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How Kwame Alexander Gets Teens Reading and Writing Poetry
What’s love got to do with it? A lot, writes Kwame Alexander, who recommends reading love poems with teens to engage them in reading and creating their own poetry. Also, listen to Alexander read four of his poems aloud.
YA Genre-Blending
Examining YA novels that blend and cross genres and/or formats.
Opinion: Do We Honor Girls’ Stories? The Double Standard of YA Lit
Editor, blogger, former librarian Kelly Jensen asks why girls' stories in YA often take a backseat to boys' narratives during book awards season.
A Curriculum Staple: Reading Aloud to Teens
Young people often listen at a higher comprehension level than they read, according to Jim Trelease, author of "The Read-Aloud Handbook." Here are librarians' suggestions for enhancing teen listening and literacy skills.
Long-Awaited Mirrors: Latino Lit for Teens
In recent years, we have seen an explosion of Latino authors writing for young adults. These works offer much-needed windows (and mirrors) for all readers.
Gaming the Teenage Brain: Q&A With Social Scientist Laurence Steinberg
Laurence Steinberg says that adolescence can extend from 10 to 25, and that "brain plasticity" lends teens vulnerability to harm—along with a unique opportunity to thrive and learn. SLJ talked to Steinberg about how educators can take advantage of this.
Tackling Mental Health Through YA Lit
How to foster a culture of empathy and help youth who are facing mental health challenges, with advice on educating staff and helping teens access information. Includes recommended YA titles that address topics from addiction to self-harm.
Libraries Reach Out to Young Black Men
These librarians are committed to giving African American youth, particularly those in low-income communities, reasons to visit their school or public libraries—and to increasing the variety of materials that draw them into reading.
Vlogging, Teens, and Literacy: Engaging Youth
Media and literacy scholar Antero Garcia explains why educators and librarians should be paying attention to vlogs and what it means for today's teens' literacy.
In the Tech Mosh Pit: True Adventures of Nikki Robertson
Nikki Robertson enjoys a sandbox just as much as her students. But instead of shovels and sifters, her toys tend toward digital tools that fill the maker space at James Clemens High School in Madison, AL, where Robertson is the librarian and tech facilitator. Her goal? Get messy, get out of her comfort zone, and bring others along with her.
Teens at Heart: Making an Impact
SLJ's Teen Issue highlights the field's steadfast commitment to making a transformative difference in the lives of young adults. The editors share some thoughts on the innovative spirit and responsive programs that are taking teen services to a new level.
In Teen Programming, Value the Process Over the Product
How to best serve teenagers? Step out of their way, let them plan, and avoid these mistakes.
Public Libraries and At-Risk Teens
Author G. Neri speaks with public librarians about the rigors and rewards of working with young adults who are at risk.
Take SLJ’s Must-Have YA Poll
If you could purchase only 100 YA novels for a library serving teens, what would they be? Cast your votes in SLJ’s first-ever Must-Have YA Poll.
How To Foster Teen Activism
Kansas City (MO) public librarian Wick Thomas brought teenagers to meet the Governor face-to-face in his office to ask for more library funding. That’s just one way that Thomas encourages responsible activism and leadership among young adults.
A School-Wide Study of “Serial”
When a Massachusetts high school tapped the true-crime podcast for its summer “read," students and teachers used writing, science, math, art, and dance to explore the case’s many questions.
YA: A Category for the Masses. But What About Teens?
SLJ takes a long view of YA literature in our Teen Issue. With the red-hot category capturing adult and tween readers, is YA's intended audience being left behind?
A Model Internship Program
An imaginative and rigorous teen internship experience at the La Vista (NE) Public Library requires commitment and offers valuable experience.
Almost Adult, With Autism
From teaching social skills to offering internships, libraries provide support.
How to Use IPads to Help Teens With Autism
A teen services librarian in Salt Lake City discovered the key to helping older kids with autism spectrum disorders participate in library programs: iPads.