May 26, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

My boss Betsy

As a student, I only knew Betsy Hearne from her occasional swanning in to talk to Zena about her dissertation in progress, a history and analysis of “Beauty and the Beast,” from Cupid and Psyche to Robin McKinley*. Betsy was then children’s book editor of Booklist, where she had been reviewing since 1968. But everyone […]

My teacher Zena

Behold, in the photograph at left, an embodiment of the phrase dimples of iron. If Louise was the one who led me to children’s librarianship, Zena Sutherland gave me my focus on children’s books. I hadn’t even intended to take her class, but my friend Marybeth convinced me it would be fun to take together. […]

Putting Black Girls Front and Center: 5 YA Nonfiction Reads

A quick look at recently published nonfiction titles, aimed at older readers, that center Black girls.

History Has Its Eyes on Her: Biographies of women are a hot trend in children’s publishing

Betsy Bird on the state of women in kids’ books, with stellar titles on girls who run the world.

This article was published in School Library Journal's January 2018 issue. Subscribe today and save up to 35% off the regular subscription rate.

Kids Make Art for Social Justice in L.A. Museum-Library Partnership

The Los Angeles Public Library hosted “Art Without Walls,” an art event with the L.A. Hammer Museum where kids honored women in their lives while sending messages about equal rights.

Athletes, Activists, and Other Amazing Women | Women’s History Month

A host of new titles celebrate the achievements of women.

15 STEM Titles To Celebrate Women

A splendid mix of fiction and nonfiction female-centered STEM books for children and teens.

Women’s History on the Internet | Professional Shelf

Celebrate the remarkable diversity of American women, past and present, with these deep and engaging Internet resources.

SLJ’s Women’s History Month Pinterest Board

From Marley Dias to Gloria Steinem, Frida Kahlo, Elizabeth Warren, and Patsy Takemoto Mink, here are women to celebrate.

Cokie Roberts Captivates Kids at the Library of Congress | Pictures of the Week

Celebrating Women’s History Month, political commentator Cokie Roberts enthralled third graders while speaking about her children’s books, women, early American history, research, and writing.

American Girls | Historical Fiction Featuring Feisty Females

Looking for strong female characters in stories steeped in period detail to recommend for Women’s History Month? Share these exciting new young adult novels and short stories with your patrons.

Disrupters, Daredevils, and Artists: Women Who Changed the World

Celebrate Women’s History Month by sharing a picture book biography about a boundary-breaking, world-transforming, awe-inspiring individual.

Game Changers: Women Making History | Focus On

A compilation of books about women who made a difference in their chosen fields and in the world in general. The highlighted individuals include standard-bearers and lesser-known figures, all of whom showed exemplary strength, determination, and all willingness to make a stand.

This article was published in School Library Journal's March 2015 issue. Subscribe today and save up to 35% off the regular subscription rate.

Picture Books About Women Who Made a Difference │ JLG’s Booktalks to Go

In honor of Women’s History Month, use the following booktalks and tools to share these new picture books about independent women who broke records, fought segregation, and inspired others to follow their dreams.

Strong Women, Strong Stories: Audiobooks for Women’s History Month | Listen In

In preparation for the celebration of Women’s History Month in March, check out these audiobooks highlighting the accomplishments of women who made strides in music, politics, science, literature, and beyond.

This article was published in School Library Journal's February 2014 issue. Subscribe today and save up to 35% off the regular subscription rate.

Freebies for Women’s History Month | News Bites

ABDO has some great resources to help celebrate National Women’s History Month: two free tools to inspire girls in grades three to six to follow their dreams and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Nonfiction Notes | Inching Toward Women’s History Month

This month, Curriculum Connections’ newest column “Nonfiction Notes” highlights the latest quality nonfiction titles, with a special emphasis on books about women.