February 20, 2018

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Book Review: Preschool to Grade 4 Nonfiction | December 2013

Whose Nest?: A Lift-the-Flap Book (Cochrane)
©2013 by Weldon Owen Limited

redstarJUDGE , Lita. How Big Were Dinosaurs? illus. by author. 40p. further reading. websites. Roaring Brook. 2013. RTE $17.99. ISBN 9781596437197. LC 2013001327.

Gr 1-3 –From a cowering Microraptor, who “would barely be able to look a chicken in the eye,” to an Argentinosaurus towering over a squirming pile of surprised-looking elephants (17, all told), Judge poses 12 prehistoric creatures with modern people or animals in compelling support of the observation that dinos came in a great range of sizes. In her lively, engaging watercolors, the extinct exemplars also display great ranges of colors and patterns in their feathers or scales, plus distinct dispositions: a quartet of shy Leaellynasaura, for instance, anxiously tries to blend in among a flock of same-sized emperor penguins, while Ankylosaurus, plainly in a bad mood, scowls as it batters whole cars out of its way with its clubbed tail. Along with identification for each dinosaur, the author adds brief but memorable verbal comparisons (Torosaurus “had a 10-foot skull and horns that grew as tall as a first grader”). She closes with a rousing double gatefold group portrait and leads to further print and web resources. Outstanding company for Steve Jenkins’s Prehistoric Actual Size (Houghton Harcourt, 2005), with even more sizable storytime potential.–John Peters, Children’s Literature Consultant, New York City

redstarMARTIN , Jacqueline Briggs. Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table. illus. by Eric-Shabazz Larkin. 32p. further reading. photos. websites. Readers to Eaters. 2013. Tr $17.95. ISBN 9780983661535. LC 2013937817.

Gr 3-6 –This engaging introduction to the work of Will Allen and his organization, Growing Power, should stimulate interest in gardening in schools, homes, and communities. After playing basketball professionally in Belgium, Allen settled in Wisconsin. He bought a Milwaukee city lot complete with empty greenhouses. With the help of friends and neighbors, he improved the soil through composting and expanded the growing spaces. Recipient of a MacArthur “Genius Grant,” Allen has taken his message of growing and serving food locally across the United States and to other countries. Visitors from around the world come to the Milwaukee farm. Larkin’s energetic illustrations reflect both hard work outdoors and the delicious results on a table loaded with good food. In a final spread, Allen waves from a rooftop garden to the Statue of Liberty, who is holding aloft a bunch of beets and cradling a basket of vegetables in her arm. His afterword urges readers to farm wherever they are and exudes the enthusiasm that has inspired others to join him. Martin includes a fine list of resources to assist prospective gardeners.–Kathy Piehl, Minnesota State University, Mankato

redstarRAPPAPORT, Doreen . To Dare Mighty Things: The Life of Theodore Roosevelt . illus. by C. F. Payne. 48p. bibliog. chron. further reading. websites. Hyperion/Disney. Dec. 2013. RTE $17.99. ISBN 9781423124887.

Gr 2-5 –Once again, Rappaport offers an accessible introduction to one of the world’s most influential people, punctuating her poignant narrative with well-chosen quotes that help frame the life of an important figure. Roosevelt stands tall in American history, but his childhood was one of serious illness that kept him bedridden for long periods of time. He became an avid reader and yearned for the life of the adventurers he read about. “Teedie,” as he was called, longed to explore the wilderness and yearned to be a “fearless” man like his heroes. From his early political career through the challenges of his presidency, this book chronicles how he became that fearless leader. He confronted injustice head-on and promised a “Square Deal” to all citizens, opposed many special business interests, including the use of child labor, and sought to protect the nation’s wildlife and preserve its beauty. The highs and lows of both his personal and public life are presented here, including the death of his beloved wife, his experience as a soldier with the “Rough Riders,” and being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906. Rappaport breathes life into her subject in a way that is sure to spark the interest of the most reluctant reader. Her choice of quotations defines the man’s lively personality and charisma, and Payne’s softly shaded artwork highlights his facial expressions and dramatically captures the robust emotion, good humor, and unstinting courage that are the hallmarks of the 26th president. Concisely written and yet poetic, this is a first purchase for every library. –Carole Phillips, Greenacres Elementary School, Scarsdale, NY

The following titles are reviewed in this month's print issue:

BAILER , Darice. Will and Wendy Build a Website with Digital Tools. illus. by Sean O’Neill. ISBN 9781599535845. LC 2013010589.

LYNETTE , Rachel. Jesse and Jasmine Build a Journal. illus. by Carlos Aón. ISBN 9781599535852. LC 2013010271.

PELLESCHI , Andrea. Olivia and Oscar Build an Opinion Piece. illus. by Caroline Hu. ISBN 9781599535821. LC 2013010270.

ea vol: 32p. (Writing Builders Series). further reading. glossary. websites. Norwood. 2013. lib. ed. $25.27. ebook available.

