showcase: Rescue dogs, a family curse, the Paralympics, deadly magic, and more!

New Books Alert: Reimaginings, romances, thrillers, and more!

What’s new in LGBTQIA+ YA October 2019

New books alert: Cults, activism, a magical bookshop, deadly assassins, a rom-com, and more!

What’s new in LGBTQIA+ YA September 2019

On the 100th Episode of The Yarn, We Reveal All the Secrets

Samira Ahmed, Ali Benjamin, & More |Sept. 2019 Audio Reviews

DVD Films & Documentaries for Teens

How Do I Listen to The Yarn Podcast on Spotify?

What’s new in LGBTQIA+ YA August 2019

NaNoWriMo Helps Kids Jump into Writing with ‘Brave the Page’

Coming Soon: YA Lit on the Small and Big Screen

New Books Alert: Featuring a middle grade #MeToo, an LGBTQ guide, a haunted house, a memoir about living with Treacher Collins syndrome, and more

The Art Games of Jenova Chen | Touch and Go

What Do Todd Parr, Meg Medina, Adam Gidwitz, and Dan Santat Have in Common?

A Brief History of YA Literature, an Infographic

It's a Game, It's a Puzzle, It's Avokiddo's "Thinkrolls: Space" | Touch and Go

Collecting Comics: Middle Grade Novels that a Middle Grade Reader Really Loves

Lucky Diaz, The Green Orbs, & More |ClefNotes

New books alert: Magic-fueled airships, an underwater future, a young activists’ handbook, and more!

Penguin Random House 2019 Showcase: Books featuring Ziggy Stardust, friends pretending to date, a vengeful ghost, vampires, and more!

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2019 Showcase: Books featuring beasties, a killer flu, a changeling, and pirates

States of Matter | Touch and Go

New books alert: A royal romance, a North African-inspired fantasy, a feminist look at reproductive rights, and more

Digital Media: A Remix Tutorial – How an Old Photo Becomes Something New

Digital Media: Using Photo Apps to Make Pride Photos

Digital Media: Using Apps to Take Your Photos Out of This World

A Universe of Podcasts: A Summer Listening Guide for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

8 YA BookTubers To Watch Right Now


Dear Evan Hansen

Small Spaces

New books alert: A nonbinary teen, sisters having an epic day, a reimagining of The Little Mermaid, and so much more!

What’s New in LGBTQIA+ YA April 2019


Fox and Sheep's Mesmerizing "Journey of Light" | Touch and Go

Post-it Note Reviews of YA Books: Rappers, movie lovers, survivors, and teens who create their own universe

Digital Media: Using Photo Apps to Create a Glitch Effects

Conversation Snapshots: Let’s Talk YA Lit Titles & YA Programming Success

Joy to the World! 10 Children’s Music CDs of Love, Peace, & Silliness | ClefNotes

New books alert: A fantasy set in Seoul, an anthology featuring interracial and LGBTQ+ relationships, romance via virtual reality, and more

Sunday Reflections: Let’s Update Those YA Lit Articles with Current Titles

Sunday Reflections: Let’s Update Those YA Lit Articles with Current Titles, and more suggestions for how we talk about YA lit in the media

What’s new in LGBTQIA+ YA March 2019

The Where of it All: Place and Story, a guest post by Kathi Appelt

Post-it Note Reviews of YA Books: Undocumented teen voices, the supernatural, writing advice, a searing memoir, and Joan of Arc’s life told through poems

Hip Hop is Happening in YA Lit, a guest post by Lisa Krok

President Books for Presidents Day

New books alert: Writing advice, Latinx teens on a road trip, Muslims in love, and so much more

Abrams Announces New Middle Grade Biography Series ‘First Names’

What’s new in LGBTQIA+ YA February 2019

Alicia D. Williams on Genesis Begins Again

"In the Margins" 2019 Book Awards Announced

Jerry Craft on Being "The New Kid"

SLJ Launches Youth Media Awards Page

ALA Responds to YMA Ceremony Criticism

SLJ Diverse Books Survey Page Updated with New Resources, Access to Full Report

New books alert: YA, middle grade, memoirs, and more!

Diversity, Debate, and the Magic of Books: A Look at the 2019 Youth Media Awards

Merci Suárez Changes Gears, a Lesson Plan and Resource List

Claire Hartfield and Ekua Holmes Win Coretta Scott King Book Awards

Meg Medina on the Meaning of 'Merci' and the Newbery Medal

Penguin Random House 2019 Showcase: Books featuring coders, witches, royalty, refugees, and circus folk

Picture Books, Novels, and Nonfiction To Foster Digital Citizenship

Do You Know: Reflection Press & Children’s Books as a Radical Act, a Diversity Audit Resource

To Slang or Not To Slang: Defending authentic language in YA and children’s literature

Jewish Booklists, “Schindler’s List” Curriculum | New Resources to Counter Anti-Semitism

Carmen Sandiego Returns, Rowley Gets a Say, and More | NewsBites

We Need Diverse Books Announces 2019 Walter Awards Winners

School Library Grant, Exhibition, and More Opportunities | NewsBites

Above and Beyond: 4 Nonfiction Titles About Exploring Space

Mimi Yu On Empire, Shaping Characters, and More in “The Girl King”


Hungry Caterpillar Play School | Touch and Go

Cover Reveal: "Mira’s Curly Hair" by Maryam al Serkal, ill. Luciani, Rebeca

Creating a Therapy Dog Program To Promote Reading, Reduce Stress

What’s new in LGBTQIA+ YA January 2019

Gun Locks, Mental Health Training, and More at the Library | NewsBites


Little Do We Know

The Beloved World of Sonia Sotomayor


Nicola Berry: Books 1–3


It Wasn't Me


The Serpent's Secret


Piecing Me Together


Lions & Liars


More Deadly Than War: The Hidden History of the Spanish Flu and the First World War






Chef Roy Choi and the Street Food Remix


Tell Me No Lies


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