February 18, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

Whodunit?: Mysteries Can Support the Common Core | Listen In

With their emphasis on clear observation, logical thinking, and well-drawn conclusions, mysteries support many Common Core State Standards and lend themselves to an array of interesting writing assignments. These audiobooks are sure to spark student interest.

Why Can’t We Be Friends?: Tales of the Heart

Filled with unlikely but enduring attachments, ostensibly incompatible Romeos and Juliets, and unexpected instances of true animal camaraderie, these books prove that affection can allow individuals to look beyond their differences and forge long-lasting bonds. Use these books to expand Valentine’s Day and friendship storytimes; tease out overarching themes; and initiate discussions of tolerance, compassion, and community.

The Man Behind Clifford: An interview with the Big Red Dog’s creator, Norman Bridwell

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the first Clifford book, Clifford the Big Red Dog. How big is he? Very big. More than 126 million Clifford books are in print in 13 languages. And an animated Clifford TV series is in its 12th season on PBS Kids. Earlier this year, I spoke to Norman Bridwell about his remarkable career.

The Literary Equation: USBBY’s Outstanding International Books connect kids worldwide

Stories connect people who live in different places, during different times, or who have different interests. Books tell stories in words, pictures, or both all the world over.