April 23, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

Free Booktrack Education Tool: Engage Students with a Soundtrack to Stories


Global technology company Booktrack has released a dedicated education platform, Booktrack Classroom, which gives students free access to hundreds of soundtracked ebooks suitable for curriculum text or to create their own Booktrack titles.

For those unfamiliar with Booktrack, it’s a new way for students to read stories and texts while accompanied by a movie-style soundtrack. Students also create Booktracks, using their own writing or works being studied in school.

Watch this short video for an overview of Booktrack Classroom:

The release of Booktrack Classroom follows the findings from a research project conducted by the University of Auckland showing how reading with Booktrack increases reading comprehension and engagement. Of 260 students in the randomized study, those who read the syllabus text incorporating Booktrack’s synchronized soundtrack spent 30 percent more time reading and registered up to 17 percent higher comprehension in comparison with the control group.

A second study was conducted with students with reading difficulties, with an even greater impact. This group had up to 18 percent higher comprehension and 35 percent higher overall satisfaction. (The study was led by Dave Hithersay, head of Biology at Auckland’s Mt Roskill Grammar School.)

Booktrack CEO Paul Cameron says it’s important for Booktrack to keep reading fun for the next generation of digital learners: “With the increasing number of distractions available to kids across video games, television, and apps, teachers and parents often struggle to get students excited about reading and writing.”

Sign up for free at www.booktrackclassroom.com.