March 19, 2018

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DIY Bonanza: Arts & Activities | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

It’s a common complaint that many children don’t participate in creative activities that aren’t technology based. The books reviewed below are antidotes to this situation.

Daredevil Reading: Sports | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

There are so many great stories in athletics that it’s not surprising that young readers never seem to get their fill of sports books.

Wordy Ambitions: Language & Literacy | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

The English language, with its many nuances and rules, is complicated. Good literature and quality examples help children to internalize and gain ownership of its conventions.

Dinosaurs, Bears, and Bees: Science for Elementary Readers │ JLG’s On the Radar

Without honeybees, much of our food supply would consist of corn, rice, and oats. Six muscles attached to your eye keep it from popping out. New volcanoes create mountains, islands, and land. Such are the facts gleaned from these amazing science nonfiction titles selected by the editors at Junior Library Guild.

Uniting the States: American History | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

History is etched in stone. The interpretation of it is not. One of the perennial challenges for purveyors of the past is the almost irresistible urge to compartmentalize it into neat, clinical time lines and periods with no room for interpretation.

Culture Accomplishments: World History | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

Most of recorded world history is the story of the achievements and actions of or interactions among cultures. In some cases, societies created or contributed ideas or technology that led to more freedoms, greater prosperity, and better lives for millions.

Dancing About Geometry: Bringing the Arts into STEM | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

Would you perform a ballet that was inspired by a geometry lecture? What about a puppet show about engineering? Sounds outright odd, right? But maybe dancing about math would feel less strange if you knew that young learners would never forget the lesson.

Full STEM Ahead: STEM | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

Though STEM subjects often lose their shine in later years, to many younger children they are a consuming interest.

Banking on Arithmetic: Mathematics | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

Teachers can bank on these math series to encourage successful classroom learning.

Observation & Exploration: Life Science | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

Seasons, colors, ecosystems, rocks, and other subjects covered by these series are well represented in most library collections.

Frontier of Discovery: Science | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

Whether the titles here take young readers on rides to distant planets or into their own bodies or explain how science is employed in coping with crimes and catastrophes, all present factual information in verbal and visual ways intended to stimulate an enduring curiosity about the natural world.

Hooves, Fins, Fangs & Snouts: Animals | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

Books about animals remain extremely popular for younger students. The titles reviewed here are perfect for casual readers and many are great for research.

Otherworldly Imagination: Mythology & the Supernatural | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

The audience for these offerings will be reeled in by the subject matter and enticed to learn more.

Fur, Scales, Feathers, & Tails: Animals | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

This fall’s batch of animal books leans toward younger readers, and several sets include features to support Common Core learning.

Finding Strength & Feeling Good: Health | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

There is something here to provide help and hope for almost everyone, from early elementary to high school.

Navigating Our Neighborhoods: Social Science | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

These series cover a variety of topics, from politics to holidays to Internet safety to tattoos. A common thread in all of the books is the theme of community.

Uncommon Vocations: Careers | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a common question educators pose to children.

Don’t Forget the Arts: Editorial | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

College students are flocking to finance, engineering, computer science, and other “practical” majors, leaving humanities classrooms with empty seats. Kindergartners are being equipped with iPads to promote their technology literacy.

Newmakers, Leaders, & Stars! Oh My!: Biography | Series Made Simple Fall 2013

Biographies are effective for disseminating information, making Common Core connections, and holding the attention of young readers–but only if the format is accessible, the perspective fresh, and the writing straightforward and engaging.

What Lies Beneath: Weird and Unusual Marine Life | Nonfiction BookTalker

Animals with transparent guts! Fish that make their own light! An underwater bird? Booktalk audiences hungry for adventure and monsters can find both in remarkable books on marine mysteries. While the following titles are aimed at fourth grade and above, even younger readers will find the pictures irresistible.

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