April 19, 2018

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My Diary from the Edge of the World by Jodi Lynn Anderson | SLJ Review

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DiaryAnderson, Jodi Lynn. My Diary from the Edge of the World. 432p. S. & S./Aladdin. Nov. 2015. Tr $16.99. ISBN 9781442483873.

Gr 4-7–Gracie Lockwood is a spirited girl and journal writer, who lives with her parents, brother, and sister right down the street from a T.J.Maxx that was recently burned down by dragons. Her world mirrors ours, in that there is a Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and McDonald’s off of Route 1. It differs, however, because Sasquatches roam the forests, depressed ghosts linger, and for a pretty penny, one can hire a guardian angel should one require protection. Perhaps the most ominous thing about her world is the fact that dark clouds visit the homes of anyone whose life they’re about to take. When such a cloud appears over Gracie’s home, the family believes it has come for her ailing younger brother, Sam. Their one chance at outrunning his death is crossing over into the Extraordinary World. Her father, a somewhat unreliable scientist believes that a parallel universe exists, one in which humans thrive without the death clouds and other dangers found in their own world. When the Lockwoods purchase a Winnebago to flee their town in pursuit of the Extraordinary World, readers are taken on a fun-filled, well-paced, modern adventure. VERDICT Fans of J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” will enjoy this heartfelt, bittersweet, and ever-so-clever coming-of-age fantasy. It is a must-add to any middle grade collection.–Pilar Okeson, Allen-Stevenson School, New York City

This review was published in School Library Journal‘s August 2015 issue.



  1. wow, that sounds great!

  2. The book is amazing! I just finished reading it and I was in love. I would recommend this book to any of my friends because it was so intriguing!

  3. My
    from the
    edge of the world
    BY Payton Luznicky
    In my opinion I think that the story My Diary from the Edge of the World has a lot of excitement. The challenge Her whole family faces is they has to try to make it to the edge of the world and find the extraordinary world to hide from the cloud that’s going to take their brother away.
    Dragons go south for the winter, burning down applebees and Tj max along the way. Her grandma keeps ghosts in her back yard, she somehow has to believe that the extraordinary world is real, her family thought that the cloud was coming for her beloved brother but it actually came for her sister. It was so sad when the cloud took her away, I cried and couldn’t read that book anymore that night.
    This book is so action packed my mind was spinning and I wondered what would happen next. This book got my attention instantly, on pegis wings to ghosts in their backyard, it took me on the weirdest most funniest martbracking journey to literally the edge of the world. By the last page I was totally in awe. That is why I think this book has so much excitement.

  4. what is the dad’s name