February 18, 2018

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SLJ Professional Reading Reviews

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‘The Global Education Toolkit’ | Professional Shelf

The ‘Global Education Toolkit for Elementary Learners’ offers a wealth of practical ideas, suggestions for activities, and resources guaranteed to encourage and energize meaningful learning about the world.

Connected Learning | Professional Shelf

A collection of 18 inspiring, real-life stories gleaned from the National Writing Project’s “Digital Is” website highlights the work of teachers actively shaping classroom instruction to meet the needs of diverse student populations amid the challenges of new standards and high-stakes testing.

Sex in the Library and Music Programming Guide Stand Out in Crop of New Professional Reading Titles | Professional Reading Reviews

A guide for librarians on sexual content in teen literature and an exploration of music programming for the primary grades top the list of new professional reading titles.

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April Starred Reviews

From an ode to an innovative jazz musician to an unreliable narrator-driven YA novel, check out the book and multimedia titles that made SLJ’s April list of stellar offererings.

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Daniel J. Siegel’s “Inside-Out” Guide to the Teenage Brain | Professional Shelf

What if instead of viewing the teen years as a period in life that must be survived, we learn to embrace the potentially positive power of these formative years? In ‘Brainstorm,’ David J. Siegel, a neuropsychiatrist, offers a look at adolescent development and behavior informed by recent findings on how the brain works.

Book Review: Professional Reading

From integrating free ebooks into collections to building successful collaborations with technology departments, February’s Professional Reading reviews focus on titles with strong practical applications for school and public librarians.

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Book Review: Professional Reading | October 2013

CART , Michael. Cart’s Top 200 Adult Books for Young Adults: Two Decades in Review. 136p. appendix. index. ALA. 2013. pap. $50. ISBN 978-0-8389-1158-7. LC 2012027260.

Cart uses his years of experience, reviews from Booklist, VOYA, and School Library Journal, plus criteria used for the Alex Awards to choose the adult books, both fiction and nonfiction, he considers to be of interest to young adults. Chosen titles are annotated and presented in alphabetical order with category symbols […]

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‘The Smartest Kids in the World’ | Professional Shelf

Amanda Ripley set off on a year-long “field trip to the smart-kid countries” to see if she could account for the success of the high achieving students around the world. What made these kids smarter than their American peers? The writer reports in ‘The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got that Way’ (S&S, 2013).

Celebrating Picture Books: Not Just For Kids

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the prestigious Caldecott Award, bestowed annually to the “artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children.” Here’s a look at a few books about past and recent recipients.

Science Learning | A Medley of Resources

As the authors of new title on inquiry and literacy note, “simply reading about science” cannot replace the “actual doing of science.” Here are a few new titles that offer guidance and suggestions on incorporating hands-on and project-based learning in science and other classrooms.

Professional Reading | August 2013

Books on YA fashion programs and Pura Belpré’s work

A Common Core Approach: ‘Teaching with Text Sets’

The authors of the Common Core State Standards don’t spell out how text should be taught–that’s been left up to teachers and curriculum developers. A new book offers a framework for developing a content-rich, standards-based curriculum.

The Summer Slide and the Rich/Poor Achievement Gap

The significant decline in reading skills many students experience over the summer is no secret, but it’s particularly damaging for children in low-income neighborhoods. ‘Summer Reading: Closing the Rich/Poor Reading Achievement Gap,’ edited by Richard L. Allington and Anne McGill-Franzen, offers an in-depth look at this disparity and offers solutions that go beyond recommended reading lists.

Professional Reading | May 2013

Practical advice for teen services.

Cart’s Top 200 Adult Books for Young Adults

In what I believe is the first AB4T post about a professional resource, I cannot resist sharing my thoughts about a new ALA Editions book, just out: Cart’s Top 200 Adult Books for Young Adults: Two Decades in Review by Michael Cart. I have been looking forward to reading it ever since I spied it in […]

Meeting the CCSS Through Poetry | Professional Shelf

Can kids garner a passion for literature without Shakespeare, Silverstein, Salinger, or Sendak? Not in the opinion of the “lead architect of the Common Core Standards Initiative.” In celebration of National Poetry Month, we offer three titles that illuminate the intersection between the study of poetry and the goals of the CCSS.

Book Review: Professional Reading | March 2013

Check out SLJ’s professional reading section, where you’ll find new read-aloud selections by Rob Reid, among other titles.

Book Review: Professional Reading | February 2013

Check out SLJ’s professional reading reviews.

Fresh Paint: A New Building, a New Team, a New Me

My father is a Marine, so by the time I was eight I was quite adept at packing up my things. I vividly remember when we moved to Beaufort, SC. It was 1996, and it was the first time I ever took advantage of a move. Instead of trashing my old clothes and childish toys, I fixed up parts of my personality that needed improvement and tried out some new traits. I asked people to call me “Al”, giving the role of tomboy a spin. I also spoke up a little more and put myself in more social situations. I used this experience to invent a whole new me.

‘Pathways to the Common Core’ | Professional Shelf

“Pathways to the Common Core” offers solutions and directions for teachers looking for a way to understand and implement the Common Core State Standards into their lesson plans.