Four YA Romances for Teens Watching 'The Summer I Turned Pretty'

Four YA Romances for Teens Watching 'The Summer I Turned Pretty'

Summer love figures large in these novels for fans of the Amazon show based on Jenny Han's YA novel.
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Truth Teller: A Conversation with Margaret A. Edwards Award Winner A.S. King

A.S. King, winner of the Margaret A. Edwards Award, speaks to SLJ about reckoning with trauma, censors, and the need to stop bullying teens.

Librarians Support Students Amid Anti-LGBTQIA+ Legislation, Challenges

Advocates for queer young people say support from caring adults is crucial. Here's how librarians are standing up for their students.

Newbery/Caldecott 2023: Summer Prediction Edition

Betsy Bird, Jun 15, 2022
Are you ready for a second round of award season predictions? Then hold onto your butts, folks. Newbery and Caldecott, we're coming for you!

Authors Explore Jewish Identity

Kara Yorio, May 26, 2022
It's Jewish American Heritage Month, and SLJ spoke with authors about the importance of writing Jewish characters and stories.

Jan 11, 2022
SLJ celebrates the 100th anniversary of the award with an array of feature coverage and a series of interviews with Newbery greats.

Jennifer Snelling, Feb 18, 2022
Creative and fun ways to use Clubhouse, Flipgrid, Green Screen, and more tools with students and teachers. 

SLJ Staff, Feb 24, 2022
A recent CBS News/YouGov poll showed Americans do not support removing books about race from schools and believe that students should be taught the history of race and racism in the United States.

SLJ staff, Jan 19, 2022
Those dreaded summer reading lists. For eons, teachers have been handing out assigned reading, mostly comprised of old “classics.” With this survey, SLJ and NCTE invite teachers and librarians to choose the titles you’d like culled from required reading and those books you would urge students to read instead.

Marva Hinton, Nov 01, 2021
Battling threats to library funding and positions and educating the community on the value of librarians often becomes like a second job, taking up nights and weekends with conversations, events, and social media posts. 

SLJ Staff, Jan 31, 2019
On the Diverse Books Survey page, users can access related content, newly updated, as well as our Diverse Books Survey report.

Kara Yorio, Oct 24, 2018
While in the minority, the SLJ Diverse Books Survey reveals some librarians are declining to purchase books with diverse characters to avoid a challenge.

Terry Hong, May 05, 2022
Titles for all ages by APA creators. 

NCTE & SLJ Reviews, May 12, 2022
Still slugging it out with Jane's evil stepmother, her treacherous schooldays, and the love-him hate-him Rochester? NCTE & SLJ want to refresh the canon with some new favorites that supply some of what we love about Jane Eyre—gothic settings, independent heroes, atmospherics—but skip the mad wife in the attic.

SLJ Reviews, May 12, 2022
May is Jewish American Heritage Month, a time to remember and celebrate generations of Jewish Americans who helped shape American history and culture. Share these 29 titles that encompass the whole of the Jewish experience with your readers this month and all year long. 

NCTE & SLJ Reviews, May 10, 2022
These eight titles are great accompaniments to John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath, as updated expansions on the novel's themes and its historical setting.

Mark Twain's books have been a part of U.S. American literary canon since their inception. Here are nine YA books that tackle similar themes, presenting stories full of tenacity. perseverance, and self-awareness. 

Amanda MacGregor, Mar 09, 2022
Not OK? That's OK. A reading list with diverse characters and authentic representation of mental health.

Abby Johnson, Feb 10, 2022
Hand these school capers to elementary and middle school kids who are excited about the show based on the Lincoln Peirce series.

The 2021 list of best middle grade books counts with 26 novels, including unforgettable works by Joseph Bruchac, Jasmine Warga, and Kate DiCamillo.

Amanda MacGregor, Jan 04, 2021
From a choose-your-own-path Romeo and Juliet to a Macbeth retelling that channels #MeToo, there's something here for all teen readers and fans of the Bard. 

Brigid Alverson, May 12, 2022
New types of manga have proliferated—and students can’t get enough. This overview of genres, publishers, formats, and more, will help get you up to date.

Brigid Alverson, May 13, 2022
From “Pokémon” to “Snow White with the Red Hair,” there’s something here for every budding manga fan.

Colleen Connolly, Apr 12, 2022
Graphic novel authors Kim Hyun Sook and Ryan Estrada, who wrote about Kim's experience in a banned book club in South Korea in the 1980s, now find their book relevant to U.S. students.

Brigid Alverson, Nov 12, 2021
A booklist, resources, and an interview with Sasha Bouché, editor at HighWater Press.

Abby Johnson, Jan 05, 2022
These elementary and middle-grade books channel the heart and humor of the new series based on Cece Bell's autobiographical Newbery Honor graphic novel.

Colleen Connolly, Apr 12, 2022
As adults try to pull books from school library shelves across the country, students are responding with book clubs centered on the challenged titles.

Amanda MacGregor, Apr 13, 2022
When a student asked for graphic novels about boys dealing with friendship, school, and life issues, he got me thinking.
Oct 01, 2020
Kathy Ishizuka, May 05, 2022
Reporters and editors—we at SLJ included—want to get the story right, to bear witness, and to provide readers with accurate, relevant information. But the tenor of an increasingly polarized debate, with efforts to limit discussion of racism and LGBTQIA+ topics in the classroom, challenges journalists—much less educators and students—who must navigate a volatile climate.

Pat Scales, May 31, 2022
How to handle confrontational parents; a principal's reprimand; supporting LGBTQIA+–themed books; and more advice on challenges and censorship.


Amanda MacGregor, Jun 02, 2022
Here’s a look at what has arrived here lately. Get out your TBR lists, your order lists, your library card, and be ready to dive into lots of new and interesting books!
Michele Shaw, Mar 01, 2022
Emma Otheguy speaks to SLJ about immigration, racism, and how ballet informs her craft in her latest title, Sofía Acosta Makes a Scene.

Luann Toth, Jan 04, 2022
The  celebrated Newbery Medal-winning author shares thoughts on the new wave of censorship in schools, her deep respect for librarians, and dancing hamburgers in The Giver.

Kathy Ishizuka, Jan 06, 2022
In the main, awards season will celebrate honored books and their creators. Yet such a high-profile occasion presents a unique opportunity to celebrate and honor, too, the right of kids and teens to read and access content.

SLJ Staff, Oct 26, 2021
When a video of a woman speaking out against the book Out of Darkness at a school board meeting went viral, author Ashley Hope Pérez responded with a video of her own.

Amanda MacGregor, Mar 03, 2022
A Thousand Steps into Night started with a seemingly straightforward idea: A girl is cursed to turn into a monster. But what makes a monster? Maybe there's power in being a monster. Maybe it's worth it.

The post What Makes a Monster? A guest post by Traci Chee appeared first on Teen Librarian Toolbox.



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