February 21, 2018

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Austin Power! A Snapshot of School Librarian Leaders | SLJ Summit 2013

Librarians from around the country made their way to Austin, Texas, on September 28–29 for SLJ’s annual Leadership Summit. On stage and off, the conference convened key players and collaborators who are shaping a vision for the future of libraries. Here’s a snapshot and slideshow of the leadership event.

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ALA President Brings Conference Goers to Their Feet | SLJ Summit 2013

Speaking at SLJ‘s Leadership Summit in Austin, TX, last month, ALA President Barbara Stripling implored attendees to demand that their communities assert all students’ right to a library.

School Librarians Must Be Assertive Leaders, Technology Experts | SLJ Summit 2013

School librarians must be assertive leaders and technology experts, Joel Castro, associate superintendent for the Lubbock, Texas, School District, told attendees at SLJ’s annual Leadership Summit in Austin in September. Castro also urged school librarians to work closely with their school principals in order to forge common ground.

Texas School Librarians Share Strategies on Parent Advocacy | SLJ Summit 2013

Jennifer D. LaBoon, coordinator of library technology for the Fort Worth Independent School District, and Cindy Buchanan, program director for library media services for the Aldine, Texas, Independent School District, shared advocacy strategies with attendees at the SLJ Summit in Austin. Here are takeaways from their presentation, “PTA & School Library Relations.”

Leverage ‘Information Gaps’ to Spark Student Curiosity | The Science of Interest

Interest is the engine of intellectual achievement—it’s what drives us to keep learning, keep trying. But how does one generate it in oneself or others? Expanding on her keynote message at the SLJ summit, author Annie Murphy Paul offers three practical ways to use information gaps to stimulate curiosity.

In Praise of Print Books | SLJ Summit 2013

The very limitations of the book are its strengths, according to journalist and author Annie Murphy Paul, speaking at School Library Journal’s 2013 Leadership Summit in Austin, TX.

Transformation Through Effective Collaboration | SLJ Summit 2013

School librarian leaders from across the country made their way to the Austin, TX, aka the “Live Music Capital of the World,” on September 28–29 to attend SLJ’s annual Leadership Summit, where they discussed the future of libraries and how partnership is a necessary ingredient for stakeholder success. Throughout the weekend, participants—speakers, sponsors, panelists, and attendees—honed their conversations around the transformative power of collaboration.

Smart Stakeholders | SLJ Summit 2013

Impassioned, creative, dynamic, evolving and cool—these are just some of the words that the sponsors of SLJ’s annual Leadership Summit used to describe their companies’ latest developments. Joyce Valenza, SLJ blogger and teacher librarian, lead a panel discussion with the companies to examine the relationships between vendors and schools, the importance of strong content, and the ways that vendors can help educators in support of the Common Core.

The Time Is Right for Libraries to Embrace Participatory Culture | SLJ Summit 2013

From educational equity and fan fiction to Kanye West and serious games, educator Antero Garcia brought it all together in a rousing keynote, inspiring attendees of the September 28-29 School Library Journal Summit in Austin, TX. The complete presentation is viewable here, along with additional comments from Garcia and related resources on participatory culture.

Scenes from the Summit | SLJ Summit 2013

Innovative school librarians invaded Austin, Texas en masse from September 28-29 for School Library Journal’s ninth annual Leadership Summit. With invigorating presentations by journalist Annie Murphy Paul, author of the forthcoming Brilliant: The New Science of Smart (Crown, 2014) and Colorado State associate professor Antero Garcia, library leaders gathered together to discuss and plan for the future of education and the profession. Take a sneak peek at some of the scenes from the weekend with a slideshow from the Summit.