March 17, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

Feeding Minds and Bodies: Libraries, Nonprofits, and Authors Offer Food Education

Libraries, authors, and world-famous chefs, including Chez Panisse’s Alice Waters, are stepping in to ensure that children and teens are food literate, from providing food itself to incorporating lessons on nutrition, food sourcing, and gardening into curriculum and literature.

Before They Were Famous: Young Carl Sagan, Golda Meir, and Alice Waters | Nonfiction Preschool to Grade 4

This month, SLJ highlights some picture books about famous figures—before they made it big. Barbara Krasner details Golda Meir’s first stab at leadership, Stephanie Roth Sisson offers a glimpse of Carl Sagan’s childhood dreams about the stars, and Jacqueline Briggs examines foodie Alice Waters, starting with the early years.

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