April 24, 2018

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New Series Entries for Independent Readers │ JLG’s Booktalks to Go

From Amber Brown to fairly new-on-the-scene Magician Mike Lane, beloved characters are welcomed by young readers. When a well-loved author introduces a new series, librarians also sit up and take notice. The following titles selected by the editors at Junior Library Guild offer independent readers the comfort of well-known friends

Brand-New Chapter Books and Old Favorites | Fiction Series Update

Kids will delight in these titles for independent readers, including a companion book to Elise Broach’s acclaimed Masterpiece, and new entries in Andrea Cheng and Hilary McKay’s popular series.

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New Novels for Intermediate Readers from Andrea Cheng, Kate Klise, and Others │ JLG’s Booktalks to Go

For kids who want books that are meatier than independent readers, but are not quite ready for middle grade novels, the following stand-alone and series chapter books—selected by Junior Library Guild editors—will grab their attention.

MacLachlan, Henkes Tackle Kid Challenges in New Books for Independent Readers | JLG’s On the Radar

From Anna Branford to Patricia MacLachlan, favorite authors offer fiction for independent readers who have their own challenges to face. Selected by the editors at Junior Library Guild, the following titles feature protagonists who overcome their conflicts, and will be available for readers this fall.

JLG’s On the Radar: Middle School Novels with Strong Male Characters

Though facts and figures often grab the interests of middle school boys, adventure, fantasy, and reality stories also weigh into their decision-making when it comes to choosing books. The following titles selected by Junior Library Guild editors will not only entertain middle grade readers, but help them see that they are not alone in trying to survive middle school.