May 27, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

Pick of the Day: P.S. Be Eleven | Audio

P.S. Be Eleven, Rita Williams-Garcia’s sequel to her Coretta Scott King award-winning One Crazy Summer, offers offering insight into the African-American experience of the 1960s as seen through a young girl’s eyes. Sisi Aisha Johnson’s narration of the audiobook is spot-on. Check out the starred review.

Pick of the Day: Pi in the Sky | Audio

Joss is bored with his simple job of delivering pies for the Supreme Overlord of the Universe (his dad). Soon, however, something goes badly wrong, and it’ds Joss’s responsibility to rebuild Earth in WendyMass’s Pi in the Sky

Pick of the Day: Twelve Kinds of Ice (Audio)

In Twelve Kinds of Ice, Ellen Bryan Obed presents a joyful celebration of winter. Twenty short chapters skim over each type of ice and the activities that follow. Be sure to read the starred review of this audiobook version.

Pick of the Day: Oblivion (Audio)

Oblivion, the final book in Anthony Horowitz’s “The Gatekeepers” series, is read by Simon Prebbles who masterfully conveys the terror of a dangerous dystopian world. Read the starred review of this suspense-filled audiobook.

Pick of the Day: Janie Face to Face (Audio)

In Janie Face to Face, Caroline B. Cooney wraps up her popular thriller romance series that debuted more than 20 years ago about a young girl who discovers her face on a milk carton, setting in motion a series of rollercoaster events that affected many lives. Read the review of the audiobook narrated by Alyssa Bresnahan.

Pick of the Day: Darius & Twig (Audio)

Darius and Twig both dream of leaving their poor neighborhood for better and safer lives. Narrator Brandon Gill does a great job differentiating between the two boys as they make their way through the obstacles set before them. Be sure to read the review of the audiobook version of Walter Dean Myers’s novel.

Pick of the Day: The One and Only Ivan (Audiobook)

Katherine Applegate’s Newbery winner, The One and Only Ivan,, is a heart-wrenching tale that reminds us that every animal has the right to a safe place called home. Be sure to read the starred review of the audiobook from Recorded Books.

Pick of the Day: Never Forgotten (Audiobook)

Lizan Mitchell reads Never Forgotten, Patricia McKissack’s tribute to those who were stolen from their homes in Africa to become slaves in the New World. Check out the starred review of this 2012 Coretta Scott King Honor book.

Pick of the Day: Necromancing the Stone (Audiobook)

Necromancing the Stone , sequel to Lish McBride’s Hold Me Closer Necromancer, is as darkly hilarious, horrifically suspenseful, and heartbreaking as the first book.

Pick of the Day: The Great Unexpected (Audiobook)

“Rich symbolism abounds, and many common threads are woven together” in Sharon Creech’s The Great Unexpected. Read SLJ’s starred review of the audiobook version.

Pick of the Day: Sophia’s War (Audiobook)

Sophia’s War. By Avi. 6 cassettes or 6 CDs. 7:15 hrs. Recorded Books. 2012. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4703-2043-0, CD: ISBN 978-1-4703-2042-3. $66.75.
Gr 5-9–Set in 1776 during the American Revolution when New York was under siege by the British, Avi’s tale (S & S/Beach Lane Books, 2012) of resistance features an amazing female protagonist, trials aplenty as she tries to avenge her brother’s death, and a little romance thrown in for good measure. Sophia’s family believes in freedom and desperately wants America […]

Pick of the Day: Balloons Over Broadway: The Story of the Puppeteer of Macy’s Parade (Audiobook)

Balloons Over Broadway: The Story of the Puppeteer of Macy’s Parade. By Melissa Sweet. cassette or CD. 15 min. Recorded Books. 2012. cassette: ISBN 978-4703-2922-8, CD: ISBN 978-1-4703-2921-1. $15.75; hardcover book, ISBN 978-0-5471-9945-9: $16.99.
K-Gr 3–The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is a holiday tradition. But where did those big balloons begin? With puppeteer Tony Sarg, of course! The informative, enthusiastic text of Sweet’s Robert F. Siebert Medal picture-book biography (Houghton Mifflin, 2011) tells a little about Sarg’s life and his career […]

Pick of the Day: Anna Hibiscus (CD)

Anna Hibiscus. By Atinuke. cassette or CD. 1 hr. Recorded Books. 2012. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4618-3465-6, CD: ISBN 978-1-4618-3466-3. $15.75.
Gr 1-3–With this introductory phrase, “Anna Hibiscus lives in Africa. Amazing Africa,” we are introduced to the many facets of an African child’s daily life with her close-knit family. The culture, land, and people of Africa come shining through in Atinuke’s absolutely delightful stories (Walker, 2007) in this early chapter book. Four vignettes focusing on the child’s life with her large, noisy, […]

Pick of the Day: Splendors & Glooms (Audiobook)

Splendors & Glooms. By Laura Amy Schlitz. 10 cassettes or 10 CDs. 12 hrs. Recorded Books. 2012. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4498-3568-2, CD: ISBN 978-1-4498-3572-9. $108.75
Gr 4-8–Set in a Dickensian London, Davina Porter is the perfect narrator to capture the nuances of the characters and the time period in Schlitz’s exceptional Victorian fantasy (Candlewick, 2012). Listeners will ache for the orphan children, Lizzie Rose and Parsefall, when they come up with money after pawning a watch. Should they have a proper meal […]

Pick of the Day: Won Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku (Audiobook)

Won Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku. By Lee Wardlaw. cassette or CD. 15 min. Recorded Books. 2012. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4640-4565-3, CD: ISBN 978-1-4640-4571-4: $15.75; hardcover book, ISBN 978-1-8050-8995-0: $16.99.
Gr 1-4–A cat sits in a shelter. There are other cats around him, yet he is alone. Will anyone choose him? Yes! But adjustments must be made…mostly by his new owners because, after all, he IS a cat. Wardlaw’s book (Holt, 2011) strikes just the right notes. Written in clever […]

Pick of the Day: About Average (CD)

About Average. By Andrew Clements. 2 cassettes or 2 CDs. 2 hrs. Recorded Books. 2012. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4703-0081-4, CD: ISBN 978-1-4703-0082-1. $25.75.
Gr 3-6–Jordan understands that it’s hard being average. Everyone around her seems to have a shining talent, or even two or three—but not Jordan. She realistically examines herself and recognizes her ordinariness. She is a C student and has average looks, but she hopes that her enthusiasm will make up for a lack of talent in sports and music. […]