February 24, 2018

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The Avengers return to save the future in Friedman’s “The Ultimates” | Audio Pick

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theultimatesFriedman, Michael Jan. The Ultimates: ­Tomorrow Men. 5 CDs. 5 hrs. Graphic Audio. 2014. $19.99. ISBN 978628510201.
Gr 6 Up–The Avengers are back with a few additional superheroes. Assembled by S.H.I.E.L.D. as the first government-sponsored team of superheroes, they’re now known as the Ultimates. When the Tomorrow Men, who claim to be from the future, show up at a secret government facility, they ask for the Ultimates’ help. They claim a secret terrorist organization known as Tiber has been plotting for centuries to take over the world and that they’ll succeed in 230 years. Some of the superheroes, however, aren’t so sure if the Tomorrow Men are who they say they are. With the future on the line, will the Ultimates be able to stop Tiber? Are the Tomorrow Men to be trusted? With a full cast of narrators and awesome sound effects that give listeners a full auditory experience, this audio lives up to the publisher’s slogan, “A Movie in Your Mind.” The complex plot and unique, developed characters will appeal to listeners who like the Avengers, superheroes, action, adventure, and mystery. Recommended for any library collection.–Kira Moody, Whitmore Library, Salt Lake City, UT