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Review of the Day: Crab Cake by Andrea Tsurumi

Learn and Grow with Seeds Move! by Robin Page

New books alert: A nonbinary teen, sisters having an epic day, a reimagining of The Little Mermaid, and so much more!

10 to Note: Summer Preview 2019

This Week’s Comics: DIY Comics

All the Children’s Books in the Amazon Top 100

The One Where Jess Keating Tells a Joke

Review: ‘Apocalypse Taco’

One Star Review Guess Who? (#83)

Happy National High Five Day! An Interview with Adam Rubin, author of High Five

What’s New in LGBTQIA+ YA April 2019

The Poetry Books of 2019

Review of the Day: New Kid by Jerry Craft

Book Review: Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett

2019 Books from Pura Belpre Winners

When Kyle wrote Aidan: Process and the Trans Child Narrative

This Week’s Comics: Tamamo of the Woods

Preview: Little Archie Picture Book

Who Wet This Interview? Bob Shea and Zachariah OHora Fess Up

Where do younger teen readers fit in?

'Seashells: More Than a Home,' a Lesson Plan

One Star Review Guess Who? (#82)

Books in Brief: A Hodgepodge

4 Thoughts on the Follett Top 50

Review: ‘Sincerely, Harriet’

Review of the Day: The Line Tender by Kate Allen

Review: ‘Dragon Quest Monsters+’ Vols. 1-2

Monthly Reader Suggestions: March – April, 2019

National School Climate Survey results about LGBTQ students’ experiences in school

2019 Books from Coretta Scott King Winners

2019 Books from Sibert Award Winners

Fast Enough: Bessie Stringfield’s First Ride

This Week’s Comics: Sea Wolves and Hounds of Hades


Fox and Sheep's Mesmerizing "Journey of Light" | Touch and Go


Review: ‘Disney Don Quixote’

Review of the Day: The Girl and the Wolf by Katherena Vermette, ill. Julie Flett

Review: New Kid

Post-it Note Reviews of YA Books: Rappers, movie lovers, survivors, and teens who create their own universe

Digital Media: Using Photo Apps to Create a Glitch Effects

This Week’s Comics: Apocalypse Panther

Name That Book! Kid Drawing Edition (#2)

Science and Math: 2019 Appears to Know What It’s Doing

Berrybrook Middle School Continues Alphabet With Diary

Book Review: Wreck by Kirstin Cronn-Mills

Exclusive Book Trailer Premiere: THE PANDA PROBLEM

April Suggestions – No Joke!

Audio Review: Spin by Lamar Giles

Conversation Snapshots: Let’s Talk YA Lit Titles & YA Programming Success

This Week’s Comics: Possible Adventure

Teaching Ideas for Bloom Boom!

Exclusive: Art Baltazar Gets Sketchy in ‘Drew and Jot: Dueling Doodles’

Post-It Note Reviews: Books for younger readers featuring a psychic, an alien cat, scientists, a girl with ADHD, a homeschooled girl, and campers

I Created My Own Book Spine Poem and So Can You (And Your Students/Patrons)!

Review of the Day – Just Right: Searching for the Goldilocks Planet by Curtis Manley, ill. Jessica Lanan

Guest Post: Jim McClain on How to Go to a Comic Con

2019 Books from Newbery Medal/Honor Winners

Exclusive Preview: ‘Adventure Time: Marcy & Simon’ #4

New books alert: A fantasy set in Seoul, an anthology featuring interracial and LGBTQ+ relationships, romance via virtual reality, and more

Cover Reveal: More to the Story by Hena Khan

2019 Books From Caldecott Medal/Honor Winners

Kicky’s Post It Note Reviews: On the Come Up and The Devouring Gray

News! McSweeney’s to Publish Illustoria Magazine

Exploring Poetry, Language, and Adaptation with 'Superlative Birds,' a Lesson Plan

Fuse 8 n’ Kate: The Boy Who Didn’t Believe in Spring by Lucille Clifton, ill. Brinton Turkle

This Week’s Comics: Teenage Rising

Preview: ‘Betty and Veronica Friends Forever: Pets’ #1

‘I get to be the one to tell this story?’ Molly Idle on PEARL and getting ‘The Call’

Sunday Reflections: Let’s Update Those YA Lit Articles with Current Titles

Sunday Reflections: Let’s Update Those YA Lit Articles with Current Titles, and more suggestions for how we talk about YA lit in the media

Books on Film: Meg Medina Reacts to Her Newbery Win

Preview: ‘Scooby-Doo Team-Up’ #47

Preview: ‘Looney Tunes’ #248

One Star Review Guess Who? (#81)

Cover Reveal and Interview: This is a Sea Cow by Cassandra Federman

Comics News from Snow White to Harley Quinn

Review: ‘Positively Izzy’

Monsters united can never be defeated: sentimental queer horror YA, a guest post by Hal Schrieve

Cover Reveal: THE OTHER HALF OF HAPPY by Rebecca Balcarcel

Review of the Day: Spy Runner by Eugene Yelchin (bonus interview included)

Book Review: Night Music by Jenn Marie Thorne

Review: The Giver

'Sea Bear, A Journey for Survival,' a Lesson Plan

This Week’s Comics: We Can Do It

Feminist AF: What Makes a YA Book a Feminist YA Book?

A Love Letter to Muslim Authors, a guest post by Lisa Krok

Newbery / Caldecott 2020: Spring Prediction Edition

Laurie Halse Anderson Stops By The Yarn to Talk Shout

Hello, Oakland County Reading Council!

Books on Film: A Conversation with Arthur Geisert

10 in 2019: Upcoming Picture Book Titles

Review: To Kill a Mockingbird

What’s new in LGBTQIA+ YA March 2019

Review of the Day: The Happy Book by Andy Rash

The Where of it All: Place and Story, a guest post by Kathi Appelt

10 to Note: Spring Preview 2019

2019 Schneider Family Book Award Winner: Rescue & Jessica

Book Review: Girls with Sharp Sticks by Suzanne Young

This Week’s Comics: A Foreign Affair

March Suggestions – Totals

One Star Review Guess Who? (#80)


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