April 22, 2018

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Review: Batman/Superman #1

Batman/Superman #1 Written by Greg Pak, drawn by Jae Lee and Ben Oliver DC Comics, $3.99 Rated T, for readers 12 and up It’s been nearly two years since DC Comics canceled their Superman/Batman team-up title (along with the rest of their line, in order to introduce the new “New 52″ universe), but this week […]

Exclusive Preview | The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold—Small Miracles

All the Robins—past, present, and future—have to rally round to save Batman in this exclusive preview of The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold—Small Miracles, which collects Batman: The Brave and the Bold #15 and #17 and The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold #13-16. And there’s more: This 128-page, all-ages trade paperback […]

‘Tales of the Night,’ ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ and the Problem of Animation for Teens

What animation exists out there that’s regularly screened in schools or shelved in libraries that’s the equivalent of MG or YA lit—feature films (not TV shows) that speak to young people but not to “children”?

2012 Gift Guide for Pop Culture Geeks and Media Mavens

The Dark Knight screenplays, a Doctor Who board game, The Princess Bride, and a lot more…

Review – LEGO Batman: The Visual Dictionary

LEGO DC Super Heroes – Batman Visual DictionaryWritten by Daniel Lipkowitz
DK Publishing, September 2012
96 pages, ISBN 978-0-7566-9787-7 $21.99

One of the most enduring comic book heroes is the Dark Knight himself, Batman. He’s been forever immortalized in comic books, film, animation, and video games, as well as decade’s worth of toys and collectibles. In 2006 he […]

New York Comic Con 2012: Highlights from the ALA-Sponsored Sessions

Megan Kociolek: “Libraries are mystical places…”

‘The Dark Knight Returns’: Some Critical Thinking Questions

Here are some questions you can ask fans — questions designed to extend the critical thinking they’re most likely already engaged in…

Fall Books for Kids

Tuesday, October 16, 2012, 3:00 – 4:00 PM ET Learn about fall’s collection of new books for your young readers during this School Library Journal webcast event.  From illustrated books to chapter books, topics range from superheroes to farmers, and then some! Discover what it means to be a samurai in Benjamin Martin’s Samurai Awakening, and find out if an American teenager has what takes to save his friends.  Read about Bill Finger, the man who gave Bruce Wayne a name and made him a detective in Marc Tyler Nobleman’s picture book (illustrated by Ty Templeton) Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman. See a new take on the classic Old MacDonald nursery rhyme in Old MacDonald Had Her Farm (written by JonArno Lawson, illustrated by Tina Holdcroft) with brightly illustrated pictures and tongue-twisters to help readers learn about vowels while using the same E-I-E-I-O refrain. Register now to see what else Annick Press, Charlesbridge, and Tuttle Publishing will share from their fall book releases. This archive is no longer available.

Guest Post by Robin Brenner… This Summer’s Female Heroes: Fighting More Than One Battle (2)

The mainstream comics industry has been roundly (and justifiably) criticized for its problematic representation of women as well as its reluctance to acknowledge women as a fanbase with valid opinions.

Watch and Read-Spotlight on Media Tie-ins: Batman: Movie Reads for Teens

Despite the awful tragedy that occurred in Aurora, CO on the movie’s opening night, fans continue to flock to theaters to see The Dark Knight Rises. Suggest these tantalizing titles to YA lovers of Christopher Nolan’s groundbreaking film trilogy.

Book Giveaway: The Stunning “The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy”

This book just so happens to be a terrific media literacy text, not just a visual theme park for cinephiles and superhero geeks.

Superhero Fatigue… or, Does the Genre Even Benefit the Medium Where it Started?

Superheroes: Bigger Than Ever or Industry Obstacle—or Both?

Some Brief Thoughts on Media Violence and Critical Literacy

Set the tone for an authentic exchange about media violence, not simply one where young people mouth public niceties…

Guest Post by Caitlin Plovnick: The Universe Behind The Universe

When we provide graphic novels and comics, we should also be prepared to introduce curious readers to information about their history, how they are produced and who produces them.

Watch and Read Spotlight on Media Tie-ins: Batman Returns

Fans of the Caped Crusader are breathlessly awaiting the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises (PG-13), scheduled for release by Warner Bros. Pictures on July 20, in traditional and IMAX formats. A sequel to the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight(2008), the movie is the final installment in director Christopher Nolan’s masterfully envisioned film trilogy based on the iconic DC Comics character.