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The STEAM movement has been encouraging students to engage in experiential learning, take thoughtful risks & persevere in problem-solving, and embrace the creative process—all critical thinking skills they need to succeed. So, if you are new to STEAM and looking to bring a little STEAM into your library or are seeking innovative ideas to bolster your current program, look no further. SLJ and littleBits has put together the quintessential STEAM guide just for you.

Top STEAM Picks from littleBits

littleBits Educator's Guide

Go beyond STEM with STEAM and place creativity at the forefront of technical learning. Download this guide filled with example lessons, lesson resources, student support resources, and tips & tricks to creating a STEAM program in your library.

The Invention Cycle

The Invention Cycle is a framework for approaching an engineering or design process. Each of the four phases (Create, Play, Remix, and Share) is full of activities and questions to help students explore ideas and develop their inventions. Learn how to implement an accessible framework for the engineering design process. 

STEAM Lesson 1

Using littleBits to introduce the Invention Cycle. This lesson will introduce students to the littleBits Invention Cycle, a process that can help guide students through the invention and engineering design process. Students will start the lesson with a 15-minute design challenge using littleBits. The class will then reflect on their process and learn how their experience connects to the littleBits Invention Cycle. 


STEAM Lesson 2

Using littleBits to invent an art machine. Students will use the littleBits Invention Cycle, and an understanding of the basics of circuitry and motion, to construct an art machine that draws on its own. Students will manipulate Bits and materials, and use their creativity and collaboration skills, to build unique solutions and replicate patterns that they like best. Conclude the activity by challenging students to match their classmates’ Art Bots to their respective masterpieces. 


Idea Starters from SLJ

2-Step Science Project for Kids: Grass Haircuts

Add some sun to your STEAM lesson plans with this easy science experiment for kids! A playful eco craft from our book Junior Maker, the Grass Haircuts science project is perfect for teaching little makers about what plants needs to grow. Download project.


How to Make Your Own Breathing Machine

Learn how to make a breathing machine from the author of Maker Lab, Jack Challoner. This easy experiment uses household items to construct model lungs, demonstrating how some vital parts of the human body work. Watch the video and download project


Star Wars (TM) Maker Lab Project: R2-D2 Holoprojector

DK's Star Wars (TM) Maker Lab is chock-full of clever crafts and stunning science projects, encouraging curious kids to explore the real-world science of their favourite gadgets and vehicles. Download the step-by-step holoprojector project sheets. Download project



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