April 23, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

John Green Keynote | SLJ Summit 2017

Author John Green opened School Library Journal’s 2017 Leadership Summit in Nashville, TN, with an emotional keynote. Here’s the video.

In Praise of Print Books | SLJ Summit 2013

The very limitations of the book are its strengths, according to journalist and author Annie Murphy Paul, speaking at School Library Journal’s 2013 Leadership Summit in Austin, TX.

SLJ 2012 Day of Dialog: Walter Dean Myers’s Keynote Address

Missed SLJ 2012 Day of Dialog and the National Ambassador of Children’s Lit’s keynote? Or want to hear it again? Watch a video of his address here.

SLJ’s 2012 Day of Dialog: Walter Dean Myers Vows to Close the Reading Gap

Our nation faces a huge reading gap—but most people are unwilling to talk about it because the bulk of illiterate kids are minority and poor, says Walter Dean Myers.