February 24, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

World Peace and Other Aspirations: The Role of Play | Editorial

Pam Sandlian Smith’s ongoing reinvention of library service at the Anythink Libraries in Colorado shows what leadership exercised in a spirit of wonder and playfulness can achieve. John Hunter’s World Peace Game takes playing to a new level for learning. We can all learn from both.

World Peace and Other Infinite Possibilities: Educator John Hunter Talks to SLJ

Veteran teacher, educational consultant, and author John Hunter talks to SLJ about his innovative World Peace Game, unlocking kids’ infinite potential, his faith in young people to improve our world, and how he daily inspires (and is inspired by) his students.

Children’s Librarians, Architects of Dreams | SLJ’s Public Library Think Tank

“The power of books is profound, but power does start in the children’s room. When we connect children with books…we are introducing them to the world,” says Pam Sandlian Smith, director of Colorado’s Anythink Libraries and opening keynote speaker at our first Public Library Leadership Think Tank on Friday. Among the day’s emerging themes: dreaming big, collaboration, innovation, creating community, and believing in the power of kids (and kids’ librarians) to change the world.