June 22, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

Sim Cell by Touch Press | Touch and Go

A new app from Touch Press puts students inside a cell on a mission.

Touch Press’s “Word Runners” App | Touch and Go

Amplify and Touch Press have joined forces to issue educational, skill-building games, one per month, on a subscription basis.

Schubert’s “Death and the Maiden” on the iPad | Touch and Go

Our reviewer Pam Schembri cites the performers’ commentary as one of the strengths of this production, and calls it “a treasure for both professionals, students of music, and dabblers.”

Apprentice Architect | Touch and Go

Through interactive activities users will have an opportunity to explore a museum designed by Frank Gehry and consider some of the decisions an architect makes about shape, color, pattern, and light as they design their own buildings.

Theodore Gray’s ‘Molecules’ | Touch and Go

Here’s SLJ’s reviewer Paula Willey on ‘Molecules’: A new app from Touch Press—home of the exquisitely lit razor-sharp 360-degree image floating on a velvet-black background—is like getting a VIP tour of a fabulous new exhibit at a richly funded museum.”

A Virtuoso Performance: ‘Vivaldi’s Four Seasons’ | Touch and Go

A new app from Touch Press is always cause for celebration, and in ‘Vivaldi’s Four Seasons,’ the developer, with the help of Deutsche Grammophon, has engineered a production that mirrors the groundbreaking work accomplished in its productions of ‘Beethoven’s 9th’ and the ‘Liszt Sonata in B Minor.’

Seamus Heaney and a Tale of Five Fables | Touch and Go

What do a contemporary Irish poet, a 15th-century Scots poet, and a storyteller that lived more than 2000 years ago have in common? Find out in this review of the latest iPad offering from Touch Press.

An Elegant Proof: ‘Incredible Numbers’ on the iPad | Touch and Go

“Math is Beautiful” states Ian Stewart, and along with the production team at Touch Press, he delivers an elegant proof of that claim in ‘Incredible Numbers,’ a visual exploration of mathematical concepts.

Maps, Globes, and a Few Lessons in Geography | Touch and Go

Join us for a look at some recent geography releases for early elementary to middle school students. The apps offer different approaches to the topic; together they cover both physical and human geography.

Journeys of Invention | Touch and Go

Prepare to get lost in the latest Touch Press app, ‘Journeys of Invention,’ developed in association with London’s Science Museum. Fourteen threads allow viewers to follow the creation of related technologies through time and cultures, and offer them some hands-on experiences with inventions ranging from a 17th-century microscope to a 20th-century encoder.

Disney Animated | Touch and Go

An awe-inspiring new app from Touch Press offers a look at the history of animation through all 53 of Disney’s animated productions. For students, there’s a lot to learn here about crafting a good story in any medium.

Touch Press Adds Liszt to Their List | Touch and Go

If you have been following the Touch Press output along with us, you won’t be surprised to learn they have recently released another exploration of a musical masterpiece. While in-depth, their apps aren’t only for serious students of music; anyone interested in learning more about the art is sure to gain a meaningful appreciation.

Dust Off Your Headphones: It’s ‘Beethoven’s 9th’ for the iPad | Touch and Go

Touch Press has followed their rich ‘Orchestra’ app with a superb tribute to Ludwig Van ‘Beethoven’s 9th Symphony,’ considered by many to be one of the composer’s greatest works.

Best of Apps & Enhanced Books | February 2013

BiblioBoard and Pyramids 3D, check out these App reviews.

On Stage with London’s Philharmonia Orchestra | Touch and Go

Touch Press’s extraordinary new app, ‘The Orchestra” brings readers and listeners on stage with London’s Philharmonia Orchestra.