May 23, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

Flossmoor Public Library Struggles with “Rowdy” Tweens and Teens; Relaxes ID Policy

When Flossmoor Public Library (IL) initiated a new policy requiring tweens and teens to show student ID in order to use the library, the response from the library community was swift and largely negative. Now, administrators are taking a second look at the policy and figuring out more equitable ways to manage their boisterous young patrons.

ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom Launches New Policy Toolkit

The toolkit is a valuable resource for all libraries to help create or revise selection and reconsideration policy.

Opinion: Dear Congressman, Research Shows Closing School Libraries and Cutting Certified Librarians Does Not Make Sense

Closing school libraries and cutting certified librarian positions does not make sense, says YA author and advocate Sarah Darer Littman, who has backed this assertion with research she cites in an open letter to policy makers.