February 17, 2018

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The Name of the Game: Sports | Series Nonfiction

Amateurs and professional sports enthusiasts alike will devour these series on basketball, pro-wrestling, fishing, and more.

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Football Season Arrives: A Quick Look at “Don’t Throw It to Mo!”

I’m two-timing you, SLJ.  Yes, the ugly truth had to come out sometime.  I admit all.  You see, I’ve been blogging elsewhere. Crazy but true?  It is, but this is a kind of blogging I’ve never really done before.  Because while my specialty is children’s literature, my new job here in Evanston, IL requires that […]

No Hail Marys Here: Fall Teen Sports Books Score Touchdowns | On the Radar Teen

Millions of fans will be flocking to football stadiums and television screens to cheer on their favorite teams. To enhance their enjoyment of the sport, readers may want to turn to this week’s On the Radar selections for middle grade and teen readers, selected by the editors at Junior Library Guild.

On the Radar: Top Picks from the Editors at Junior Library Guild: Sports Books Score Touchdowns

With the onset of September comes the roar of the crowd—the football crowd. From Pop Warner leagues to professional sports, there are plenty of games to attend or watch. Whether on the bleachers, in the field, or cheering from the living room couch, here are some new titles to fill in the gap during half-time.