February 21, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

Fusenews: Hear the beat, of literary feet.

Hi ho.  Time to round-up what Jules and I have been up to over at our Wild Things blog (book promotion for bloggers means more blogging, you see).  Here’s the long and short of what you may have missed: Wacked out 1970s picture books. Maurice Sendak’s actual first book (and it’s not what you think). […]

Fusenews: Private jet, please

First up, my little sister.  My daughter recently had her third birthday so my sis came up with a craft involving what she calls Do It Yourself Cupcakes. Each cupcake sported a teeny tiny cover of one of my child’s favorite books.  Then we took them to her daycare where she delightedly set about pointing […]

HarperCollins Celebrates Legacy of ‘Narnia’ Author C.S. Lewis

This fall, HarperCollins will mark the 50th anniversary of the death of C. S. Lewis with a worldwide campaign that celebrates his legacy. Kicking off the commemoration is the redesign of both www.cslewis.com and www.narnia.com, and their expansion to offer C.S. Lewis ebooks.