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Mulitmedia Reviews | October 2013

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redstarBlackout. DVD. 7 min. Weston Woods. 013. ISBN 978-0-545-57146-3. $59.95; CD, ISBN 978-0-545-57147-0: $12.95; CD with hardcover book, ISBN 978-0-545-57149-4: $29.95.

PreS–Gr 3–Where were you when the lights went out on August 14, 2003? John Rocco’s Caldecott Honor book (Hyperion, 2011) presents a worthy portrayal of that iconic night in New York City. It’s a hot, sticky summer evening, filled with jazzy clarinet riffs and city sounds of horns and garbage trucks. “And then, the lights…went…out. All of them!” Suddenly, the busy city is dark and eerily still. Folks get out their flashlights and candles, slowly rediscover their families and their town, and have the time to notice one another. People gather on rooftops and streets, enjoying impromptu barbecues, free gelato, music, and the starlight above. Transformed, the entire city becomes one big block party. Soup2Nuts has animated the book with gleeful shadow puppetry and sweet synchronicity. Narrator Stanley Tucci gets the pauses just right, and shows his range with whispery words and raucous shouts. Best of all is David Mansfield’s original bossa nova background music, in Carlos Santana style, that catches the mood with infectious rhythms. Pre- and post-viewing activities are provided in liner notes, including excellent recommendations to compare and contrast nonfiction archival articles from a decade ago with this fictional account. The DVD can also serve as an ideal writing prompt, using “What if…” scenarios suggested in the outstanding author interview. Rocco, a talented illustrator, has created an inspirational glimpse of a community coming together in a crisis.–Lonna Pierce, MacArthur and Thomas Jefferson Elementary Schools, Binghamton, NY

redstarDefiant Requiem. DVD. 85 min. Prod. by Partisan Pictures. Dist. by PBS Dist. 2013. ISBN 978-1-60883-917-9. $24.99.

Gr 10 Up–When the Nazis invaded the Czech city of Terezin during World War II, Jewish residents were segregated into an old garrison. Thousands more Jewish prisoners arrived in the already crowded ghetto and were forced to live in miserable conditions. Yet, in Thereseinstadt, artists, musicians, writers, and creative intellects forged a center of cultural activity. Young musical conductor Raphael Schacter inspired prisoners to prepare a choral performance of Verdi’s Requiem as a way to defy the Nazis and create beauty amidst the squalor. This nearly impossible feat required singers to meet stealthily around a small piano in a cellar and commit to memory one of choral music’s most demanding works. While they didn’t know and or have formal musical training, they eagerly worked for Raphi. Nazi officials invited the International Red Cross in September 1943 to demonstrate how well Jews were being treated. Sachter’s Requiem chorus was performed for officers and visitors, while clandestine transports carried Jews to Auschwitz. The cruel hoax fooled the Red Cross into reporting that Jews were well fed and enjoyed a rich cultural life in Thereseinstadt. This powerful film provides first-hand accounts by survivors who sang in the concentration camp and highlights the efforts of conductor Murry Sidlin to bring the Requiem back to Terezin six decades later with full orchestra and his chorus. The four featured soloists are magnificent. For mature students and music enthusiasts, this is a profoundly moving selection.–Robin Levin, US Holocaust Museum Teacher/Fellow, WY

redstarNever Forget to Lie (Frontline Series). DVD. 60 min. Prod. by WGBH Educational Foundation. Dist. by PBS Dist. 2013. ISBN 978-1-60883-914-8. $24.99.

Gr 10 Up–Documentary filmmaker Marian Marzynski revisits his Polish roots to tell the story of Holocaust survivors through the eyes of those who were children during World War II. Marian grew up as a Jewish boy in Warsaw and for a time was in the Warsaw ghetto. Due to the bravery of his mother, he was saved by a Christian family friend and lived in a church orphanage until the war ended. Hiding from the Nazi’s, he survived the war as an alter boy in a Catholic monastery. In Warsaw, Marzynski interviews other survivors, including a woman who grew up in the ghetto and others who lost entire families during the Holocaust. The oldest was 11 at the time and the youngest around age 3, but all have vivid memories of the horrors they faced and the necessity to lie in order to survive. Through the interviews, pictures, and footage shot around Poland, a clear picture of the atrocities committed on the Jewish people is made accessible to viewers. This classroom friendly film brings to light this period in history and is a way to assure that viewers will “never forget.” As the World War II generation grows older and passes away, films like this will remind students studying world and European history of the past in ways that are tangible and moving.–Sarah Flood, Breckinridge County Public Library, Hardinsburg, KY

redstarDivergent. By Veronica Roth. 10 CDs. 11:11 hrs. Harper Audio. 2013. ISBN 978-0-06-228643-7. $22.99.

