June 23, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

The Margaret A. Edwards Award and 30 Years of Young Adult Literature

Angela Carstensen takes a look back at three decades of YA—its evolution, groundbreaking titles, and the Margaret A. Edwards Award that honors its authors.

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Five Questions for Kids’ Media Literacy Expert Frank W. Baker

How can kids deconstruct Super Bowl ads? Or distinguish authentic news items online from manufactured content? Insight on this and more from Media Literacy Clearinghouse founder Frank W. Baker.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: My First Fandom (a guest post by Cindy) (The Sunnydale Project Year 3)

One true thing is that you will never forget your first big fandom. Growing up as the weird kid in my school, I loved Beauty and the Beast and I adored L.J. Smith whose books started me on my love affair with reading. Nothing could and will never compare to my love of Buffy The […]

Lerner Spring Kids 2014 | Preview Peek

Contributing editor and former school librarian Rocco Staino spent a snowy afternoon getting reacquainted with Lerner Books and its high-interest nonfiction titles via the publisher’s spring 2014 webcast preview, “and I am glad I did,” he says. The 54-year-old publisher remains a “go-to” resource for librarians working with kids.

YALSA’s YA Lit Symposium Considers Fandom, Contemporary Fiction and Transmedia

What are the next big trends for teenage readers? Fandom, contemporary fiction, Australian lit, and transmedia, according to experts leading panels on these subjects at the third biennial YALSA Young Adult Literature Symposium in St. Louis, MO, held November 4-6.