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Event Date & Time: Wednesday, September 23, 2020  | 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET / 11:00 - 12:00 AM PT

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Join us for a special webcast presentation of new and upcoming Hi-Lo (high-interest, low readability) titles from Brightpoint Press, The Creative Company, and Lorimer Kids & Teens. These series are designed to engage struggling teen readers by exploring complex, age-appropriate themes at a lower reading level, building their comprehension and fluency skills, ultimately leading to an interest in reading.

Mental Health Guides: Understanding Anxiety 
Anxiety is a feeling of worry or uneasiness. Anxiety is common, but ongoing or frequent worry may be a sign of an anxiety disorder. Understanding Anxiety explores what anxiety feels like, how it can affect people’s lives, and how it can be treated. The Hi-Lo YA nonfiction series, Mental Health Guides, shares information about common mental disorders and conditions, including their symptoms and the treatment options. Readers will learn how the disorders affect both individuals and society. Each 80-page book includes an infographic, resources to aid in further research, and source notes. Interest level for this series is grades 6-12. Reading level for this series is grades 3-4.

History's Warriors: Gladiators
Step back in time, and discover the lives gladiators led through labeled graphics, fun facts, and ageappropriate text that separates fact from fiction while keeping readers interested and engaged. From noble knights to stealthy ninjas, history is full of incredible warriors who went through grueling training and led daring lives. Through labeled images, maps, and other graphics, this series brings history to life and takes readers back in time to see how some of the world's greatest warriors lived and fought.

Rugby Rivals
A hi-lo middle grade novel from our Sports Stories series, Rugby Rivals is a new book about a fast-growing sport among teenage boys. Themes include self-esteem, peer pressure, and fitting in.



Lori Shein / Managing Editor / ReferencePoint Press & BrightPoint Press

Anna Erickson / VP, Sales & Marketing / The Creative Company

Nicole Duguay / Digital Marketer & Sales Coordinator / Lorimer Children & Teens 


Joshua Beene / School Library Journal 

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