Gr 9 Up–In the dystopian Chicago setting of Roth’s novel (Katherine Tegen Bks., 2011), the population is divided into five factions. Upon declaring allegiance to one of them, 16-year-old Beatrice will decide her future. Beatrice and her brother, Caleb, grew up in helpful, unassuming Abnegation, always putting others first. During her aptitude testing, a simulation probes her suitability for Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, and Erudite. Rather than getting a clear reading of her strengths, Beatrice’s result is disturbing and dangerous: she is Divergent. At the choosing ceremony, the teenager impulsively joins Dauntless, the tattooed “hellions” whose value is bravery, and who protect the community. Beatrice, now called Tris, finds she feels brilliantly alive in Dauntless, even during the brutal training. She enjoys seeing her muscles harden, testing her courage, protecting the underdog, and working her way up the ranks of recruits. Making both friends and enemies, she moves through simulations tailored to trigger her Fear Landscape. Gradually, her Divergence shows itself, allowing Tris to see that the faction-dominated world isn’t as wonderful as she has been told. The likeable characters, excellent pacing, and blooming romance will have listeners hooked. Emma Galvin’s youthful voice has a twinge of huskiness that lends itself to voicing both young men and women. The audiobook will be very popular, so library patrons will have to be careful considering the packaging: a lightweight box and foldout sleeves. You might want to purchase the audio download instead.–Maggie Knapp, Trinity Valley School, Fort Worth, TX

redstarP.S. Be Eleven. By Rita Williams-Garcia. 6 CDs. 6:15 hrs. Recorded Books. 2013. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4703-6184-6, CD: ISBN 978-1-4703-6183-9. $66.75.

Gr 4–7–In Williams-Garcia’s sequel (2013) to her Coretta Scott King award-winning One Crazy Summer (2010, both Amistad), the three Gaither sisters—Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern—return home to Brooklyn after an eventful 28-day reunion with their estranged poet mother in Oakland, California. They are full of “Power to the People” and independence as they finish up their summer and begin another school year. Told through the eyes of sixth grader Delphine, the eldest sister, listeners join the girls as they navigate the changes in their lives during 1968, including the return of their beloved Uncle Darnell from Vietnam who just isn’t the same, their Pa’s new girlfriend, and the arrival of the Jackson Five on the music scene. Delphine confides her worries and thoughts in letters to her mother, who reminds her daughter not to grow up to fast—to “be eleven.” The novel has strong African-American female characters. The Gaither girls mature and adapt to the changes happening around them. Sisi Aisha Johnson does a superb job of creating a unique voice for each character. The sisters like to finish each other sentences, and Johnson’s distinct vocal changes keep each girl’s voice clear. She captures the humorous moments as easily as the thoughtful ones, producing a smile one moment and bringing tears to your eyes the next. Featuring an excellent text and superb narration, this is a must-have for school and public libraries looking for well-written historical fiction offering insight into the African-American experience of the 1960s as seen through a young girl’s eyes.–Terri Norstrom, Cary Area Library, IL

redstarPermanent Record. By Leslie Stella. 7 CDs. 7:57 hrs. Brilliance Audio. 2013. ISBN 978-1-4692-8246-6. $69.97.

Gr 9 Up–In present day Chicago, an Iranian-American teenager is forced to transfer schools after repeated occurrences of bullying drive him over the edge. Fresh off a suicide attempt, Badi tries to begin anew at Magnificat Academy. At first things aren’t so bad. He even makes a friend turned love interest, but when an anonymous writer begins sending letters to the school paper predicting a school tragedy, Badi quickly comes under suspicion. His depression, thinly veiled rage, and knack for explosives all make him look guilty. But in a post-9/11 world, it’s his skin tone that really puts him under the microscope. Stella has written a dark, humorous, realistic novel (Skyscape, 2013) about the effects of bullying on teen life. The depictions of racism and living with depression are skillfully presented, making it easy for listeners to relate to the situations. Nick Podehl’s narration is masterful. Each character comes to life with a vibrant energy that makes it easy to differentiate one from another. Stella did not write Badi as an overwhelmingly loveable character, and Podehl’s interpretation of him remains true to those intentions. Teens can learn a great deal from the 16-year-old’s experiences, and the novel is a must-have for all school or public libraries.–Jennifer Furuyama, Pendleton Public Library, OR

redstarPi in the Sky. By Wendy Mass. 6 cassettes or 6 CDs. 7 hrs. Recorded Books. 2013. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4703-5297-4, CD: ISBN 978-1-4703-4787-1. $51.75.

