March 23, 2018

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Kids Can Vote for Our Next President with PebbleGo Vote!


Capstone, publisher of children’s books and digital products and services, has launched PebbleGo Vote!, a free election-season resource connected to its PebbleGo databases.

PebbleGo Vote! allows students to share their preference for Clinton or Trump while learning about civic concepts such as democracy, various elected offices, and past presidents. PebbleGo Vote! will keep a national tally of students’ votes. Also, schools that complete a preregistration process, open until September 30, can track which candidate wins their school vote.

Voting opens on October 10 and closes on Election Day, November 8. The winner of PebbleGo Vote! will be announced on November 9. Schools do not need to be PebbleGo subscribers to participate.

“You are never too young to learn to have a voice,” said Capstone’s director of marketing, Amy Cox, in a statement.

Mix It Up has more election resources.





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  1. How can I verify that I signed my school up to vote? I thought I registered my school but I do not have a tacking code that the cite is requesting.

    Debora Dillard
    Librarian – Lieder Elementary

  2. You will be the President

  3. Honestly, I think we’d be better off voting for the vice presidents, rather than the actual president candidates.We can’t trust Hillary, if the govt can’t; Trump is an awful persom.

  4. I think Hillary should win she’s first girl actually running for president and she has great reasons why she wants to be president trumps an awful person saying mean comments about Hillary and plus who wants trump to win because who’s going to build a wall to China so and then no Africans could come and I’m in Africa so I think Hillary should win

  5. I think Hillary should’ve won because trumps a jerk witch everyone should know.he doesn’t deserve to be president.seriously a wall