April 15, 2014

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Dodie Ownes

About Dodie Ownes

Dodie Ownes left the glamorous world of retrospective conversion and disco to jump on the library vendor train. Since then, she has been learning at the feet of the masters about all things library. Dodie lives in Golden, Colorado, where even the sign which arches the main street says "Howdy."

Teens Review the Latest from The Fray, Foster the People, Donkey Kong | Music and Games

Donkey Kong Tropcial Freeze

Donkey Kong goes way north with Tropical Freeze, while The Fray and Foster the People continue the climb to the top of the charts with their latest albums, Helios and Supermodel.

Teens Review the Latest from Armentrout, Caletti, and More

Don't Look Back

In Don’t Look Back, Sam desperately tries to regain her memory, while in The Last Forever, Tessa struggles not to lose hers. Teens weigh in with second takes on Noggin and Sekret.

Free Smithsonian Online Education Conference On April 9


The Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access is hosting a free online education conference on April 9 focusing on the “Citizen Science: A Watershed Study” program, in which Washington, D.C., high school students explored the Anacostia Watershed.

‘Dear Nobody’: SLJ Chats with Coeditors Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil

Dear Nobody

Dear Nobody: The Real Life Diary of Mary Rose focuses on the reality of being a teen with cystic fibrosis. Coeditors Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil talked to SLJ about what drove them to bring Mary Rose’s story to life.

United for Libraries Now Accepting Applications for Baker & Taylor Awards

United for Libraries logo

Given annually since 2000, the Baker & Taylor Awards have recognized more than 40 groups for outstanding efforts to support their library. Applications for the $1000 awards for outstanding programming or projects are due May 1.

The Debut: Bethany Hagen Talks About ‘Landry Park’

Landry Park

Bethany Hagen’s day job is in teen services for Johnson County (KS) Library; she can now add debut novelist to her resume. Her book, Landry Park, which pits the gentry against the poor, has been referred to as “Gone with the Nuclear Wind.”

Luis Herrera, Director San Francisco Public Library, Receives 2014 Sullivan Award


The American Library Association (ALA) has announced that the 2014 Peggy Sullivan Award for Public Library Administrators Supporting Services to Children has been awarded to Luis Herrera, San Francisco Public Library’s city librarian.

The Debut: Leslye Walton on ‘The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender’

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender

SLJTeen caught up with Lesley Walton to discuss her magical realism-infused debut novel, The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. The author had to do a lot of research sitting in cafes, eating croissants and pain du chocolat.

77 Things You Absolutely Have to Do Before You Finish College | Zest Giveaway

77 Things you absolutely have to do before you finish college

Sage advice for college students could net participants a free copy of Zest Books’s 77 Things You Absolutely Have to Do Before You Finish College. I’m not sure “learn how to cook spaghetti” is one of them.

YALSA’s Teen Tech Week Tips


Teen Tech Week (March 9-15), DIY@your library is almost upon us. YALSA shared ten tips for making the experience great for your teens, your library, and you.

Teens Review ’17 & Gone’, ‘Landry Park’, and Whaley’s Latest

Noggin Whaley

A teen slips into a dangerous mental state after seeing an apparition of a girl who has gone missing in 17 & Gone; Landry Park introduces a future world in which the gentry hearken back to the Victorian era; and award-winning John Corey Whaley knocks another one out of the park with Noggin.

Teen Tech Week Best Buy Mini Grants Available


Young Adult Library Services Association members can apply for 10 $1000 mini-grants for use during Teen Tech Week on March 9-15, 2014. The award is funded by Best Buy.

‘Text Messages’: Recommendations from ReadWriteThink

Text Messages

Text Messages is a monthly podcast service that makes it easy to stay up to date with the latest titles and trends in young adult literature.

Teaching Inquiry with Library of Congress Primary Sources | Tech Tidbits

What a Colored Man Should Do To Vote

Why should we study primary source documents? These are artifacts created by the people who lived through the events and time periods under study. Providing students the opportunity to study primary sources can give rise to student inquiry and encourage them to speculate about each source, its creator, and the context in which it was produced. The Library of Congress has millions of primary source documents and tools for teachers and students to dig into, 24/7.

The Debut: SLJ Chats with Susann Cokal About ‘The Kingdom of Little Wounds’

The Kingdom of Little Wounds

The Kingdom of Little Wounds is a complicated, intense, and provocative story for mature teen readers set in late-16th-century Skyggehavn, Scandinavia. SLJTeen caught up with the multitalented Susann Cokal to chat about her opulent and triumphant debut YA novel.

Teens Review ‘Dust of Eden’ and ‘Hysteria’

Dust of Eden

Mariko Nagai’s ​Dust of Eden​ reminds readers of a time when the U.S. government sent its citizens to prison camps. Fans of thrillers will want to launch into Megan Miranda’s ​Hysteria​, which follows a girl with murderous inclinations into the private school world, where “secrets are currency.”

Wow ‘Em with Powtoon | Tech Tidbits from the Guybrarian


If you are looking for a change of pace multimedia tool that spices up and informs your presentations, you should really spend some time with PowToon. Its basic (free!) features allow you to create a video up to five minutes in length using their music, animations, and various templates.

Inflato Dumpsters Provide Mobile Lab Space | Design Innovation

Inflato Dumpster

John Locke’s Department of Urban Betterment (DUB) is behind the 2012 installation of mini-libraries in New York City telephone booths. Now DUB is at it again with the concept and design of the Inflato Dumpster, giving the phrase “dumpster diving” a whole new meaning.

The Debut: Kiese Laymon on ‘Long Division’ | Adult Books for Teens

Long Division

Kiese Laymon’s debut novel, Long Division, is about 14 year-old City Coldson, an outspoken, slightly chubby, black boy who is sent to stay with his grandmother in Mississippi. Readers will love Laymon’s frank, hilarious take on life in Mississippi in 2013, 1985, and 1964.

A Partnership for Success: The Jacksonville Public Library and University of North Florida Summer Tutoring Program

UNF student Tiara Hughes

In an August issue of SLJTeen, we covered a program run by University at Buffalo’s Center for Literacy and Reading Instruction that matched graduate students with 180 elementary school students to advance their reading and writing schools over the summer. We asked readers to tell us about other programs like it, and the Southeast Regional Library (FL) stepped up with their collaboration with University of North Florida’s education undergrads.