June 19, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

ConnectED Will Bring Faster Connections to Schools and Libraries | Next Big Thing

What could your library do with gigabit broadband? If you don’t have a list of innovative ways to use an Internet connection 10 or 100 times faster than the current norm, start making it now.

Connections That Count: Audiobooks that Highlight Kids’ Meaningful Relationships | Listen In

With another school year on the horizon, the focus of August’s Listen In column is on the relationships that children and teens make—with other kids and with adults—to help them navigate the stormy waters of growing up. The ten audiobooks featured are excellent for group listening and for generating discussions about what’s happening to the young people in the stories, from the poignant depiction of friendship in The Other Side to the real drama wrought by abuse in Eleanor and Park.

Organize the Web with EduClipper | Test Drive

Sure, the Web is a key resource for educators, but what’s the best way to share the good stuff you’ve collected with students and teachers and keep it all organized? EduClipper may be an answer.

Books to Enhance Class Trips and Learning Adventures | Focus On

The books presented in this month’s collection development column have been selected to support and enhance expeditions to favorite preschool and elementary-aged destinations: farms and other food-producing enterprises; museums (both natural history and art); nature reserves and outdoor-observation areas; community institutions; and zoos and aquariums. A mix of fact-filled offerings and fictional adventures, all of these titles give kids a break from the routine and encourage interactive learning experiences.

Life with Raspberry Pi: Sparking a School Coding Revolution

A $25 computer that fits in the palm of your hand, the Raspberry Pi has the potential to challenge the digital divide and make coding in schools as commonplace as textbooks. Computing could truly become about what kids can make rather than what schools can buy. Teacher Chad Sansing explains it all, with resources for digging in and getting started.

Maker Summer: A Global Project Offers DIY Opportunities

Tinkerers of all ages are flexing their creative muscles during the Summer of Making and Connecting, a global project geared to empower digital crafters and match people with maker activities, online or on the street.

An Action Plan for All Seasons | Project Advocacy

The importance of advocacy is evident to us during a crisis. When our libraries are threatened or our staff faces cuts, then we leap into motion. But we should be mindful of advocacy every day. Mapping a yearlong effort keeps advocacy from getting lost in the daily shuffle.

Rally the Cause: Thriving libraries Equal Student Success | Feedback

Read about what your peers think about the correlation between a thriving library and student success, the importance of administrators’ support for certified librarians, and more.

Tough Cookies Who Changed the Course of History | Nonfiction Booktalker

Stories of strong, determined women who changed the course of history make amazing subjects for booktalks. Elizabeth Blackwell, Louisa May Alcott, and Clara Lemlich are just a few of the tough cookies with indomitable spirit who persevered in the face of adversity, achieved their goals, and became role models for others. They are featured in three recently released books that are perfect for booktalking.

Secrets of Storytime: 10 Tips for Great Sessions from a 40-year Pro

Storytime is the premium service for children in public libraries across the country. For many youth librarians, it’s the most treasured part of their job. A storytime veteran shares her best practices.

Matters of Equity: As the Divide Grows, We Must Help Level the Playing Field for All of Our Kids | Editorial

As the economic landscape continues to shift, the mission of schools and libraries to address the gaps intensifies, and the work of the key players, teachers and librarians, has never been more essential.

Preschool to Grades 4 Nonfiction | August 2013

More math fun (Goldstone), more frogs (Himmelman), and more

Book/Multimedia Review Stars List | August 2013

On trains, cooking, and volcanoes.

SLJ Reviews Rosen’s database ‘Digital Literacy’

Jennifer Prince examines Rosen’s Digital Literacy database, a tool that offers middle- and high-school students the know-how they need to use online resources efficiently and safely.

Professional Reading | August 2013

Books on YA fashion programs and Pura Belpré’s work

Reference Book Reviews | August 2013

Presidential, Colonial, and Civil War history; careers; folk art; and science are covered in this month’s reviews of new print reference works.

Best of Apps & Enhanced Books | August 2013

Our favorite apps this month include a tribute to Ludwig Van Beethoven’s ‘Ninth Symphony,’ and a rhyme based on a classic children’s song. If summer’s lovely weather hasn’t got you humming, these productions will.

Multimedia Reviews | August 2013

The August issue features eight starred DVD and audio reviews, from the animated DVD version of Keith Baker’s incredibly inventive occupation-based alphabet book, LMNO Peas, to the audiobook edition of Holly Black’s Doll Bones, a tale of friendship and the trials of growing up set against the backdrop of a spooky ghost story, to Deep Sea Diver, an ocean-themed album of songs for kids performed by Recess Monkey. Be sure to check out all the starred reviews and visit Book Verdict for all the reviews in this month’s issue.

Grades 5 & Up Nonfiction | August 2013

Solid biographies and nautical poetry

Grades 9 & Up Fiction | August 2013

A fun read about a teen safecracker (Benway), fast-paced thrillers, and more