March 18, 2018

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Los Pollitos | Touch and Go

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Earlier this year we posted a few suggestions for those looking to start or enhance their collection of Spanish-language apps. Here’s one to add to that list.



Los Pollitos/Little Chickies is a song familiar to many children whose first language is Spanish, and it’s a tune frequently taught to preschoolers in the United States. In conjunction with the recent publication of Susie Jarmillo’s flap-filled, accordian-shaped book by the same name (Encantos, 2016; PreS), Encantos Media Studio has released an app (iOS, $2.99; Android $.99; PreS) loaded with activities that relate to the traditional song.

Once viewers crack the eggs on the app’s opening screen (and watch the chicks hatch) they will be brought to a page with access to the activities. First, there’s the song. Tapping the picture of the radio on this screen allows children to listen to it in any one of eight languages: Italian, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, or English. (Switching from one rendition to another is simple.) A touch to the guitar offers children an opportunity to strum along to the tune as the chicks join in on drums, tambourine, and maracas. Other interactive activities include decorating an egg (with a variety of facial features, colors, and patterns), and selecting flowers for a bouquet. The cheerful chicks respond to viewers’ creative endeavors with appreciative cheeps or “pios.” The app will be enjoyed by children who love music or know the song. Story programs that incorporate the classic tune or music will want to make sure this app is loaded onto their iPads.—Daryl Grabarek, School Library Journal

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Daryl Grabarek is the editor of School Library Journal's monthly enewsletter, Curriculum Connections, and its online column Touch and Go. Before coming to SLJ, she held librarian positions in private, school, public, and college libraries. Her dream is to manage a collection on a remote island in the South Pacific.

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