March 21, 2018

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Lincoln, Bogles, and the Port Chicago 50 | Multimedia Reviews

DVDs and audiobooks for preschool through high school

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Want a Free DVD of Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ for Your School? Here’s How to Get It

Following Participant Media’s announcement in February that it would donate DVDs of Steven Spielberg’s critically acclaimed film Lincoln to all middle and high schools throughout the United States, a number of librarians have contacted us for follow-up information. Here’s how to get your copy.

The Shoah Foundation on Media Literacy… and the Importance of Librarians

“It was purposeful that the IWitness platform was built with media literacy and school standards around digital education right at the center of its architecture.”

Scriptwriting, the ‘Languages of Film,’ and Media Literacy: Teaching the Oscars with Frank Baker

“I think it’s a tragedy that most of today’s textbooks completely ignore media and the important process of scriptwriting.”

The Oscars: Frank Baker Talks Critical Thinking, Movie Fandom, and the Common Core

“Yes: I think it is fair, appropriate and altogether fitting that we share our passion for media. I think a great question to ask anyone and to demand an answer to is: why are you a fan of __(fill in the blank)_?”

Participant Media To Give Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ DVDs to All U.S. Middle and High Schools

Participant Media announced today that it will distribute free DVDs of Steven Spielberg’s critically acclaimed film Lincoln to all middle and high schools, both public and private, throughout the United States, along with teacher guides and lesson plans.

Whiskers, Dreams, and Grave-Robbing Schemes | More on Abraham Lincoln

From fabulous picture books to top-shelf literary nonfiction, 2013 brings a number of new titles about America’s favorite president, Abraham Lincoln.