BESEL , Jennifer M. Compass Roses and Directions. ISBN 9781476530840; ISBN 9781476535241. LC 2012046449.

––––. Map Scales. ISBN 9781476530833; ISBN 9781476535234. LC 2012049387.

––––. Symbols and Keys. ISBN 9781476530826; ISBN 9781476535227. LC 2012046452.

ea vol: 24p. (Maps Series). further reading. glossary. illus. index. maps. photos. websites. Capstone. 2013. lib. ed. $24.65; pap. $5.95. ebook available.

BLOMGREN , Jennifer. Why Do I Sing?: Animal Songs of the Pacific Northwest. illus. by Andrea Gabriel. 32p. Sasquatch. 2013. Tr $16.99. ISBN 9781570618451.

CLAY, Kathryn. Signing Around Town: Sign Language for Kids. illus. by Mick Reid. ISBN 9781620650530.

––––. Signing at Home: Sign Language for Kids. illus. by Randy Chewning. ISBN 9781620650516.

––––. Signing at School: Sign Language for Kids. illus. by Margeaux Lucas. ISBN 9781620650523.

––––. Signing in My World: Sign Language for Kids. illus. by Daniel Griffo. ISBN 9781620650547.

ea vol: 32p. (Time to Sign Series). further reading. glossary. photos. websites. Capstone. 2013. lib. ed. $26.65. ebook available.

COCHRANE , Victoria. Whose Nest?: A Lift-the-Flap Book. illus. by Guy Troughton. 36p. Insight Editions. 2013. Tr $16.99. ISBN 9781608872046.

DELESSERT , Etienne. A Glass. illus. by author. 32p. Creative Editions. 2013. Tr $18.99. ISBN 9781568462578. LC 2012051632.

DENNIS-BRYAN , Kim. Deadly Animals: Ultimate Top Tens. ISBN 9781848987456. Tr $14.99.

DIXON , Dougal. The Big Book of Dinosaurs. chron. diag. maps. ISBN 9781848987463. Tr $12.99.

ea vol: 80p. glossary. illus. index. photos. TickTock. 2013.

FELIX, Rebecca. The Midwest. ISBN 9781623234911. LC 2013931425.

––––. The Northeast. ISBN 9781623234928. LC 2013931428.

––––. The Southwest. ISBN 9781623234942. LC 2013931432.

––––. The West. ISBN 9781623234959. LC 2013931429.

ea vol: 32p. (Regions of the U.S.A. Series). further reading. glossary. index. maps. photos. reprods. websites. The Child’s World. 2013. lib. ed. $28.50.

GALBRAITH , Kathryn O. Where Is Baby? illus. by John Butler. 32p. Peachtree. 2013. Tr $16.95. ISBN 9781561457076. LC 2012033522.

GALLION , Sue Lowell. Rick and Rachel Build a Research Report. illus. by Chi Chung. ISBN 9781599535838. LC 2013010267.

LYNETTE , Rachel. Frank and Fiona Build a Fictional Story. illus. by Jan Lieffering. ISBN 9781599535876. LC 2013010274.

PELLESCHI , Andrea. Neil and Nan Build Narrative Nonfiction. illus. by Yu-Mei Han. ISBN 9781599535869. LC 2013010265.

ea vol: 32p. (Writing Builders Series). further reading. glossary. websites. Norwood. 2013. lib. ed. $25.27. ebook available.

GANERI , Anita. Funny Stories. ISBN 9781432975340; ISBN 9781432975418. LC 2012043117.

––––. Mystery Stories. ISBN 9781432975326; ISBN 9781432975395. LC 2012043115.

––––. Scary Stories. ISBN 9781432975333; ISBN 9781432975401. LC 2012043116.

ea vol: 32p. (Writing Stories Series). diag. further reading. glossary. illus. index. photos. websites. Heinemann Library. 2013. lib. ed. $26.65; pap. $7.99.

GONZALES , Doreen. The Huge Pacific Ocean. ISBN 9780766040908; ISBN 9781464401510; ISBN 9781464510588. LC 2012007614.

––––. The Mighty Atlantic Ocean. ISBN 9780766040885; ISBN 9781464401527; ISBN 9781464510595. LC 2012007615.

––––. The Tropical Indian Ocean. ISBN 9780766040892; ISBN 9781464401503; ISBN 9781464510571. LC 2012007617.

ea vol: 48p. (Our Earth’s Oceans Series). diag. further reading. glossary. illus. index. maps. photos. reprods. websites. Enslow Elementary. 2013. lib. ed. $23.93; pap. $7.95; ebk. $7.95.

GORDON , Nick. Coal Miner. ISBN 9781600148934. LC 2012039853.

––––. Fighter Pilot. ISBN 9781600148941. LC 2012041221.

––––. Ice Road Trucker. ISBN 9781600148958. LC 2012041222.

––––. Rodeo Clown. ISBN 9781600148965. LC 2012042321.

––––. Stunt Performer. ISBN 9781600148972. LC 2012041593.

ea vol: 24p. (Torque: Dangerous Jobs Series). further reading. glossary. index. photos. websites. Bellwether Media. 2013. lib. ed. $22.95.