Gr 5–8–Joss lives in a mysterious place known as the Realms and is the 7th son of the Supreme Overlord of the Universe. He is content to let his older brothers and parents deal with keeping the galaxy in order while he tends to his routine of going to school and hanging with his best bud Kal, and his seemingly mundane job of delivering magic pies. Everything changes when an Earth girl named Annika peers through a telescope, leading to dire consequences for Earth as well as the entire universe. It’s up to Joss, with help form Annika, his friends, and his family, to save the day. Mark Turetsky vocalizes a huge cast of characters both alien and human, making each unique through pitch, volume, and tone. His female voices are especially impressive. Mass is a true spinner of yarns, and her novel (Little, Brown, 2013) is full of colorful language that creates immediate visuals, and Turetsky’s humorous vocalizations bring it all together. Given the detailed storytelling and the variety of kooky characters, middle school listeners will be engaged.–Shari Fesko, Southfield Public Library, MI

redstarSugar. By Jewell Parker Rhodes. 5 CDs. 5:26 hrs. Brilliance Audio. 2013. ISBN 978-1-4692-7401-0. $59.97.

Gr 5–8–Through the voice of 10-year-old Sugar, an emancipated slave in post-Civil War Louisiana, Rhodes’s novel (Little, Brown, 2013) introduces a dark and little-known period of American history. Like the other freed slaves who stayed on River Road Plantation after the War, Sugar’s life is tied to the sugar cane crop. It’s a hard life of planting and harvesting for little pay, and she has learned to hate the crop for which she is named. When Mr. Wills, the plantation owner, hires Chinese workers to compensate for the slaves who have gone north, the older workers feel threatened. Sugar is a curious, gutsy young girl with a bit of mischief in her. She reaches out to the “Chinamen” and draws both communities together. Br’er Rabbit and Chinese dragon tales are woven throughout the book. In the appendix, Rhodes explains the origins of these tales and how she learned about the Chinese workers and their role in Reconstruction. The talented Bahni Turpin magically brings all of the characters to life with perfect inflection and expression, creating the illusion of a full cast of performers. Each voice exudes the character’s personality, from sassy Sugar to the angry, bigoted overseer to young Billy Wills, who breaks the rules to become Sugar’s playmate and champion. This is a strong and memorable tale, full of excitement and sorrow, humor and grit, illustrating a complex period of American political and economic history that is often overlooked.–MaryAnn Karre, West Middle School, Binghamton, NY

redstarSummer of the Gypsy Moths. By Sara Pennypacker. 5 CDs. 6:28 hrs. Prod. by Listening Library. Dist. by Listening Library/Books on Tape. 2013. ISBN 978-0-8041-2126-2. $45.

Gr 4–6–Stella is living with her great-aunt Louise on Cape Cod because her mother has abrogated her maternal responsibilities. Angel, whose parents are both gone, is there as a foster child. Sharp-edged Angel and Heloise’s Hints-embued Stella could not be more different, despite their shared lack of parents. They’re spending the summer helping Louise run a small group of vacation cottages and wondering what will happen next. What occurs, however, is completely unexpected. Louise dies. Facing an uncertain future, Stella and Angel have to make some choices. Their first choice—to conceal the death—is a bad one. It leads to additional decisions—good and bad—that gradually unite the girls as they work to survive and begin to understand just what “family” means. Pennypacker’s heart-touching book (Baltzer + Bray, 2013) features a summer in which adults play only bit parts and the girls uncover their own strengths. At times touching and suspenseful, this is an exceptional story and Jenna Lamia reads it in Stella’s voice, with other characters sporting the accents of Boston and Portugal. She brings the tale to life and makes listeners truly care about Stella, Angel, and their fate.–Teresa Bateman, Brigadoon Elementary, Federal Way, WA

redstarYaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass. By Meg Medina. 6 CDs. 6:54 hrs. Brilliance Audio. 2013. ISBN 978-1-4692-7502-4. $54.97.

Gr 8 Up–Piddy Sanchez seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her best friend moves away and Piddy’s Mom literally has the floor pulled out from under her as the small staircase in their apartment building collapses, forcing the family to move to another part of Queens. The move does have a bonus. For the first time, Piddy will have her own room, but it comes at a price—she has to start at a new school. Her developing body is starting to attract some unwanted attention from the Latino boys in the school as well as from Yaqui Delgado. Yaqui feels that the teenager is shaking her booty and doesn’t consider her a fellow Latina. Piddy’s skin is too light, she doesn’t have an accent, and she does well in school. The bullying escalates and Yaqui and her crew seem to have it in for Piddy and her blossoming bottom. The teenager also faces some internal struggles as she searches for information on a father she has never known or even seen. Roxanne Hernandez, a fluent Spanish speaker, pronounces the occasional Spanish words nicely and provides a great voice and tone for each character. The Latin music at the beginning and ending of each CD (Piddy is half Cuban and half Dominican) adds a cultural element. With a title that is sure to draw attention and Medina’s great story (Candlewick, 2013) to back it up, this is a definite purchase.–Katie Llera, Bound Brook High School, NJ

redstarBunny in the Moon. Performed by DidiPop. CD. approx. 38 min. AV Café. 2013. ISBN unavail. $15.

