April 24, 2018

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Andy Griffiths Book Talk | Free Livestream Webcast

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 Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group and School Library Journal

Brought to you LIVE from Rock Star Supply, a nonprofit organization in Saint Paul, MN 

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Join us for a FUN and exclusive webinar with the international and New York Times bestselling author as he discusses The Treehouse Series, his newest (and funniest) middle grade series about the writing process.

Andy will discuss The 13-Story Treehouse and The 26-Story Treehouse, the first two books in The Treehouse Series that stars himself (Andy) and the illustrator of the series (Terry) and follows them through the creative writing process. The question is: Can Andy and Terry finish writing their next book while living in an amazing treehouse with distractions like flying cats, giant bananas, bumper cars, and a marshmallow shooter?

Your readers will love the series that School Library Journal says is for, “fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Big Nate.”

With his The Treehouse Series anchoring his discussion, Andy will focus on the importance of humor in children’s literature.

And don’t miss his fun (and funny) tips you can use to inspire your readers to be creative thinkers and writers.

SWEEPSTAKES | Registrants will be entered to win a FREE classroom set of the series!

Archive is now available!

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