HAUSMAN , Gerald. The Otter, the Spotted Frog & the Great Flood: A Creek Indian Story. illus. by Ramon Shiloh. 36p. Wisdom Tales. 2013. Tr $17.95. ISBN 9781937786120.

HEINRICHS , Ann. Chinese New Year. illus. by Benrei Huang. ISBN 9781623235048. LC 2013931398.

––––. Cinco de Mayo. illus. by Kathleen Petelinsek. ISBN 9781623235055. LC 2013931341.

ea vol: 32p. (Holidays and Celebrations Series). further reading. glossary. index. websites. The Child’s World. 2013. lib. ed. $25.64.

HEINRICHS , Ann. Father’s Day. ISBN 97816 23235062. LC 2013931401.

––––. Mother’s Day. ISBN 9781623235109. LC 2013931405.

ea vol: illus. by R. W. Alley. 32p. (Holidays and Celebrations Series). further reading. glossary. index. websites. The Child’s World. 2013. lib. ed. $25.64.

HILL , Isabel. Urban Animals of Washington, D.C. photos by author. illus. by Catherine Hnatov. 40p. diag. glossary. Star Bright. 2013. Tr $17.99. ISBN 9781595726582; pap. $7.99. ISBN 9781595726599. LC 2013017715.

HUGHES , Catherine D. First Big Book of the Ocean. 128p. glossary. index. maps. photos. websites. National Geographic. 2013. Tr $14.95. ISBN 9781426313684.

KANN , Victoria. Pinkalicious Cupcake Cookbook. illus. by author. 64p. websites. HarperCollins/Harper. 2013. spiral $14.99. ISBN 9780062023575.

KUTSCHBACH , Doris. Art Detective: Spot the Difference! tr. from German by Cynthia Hall. illus. by Julia Dürr. 48p. reprods. Prestel. 2013. Tr $14.95. ISBN 9783791371047.

LEE , Adrienne. Gladiators. ISBN 97814 76531144. LC 2013010313.

––––. Knights. ISBN 9781476531151.

––––. Ninja. ISBN 9781476531120. LC 2013010454.

––––. Samurai. ISBN 9781476531137. LC 2013010447.

ea vol: 32p. (Legendary Warriors Series). further reading. glossary. illus. index. photos. reprods. websites. Capstone. 2013. lib. ed. $25.99. ebook available.

LEVY , Debbie. We Shall Overcome: The Story of a Song. illus. by Vanessa Brantley-Newton. 32p. chron. further reading. notes. websites. Disney/Jump at the Sun. Dec. 2013. RTE $16.99. ISBN 9781423119548.

PISTOIA , Sara. Counting. ISBN 9781623235284. LC 2013931427.

––––. Fractions. ISBN 9781623235291. LC 2013931430.

ea vol: 24p. (Simply Math Series). index. photos. The Child’s World. 2013. lib. ed. $25.64.

RIDLEY , Kimberly. The Secret Pool. illus. by Rebekah Raye. 32p. glossary. Tilbury. 2013. Tr $16.95. ISBN 9780884483397. LC 2013006032.

SHAPIRO , Sheryl & Simon Shapiro. Ladybugs Have Lots of Spots. ISBN 9781554515578; ISBN 9781554515561.

––––. Zebra Stripes Go Head to Toe. ISBN 9781554515813; ISBN 9781554515806.

ea vol: 24p. (Shapes & Spaces Series). photos. Annick. 2013. lib. ed. $18.95; pap. $6.95.

SUTCLIFFE , Jane. Chester Nimitz and the Sea. illus. by Craig Kodera. 32p. chron. photos. Pelican. 2013. Tr $16.99. ISBN 9781455617968; ebk. $16.99. ISBN 9781455617975. LC 2012042276.

TAVACI, Elspeth, retel. The Stone of Destiny: Tales from Turkey. illus. by Paul Hess. 144p. Frances Lincoln. 2013. pap. $8.99. ISBN 9781847802798.

TRUEIT , Trudi Strain. Ants. ISBN 97816 08702404. LC 2011020699.

––––. Beetles. ISBN 978-1-60870-241-1. LC 2011036030.

––––. Dragonflies. ISBN 9781608702442. LC 2011016329.

––––. Grasshoppers. ISBN 9781608702466. LC 2011032844.

––––. Slugs, Snails, and Worms. ISBN 9781608702473. LC 2011026619.

ea vol: 32p. (Backyard Safari Series). diag. further reading. glossary. index. photos. websites. Cavendish Square. 2013. lib. ed. $28.50.

TULLET , Hervé. The Big Book of Art. illus. by author. 86p. Phaidon. 2013. spiral $24.95. ISBN 9780714863498.

WANG , Gabrielle. The Race for the Chinese Zodiac. illus. by Sally Rippin. 32p. Candlewick. 2013. RTE $14.99. ISBN 9780763667788. LC 2012950621.

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