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Amal the Inspiring

Win a Newbery in 150 Pages or Less

Preview: ‘Betty & Veronica Friends Jumbo Comics Digest’ #266

31 Days, 31 Lists: Oddest Children’s Books of 2018

Sunday Reflections: In Honor of Amber Clark

31 Days, 31 Lists: 2018 Fairy Tales, Folktales, and Religious Tales

This Week’s Comics: Mega Vet

Friday Finds: December 14, 2018

The Post in Which Operation BB Says Thank You!

Coming Soon: The Top 20 Books of 2018

31 Days, 31 Lists: 2018 Fabulous Photography Books for Kids

Looking for what’s new in YA and MG books? We’ve got you covered! 

10 Books I Loved (But Failed to Review) in 2018

31 Days, 31 Lists: 2018 Books with a Message

MakerSpace: Paintpouring, chemistry in the art room

31 Days, 31 Lists: 2018 Translated Picture Books

Cardboard Castles and Three-Headed Cats

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Instagram Challenge

Review: ‘Hex Vet: Witches in Training’

19 2019 Middle Grade Books To Have On Your Radar

31 Days, 31 Lists: 2018 Bilingual Books for Kids

2019 Geisel Award Predictions

Fuse 8 n’ Kate: The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming by Lemony Snicket, ill. Lisa Brown

Preview: ‘Archie and Me Jumbo Comics Digest’ #13

Take 5: Things I Learned at the Library Journal Directors’ Summit

Review: ‘Crush’

2019 Caldecott Medal Predictions

31 Days, 31 Lists: 2018 Math Books for Kids

Finally, The Heavy Medal Finalists!

On information privilege and information equity

Learning to Listen with Heart: Teaching with “The Rabbit Listened”

31 Days, 31 Lists: 2018 Picture Book Reprints

31 Days, 31 Lists: 2018 Calde-notts

Friday Finds: December 7, 2018

This Week’s Comics: Wreck-It Racing

The Ultimate Children’s Literature Illustrator Gift Guide 2018

31 Days, 31 Lists: 2018 Funny Picture Books

Heavy Medal Committee: Official Call for Participants

Review: ‘Lumberjanes: The Infernal Compass’

19 2019 YA Books To Have On Your Radar

The 2018 Bookish Charitable Giving Guide

31 Days, 31 Lists: 2018 Alphabet Books

Cindy Crushes Programming: Light the Night with Fandom Themed Fairy Jars

Review: ‘The City on the Other Side’

2018 Librarian Lump of Coal Gift Guide

31 Days, 31 Lists: 2018 Rhyming Picture Books

Best Books of the Year Lists

Rodent Rascals: From Tiny to Tremendous – 21 Creatures at Their Actual Size

On PAPER GIRL and Anxiety: a guest post by author Cindy R. Wilson

Amanda’s favorites of 2018

2018 Children’s Lit: The Year in Miscellanea

31 Days, 31 Lists: 2018 Picture Book Readalouds

Review: ‘Estranged’

31 Days, 31 Lists: 2018 Wordless Picture Books

December Nominations: Last Chance!

Not on The Yarn: Colby Sharp and Donalyn Miller

Preview: ‘World of Archie Jumbo Digest’ #84

This Week’s Comics: Lizard Dogs and Talking Cats

Notes on November 2018

Your Favorite Unlikelies & Ineligibles?

An Exhaustive List of My Pathetic Read Aloud Injuries

Review: "Wonder Woman" #58

Review: "Marvel Rising"

Preview: ‘Looney Tunes’ #246

Preview: ‘Scooby-Doo Team-Up’ #44

Review: "Fake Blood"

This Week’s Comics: Spider-Archie

Preview: ‘Archie Jumbo Comics Digest’ #294

The Chimney Sweep and the Elevator Trade

Review: "Gillbert Vol. 1: The Little Merman"

Louisiana Finds Her Way

Blessed with Crests: Poetry Collections

"This Book Changed My Life"

Derrick Barnes Visits The Yarn

NCTE Conference and Charlotte Huck and Orbis Pictus Book Awards

Preview: "Everything’s Archie," Vol. 1

Review: "An Enola Holmes Mystery: The Case of the Missing Marquess"

This Week’s Comics: Bad Crush

Powerful, Gripping, Important, and Timely—But is It Distinguished?

Students As Citizen Archivists and Scientists: The New Community Service?

Review: "Manga Classics: Romeo and Juliet"

Review: "Snails Are Just My Speed!"

This Week’s Comics: Green-Haired Nightmare

Preview: ‘Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest’ #268

Review: "Phoebe and Her Unicorn in Unicorn Theater"

Connecting the Ancient to the Future and Far Away to the Near By

November Nominations Results—67 titles so far!

Nominations Catch-Up: Jackie, Parker, and Ivy

New and forthcoming YA and MG to know about, including a middle grade debut, a dead female DJ and an epic fantasy

Review: "Lafayette"

New and forthcoming YA and MG to know about

Cindy Crushes Programming: Hosting a Stranger Things themed Escape Room

Review: "Mickey and Donald’s Christmas Parade"

Damaged Families, Resilient Girls

Reviews: Three Graphic Novel Series from Lerner/Graphic Universe

Kate DiCamillo on "Louisiana's Way Home"

This Week’s Comics: Mad Reporter

Preview: "Archie and Me Comics Digest" #12

Review: "Hey, Kiddo"

November Nomination & The Heavy Medal Committee

Media Literacy Week on Participate


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