May 28, 2018

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A true gift from SHEG: DIY digital literacy assessments and tools for historical thinking

You may remember Stanford History Education Group (SHEG) for its groundbreaking and utterly depressing report, Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Online Civic Reasoning. In the November 2016 Executive Summary, the researchers shared: When thousands of students respond to dozens of tasks there are endless variations. That was certainly the case in our experience. However, at each level—middle […]

Maker Movement Grows in K-12, with Librarians Leading the Way, Finds SLJ Survey

Since 2014, when SLJ conducted its first maker survey, maker activities have increased by four percent at the elementary and middle school levels.

This article was published in School Library Journal's September 2017 issue. Subscribe today and save up to 35% off the regular subscription rate.

Librarians Vote for the Top 100 Must-Have YA

The results are in! Almost 300 librarians weighed on SLJ’s Top 100 Must-Have YA poll. Download a PDF of the full list.

Has the Opioid Crisis Impacted Your Library?

If so, we’d like to know what you are experiencing—and how you are responding. Let us know here.

Survey Reveals Demographic of SLJ Reviewers

The vast majority of reviewers for School Library Journal (SLJ) are white (88.8 percent) and female (95 percent), according to a recent survey by the magazine.

SLJ Out-of-Pocket Spending Survey

With the school year underway, take a moment to respond to our brief out-of-pocket spending survey.

Forms gets so much prettier!

If you’re a devoted Google Forms lover, take a new look. You’ll be excited and you’ll likely just want to create many more surveys and polls! Earlier this week the Google Drive Blog announced that, in response to user requests, they’ve added the ability to add your own personal touch to forms through custom themes.  […]

Tell Me Now, I Need to Know Now

Last week, I briefly mentioned We Were Liars by E. Lockhart (Delacorte Press, 2014). And in drafting and thinking about the actual review, I realized I needed your input. Not just about We Were Liars; but, well, about reviews in general. When, ideally, do you like to read a review? Do you want to read […]

Digital curation survey: help us build our sample!

Brenda Boyer, Della Curtis and I are trying to better understand the state-of-the-art relating to digital curation across LibraryLand.  And we hope you’ll help us share and distribute this 10 or 15-minute survey among your colleagues and friends in public, academic and special libraries. We welcome additional school library participation and we are especially interested in expanding our […]

What did your edtech year look like? (The results)

A couple of weeks back I shared a survey that asked the following: As this school year comes to a close, I’d like to call on you to share your discoveries and your wisdom and to help me reflect. Which edtech goodies, tools, apps, platforms, and strategies worked so well for you in 2012/2013 that […]

What did your edtech year look like?

Dearest readers, What did your edtech year look like?   Let’s create a snapshot. As this school year comes to a close, I’d like to call on you to share your discoveries and your wisdom and to help me reflect. Which edtech goodies, tools, apps, platforms, and strategies worked so well for you in 2012/2013 that […]

Libraries Should Boost Gaming Collections to Attract More Kids, Study Says

Libraries should consider beefing up their gaming collections as a way to keep kids and teens coming, says a new study examining patron use and preferences.

SLJ Self-Censorship Survey

By Debra Lau Whelan

To gain a better understanding of collection development and the issue of self-censorship, School Library Journal recently conducted an anonymous survey, which was emailed to 5,438 of SLJ‘s Extra Helping subscribers on November 18, 2008. The survey closed on December 2, 2008.

The results are based on 654 school libraries responding, and they are broken down as follows: 53 percent elementary school librarians, 37 percent middle school librarians, 30 percent of high school librarians, and 5 percent other. […]

Additional Data | SLJ’s Job Satisfaction Survey

The Survey

The Money Gap
Big Satisfactions
School Librarians: Surprise! This is Also Your Job Now
Public Librarians: Lots of Work, Little Pay, Lousy Bosses
Librarians of Tomorrow
Behind the Survey
Additional Data

Behind the Survey | SLJ’s Job Satisfaction Survey

The Job Satisfaction Survey was emailed to 15,987 subscribers of School Library Journal and the electronic newsletter Extra Helping on March 26, 2008. Recipients of the email invitation were encouraged to share the link with their colleagues. Notices of the survey were also included in two issues of Extra Helping.

A drawing to win one of 10 $50 Amazon gift cards was offered as an incentive.

The survey closed on April 28, 2008, with 2,253 responses. The sample is comprised of 1,681 […]

Public Librarians: Lots of Work, Little Pay, Lousy Bosses | SLJ’s Job Satisfaction Survey

Children and young adult librarians frequently describe their jobs as veering out of control. That’s easy to understand, given the slew of competing responsibilities, such as outreach, marketing, fundraising, grant writing, collection development, program planning and implementation, building maintenance issues, serving on several reference desks, and “on top of all the paperwork, the bureaucracy/political wrangling.”

To make matters worse, writes a library veteran, “I’m endlessly being asked to do more with no responsibilities taken away. We feel obligated to offer more […]

School Librarians: Surprise! This is Also Your Job Now | SLJ’s Job Satisfaction Survey

But it’s not all smiles. Both school and public librarians report two major sources of dissatisfaction: they’re overworked and their libraries are underfunded (See Most Common Dissatisfactions, chart above).

School folk in particular commented on the sheer breadth of their responsibilities—which continue to grow: “I was not prepared for the full scope of the job.” “The constantly increasing ‘to-do’ lists and not nearly enough time to keep up.” “Not enough time to do the librarian’s job, the clerk’s job, the teacher’s […]

Big Satisfactions | SLJ’s Job Satisfaction Survey

Both public and school librarians expressed similar levels of satisfaction with their work: 74 percent are either very satisfied or satisfied with their jobs.

It’s impossible to overstate the satisfaction that public and school librarians derive from their work—nearly every participant took the time to write a sentence or two describing what they most enjoyed about their job (see The Satisfaction ‘Top Five,’chart above). Often times, they listed multiple reasons.

For both groups, the opportunity to work with young people was the […]

The Money Gap | SLJ’s Job Satisfaction Survey

When it comes to money, it’s far better having a teacher’s contract than not. While the median salary among all participants was $49,900, if you dig beyond the specific job titles, some real differences emerge between school and public librarians (see Median Salaries by Job Title, chart above).

It’s unlikely they’re driving Maseratis or Porsches, but with a median salary of $62,500, teacher librarians led the pack, followed by library media specialists at $52,500 and school librarians at $47,500. More than […]

Librarians of Tomorrow | SLJ’s Job Satisfaction Survey

Participants in SLJ’s Satisfaction Survey were hardly representative of the diverse populations that our nation’s schools are educating and which public libraries serve: 95 percent are female and 89 percent are white. Their average age is 49, and over a third are 55 or older. While there are initiatives to bring underrepresented groups into librarianship, such as the American Library Association’s Spectrum Scholars, the lack of diversity in school and youth librarianship is especially troubling.

Such a large swath of the […]