February 25, 2018

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SLJ’s Average Book Prices for 2016


The numbers you put to work every year are here—the list of average book prices for 2015 and 2016 to date, produced in partnership with Baker & Taylor. We know this data helps you make sound decisions.

The data, based on figures supplied by Baker & Taylor, shows average list prices for all books (including children’s books, young adult books, paperbacks and hardcover editions) that have been sold (not published) during the time frames listed. Separate calculations have been supplied for the school market and the public library market. Averages are calculated by total number of all book sales divided by the number of books sold.

AvgPrice_chart2016-revLook for the next iteration in Spring of 2017.
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  1. Melissa Strayton says:

    I have been buying children’s books from Baker and Taylor for nearly four years in my current position as Director of Youth Services at the Norman Williams Public Library. As the data for this report is drawn from B&T sales, I would like to note that over the past year or so, many titles have been made available only in a reinforced, and therefore, more costly edition. Although hard covers are available generally speaking, oftentimes B&T will not offer that (at least for me, preferred) choice as often as they used to. With our state/consortia discount, reinforced editions generally cost at least $2.00 more per book than the hard-bound counterpart. Baker & Taylor is a wonderful book jobber, helpful for answering many kinds of collection-related questions. I just wonder if some of the price increase noted here may have to do with the selling of more costly editions, rather than reflect an actual rise in average book costs.

    • I believe that the publishers of many nonfiction series for youth offer only library (reinforced) editions of their books. Many of these publishers have also reduced the discounts they allow Baker & Taylor to offer.
      Maybeth Anderson
      Dover High School Library
      Dover, NH 03820