June 21, 2018

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Ebooks Take Hold in Schools—Slowly

The adoption and use of ebooks in U.S. school libraries has grown steadily over the past four years, slowed mainly by limited access to ereading devices and cost, says a new ebooks report by SLJ, sponsored by Follett.

Pokemon Catches eReaders

Viz Media, through their kids imprint Perfect Square, has announced that their Pokemon titles will now be available on multiple eReaders and in eBook stores. Starting on December 17, 2013, four Pokemon titles, Pokemon Adventures, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, Pokemon Adventures: Diamond and Pearl/Platinum, and Pokemon Black and White are available in iBooks and […]

Love Whispersync, Hate the Terms: How can schools legally work with Kindle technology?

It’s the “holy grail of ebook features for education,” writes Chris Harris, of Whispersync for voice. But we need clarity on Amazon’s terms of service before schools can reasonably commit to the Kindle ereader.

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Lerner Digital Launches Android Ebook App with 3,000 Titles

Lerner Digital has launched its Lerner Digital eReader App for Android devices, featuring more than 3,000 available K–12 ebook titles across many interest areas and genres. The app, which is available free in the Google Play Store, is the Android equivalent of the app that the publisher debuted for the iPad in October 2011.

As Tablets Supplant Ereaders, New Challenges Arise for Publishers

Sixty percent of publishing executives believe that tablets have become “the ideal reading platform,” and 45 percent believe that dedicated e-readers will soon be irrelevant, according to a recent online, by-invitation survey conducted by global research and advisory firm Forrester.

The YALSA Young Adult Literature Symposium Hones in on Social Reading and Classics vs. Contemporary

About 500 librarians gathered in St. Louis for YALSA’s Young Adult Literature Symposium to discuss social reading within Ereaders, apps such as Inkling, Kno, and Subtext, and which contemporary books teens will be reading in the 2057.

Evolution of an SLJ Cover


The inspiration for SLJ’s September cover may be obvious, but it was a bit of a process—an adventure, if you will—to arrive at the finished product.

After considering the lineup of feature articles, as we do each month for the print edition, the editors selected the cover story: a first-person account of a school ereader program by Travis Jonker.

An elementary school librarian, Jonker has been documenting his foray into bringing digital readers to his students in a series of posts on […]

What To Do When Kids Aren’t Allowed To Read Digital Books in School | Scales on Censorship

Parents who visit our library’s children’s room have told me that ereaders have encouraged their kids to read. My son is a struggling reader, and he was very excited when I bought him one. But then we found out that his reading teacher won’t allow her students to read ebooks—they can only read books from the school library. How do I handle this?

Travis’s Excellent (Ereader) Adventure

In this month’s cover story for School Library Journal, Jonker, an elementary school librarian, documents the launch of an ereader lending program in words and pictures. This article is adapted from a series of posts at Jonker’s blog 100 Scope Notes, which is moving to SLJ.com.