June 23, 2018

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The Margaret A. Edwards Award and 30 Years of Young Adult Literature

Angela Carstensen takes a look back at three decades of YA—its evolution, groundbreaking titles, and the Margaret A. Edwards Award that honors its authors.

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“Looking for Alaska” Stays in Curriculum in Lebanon, KY

The controversial teen novel by John Green came under heavy fire in one high school—but in a victory for “freedom to read,” the merits of its use prevailed.

John Green Says ‘Looking for Alaska’ Challenged by Colorado Parents

A group of Colorado parents are challenging the use of John Green’s award-winning young adult novel Looking for Alaska (Dutton, 2005) in 9th grade classrooms, the author wrote on his Tumblr-based blog yesterday. Green is urging supporters to write in solidarity with the teachers and librarians at the school, Fort Lupton Middle and High School, who he says are “heroically” standing by their choice.

Ban on John Green’s ‘Looking for Alaska’ Sparks Anger

A Tennessee school district has banned John Green’s award-winning novel Looking for Alaska (Dutton, 2005) from the school curriculum.