May 25, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox


School Library Journal delivers a variety of cutting-edge programs and presentations designed to keep you ahead of pressing industry topics and well informed of the digital and technological advancements affecting libraries today. Our live and virtual events bring together thought leaders and experts from the library and literary world along with our experienced editorial team and supporting vendors to offer forward-thinking conversations, presentations, and interactive platforms.  Topics such as building and design, digital and ebook collection development, leadership, management and fundraising are just a few of the themes created for our public and academic library professional attendees.

Live Events
School Library Journal offers various live events throughout the nation that bring the library community together to network, share ideas and tackle the questions facing libraries of the future. Attending an SLJ event not only places you in the center of the discussion on the most relevant and trending library issues, you’ll get you up close and personal with some of the leading experts in the field as well as celebrated authors and publishing insiders.

Virtual Events
Virtual conferences have become an important meeting place for library professionals.  Over the span of 2010-2011, Library Journal hosted three online events; two of which were focused on the growing role of ebooks in the library and one on technology and patron usage.  LJ’s virtual events provide you with the chance to hear from experts and discuss the latest in industry news, technology, and professional development, and our virtual platform provides the opportunity for conversations with your peers all right from your computer.