School Library Journal presents a new webcast series that will unleash the library leader in you.

Each of our free, one-hour webcasts will inspire leadership at every level. Learn strategies from the experts that will help you take the lead through effective communication, collaboration, and execution. You will gain valuable skills to help shape your professional future as well as the future of your library, school, and community.

Hosted by Shannon McClintock Miller
District Teacher Librarian and Technology Integration Specialist
Van Meter Community School


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On-Demand Webcasts

10 Keys to Leadership
This tour of the top keys to leadership in our changing education environment will inspire leadership at every level. This webcast kicks off the series with strategies and tactics from Shannon McClintock Miller on how to take steps to initiate new projects, create meaningful collaborations with classroom teachers, talk to administrators, and drive tech adoption in your classroom, school, community, and more.

Make the Administrator Connection
Hear from school administrators about how to work with them to make the library central to the school’s strategic direction–help shape the school’s future to better serve our kids, make a mark that matters, and get noticed for it.

Raise the Bar with Effective Collaborations
Get the big picture and nitty gritty on what you need to about how to pull off collaborations that work–with peers, principals, public libraries, parents, and others—using partnerships as well as technology to turn gaps into opportunities for learning and leadership.

Take the Lead on Standards: Common Core and More
Whether your district is Common Core or not, its arrival and collision with the broad digital transition create unmatched opportunity for librarians to take leadership on meeting standards using their collection development and technology skills–mixing up materials and tools, stepping up the professional development role with teachers, innovating on the collection level, informing curriculum, and integrating digital tools.

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