February 20, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

App Review: Image Chef

Recently, The Teen had to do a complex poetry assignment. One of the poems she had to create was a Concrete Poem, a poem that takes a shape. I would like to point out that the subject of her poem was me – go Mom! But we went looking for a way to easily create […]

App Review & Blended Pic Tutorial: Fused (with an assist from the Silhouette app)

Monday my co-blogger Heather Booth sent me a text that said,” you might really like this app called Fused.” She had no idea what she was starting as I quickly became obsessed, for the MakerSpace and my teens of course! Using the app I was able to create these images: Now I have been seeing […]

App Review: Aviary (The quest for the perfect photo app continues)

Last week we got the final approval to make some big changes at The Public Library of Mount Vernon and Knox County (OH) where I am working as the YA Services Coordinator. Namely, my proposal to move the YA fiction collection out of an enclosed space to a new location and to turn that enclosed […]

Britannica ImageQuest: One image database to rule them all | Reference Online

Britannica’s ImageQuest, a comprehensive, beautifully curated compendium of images, is back and better than ever, with a million new options for kids of all ages.

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Photos: SLJ’s 2013 Public Library Leadership Think Tank

Check out images from the SLJ 2013 Public Library Leadership Think Tank, our first leadership event dedicated to those working in children’s services in public libraries.