PreS–Singer/songwriter/musician Didipop’s latest album is a beautiful mix of songs designed to celebrate the end of the day and prepare children for bedtime. Nighttime rituals such as “Bath Time” and teeth brushing (“Brush Brush”) become fantastic learning adventures that children can relate to and will want to take part in. Also included are tunes about giving snuggles while enjoying favorite stories (“Snuggles and Books) and the wondrous world of dreams (“Good Dreams Come True”), among others. Featuring DidiPop’s lovely vocals, beautiful melodies, and the well-executed addition of her daughter’s voice on some of the songs, these 14 original tunes are lush and rich. This is the perfect bedtime collection for families, and a must-have for all libraries.–Veronica De Fazio, Plainfield Public Library District, IL

redstarFantastico! Performed by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band. CD. 22 min. Lucky Diaz Music. 2013. ISBN unavail. $9.99.

PreS–Gr 2–The Los Angeles kindie-pop group Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band are back with their most unique album to date. Performed all in Spanish, the eight songs are a fantastic mix of fun, upbeat melodies, and clever lyrics. Rollicking songs about an astronaut cat, a blue bear, and three mice, combined with those about dancing and counting will leave children with a smile on their faces. The lively performances by the musicians create a feeling of excitement and joy. Whether or not listeners know Spanish, they will enjoy dancing and singing along with this album. The collection could easily be used in a classroom where Spanish is being taught, during story times, or just for family fun. A must have for every collection.–Veronica De Fazio, Plainfield Public Library District, IL

redstarTurn Turn Turn. Performed by Dan Zanes and Elizabeth Mitchell. CD. 44:14 min. Dan Zanes. 2013. ISBN unavail. $12.

PreS–Gr 4–This first collaboration between Dan Zanes and Elizabeth Mitchell of “handmade music” yields five traditional and 10 original songs in bluegrass, folk, blues, and acoustic pop musical styles. These laid back tunes are accompanied by excellent performances on guitar, banjo, ukulele, and percussion and by folksy vocals and lovely harmonies. “Turn! Turn! Turn!” by Pete Seeger, and made famous a few decades ago by the Byrds, includes additional lyrics written specifically for children by Toshi Seeger, Pete’s wife. “Raccoon and Possum” cooperate to make an apple pie and have a party. A man keeps swapping out his animals, from large to small, until he ends up with a hen, in “Wim Wam Waddle.” The sun’s “Shine” is hailed as the best provider of energy for the people of Earth. “Now Let’s Dance” invites listeners to dance along. “So Glad I’m Here” and “When You’re Smiling” encourage kids to have a positive attitude. The other songs are “Honey Bee,” “Coney Island Avenue,” “Hot Weather Music,” “My Creole Belle,” and “Train Is a Coming” among others. The whole family will love this outstanding addition to the works of Zanes and Mitchell..–Beverly Wrigglesworth, San Antonio Public Library, TX

redstarWhen the World Was New. Performed by Dean Jones. CD. approx. 35 min. Prod. by DogOnFleas. Dist. by CDBaby.com. 2013. ISBN unavail. $12.97.

K–Gr 4–Dog on Fleas’ founder Dean Jones has never sounded as fresh, funky, and fun as he does on his third solo recording, loosely centered on evolution and human nature. Guest singers Shamsi Ruhe, Eli McNamara, and Marianne Tasick complement his singing style beautifully. Arrangements are sharp and varied, keeping listeners wondering what will come next. He opens with “When the World Was New,” a call/response song about things prehistoric man might have done. Highlights of the album include “Human Bean” (a Caribbean-infused number filled with contemplations of life), “Stand with Me” (a soul-filled tune about not being a bystander when facing adversity or oppression), “Outshining Nomads” (a techno-pop number built on a familiar pirate ditty), “Join a Rock ‘n’ Roll Band” (a laid-back solution for all the things you can’t do), and “Peace in the Valley” (a cool retro-sounding prediction of a time of peace in the world). Jones is brilliant in keeping lyrics challenging and appealing to all ages, making this appropriate family listening. Another winner produced, played, and recorded by this Grammy Award recipient.–Stephanie Bange, Wright State University, Dayton, OH

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Puffer Learns About Ceramics (Dropping In On Series). DVD. 30 min. with tchr’s. guide. Crystal Prods. 2013. ISBN 978-1-56290-711-2. $29.95.

Drugs & Alcohol

How Could This Happen? A True Story about Binge Drinking and Death. DVD. 18 min. with tchr’s. guide. Human Relations Media. 2013. ISBN 978-1-62706-011-1. $149.95.

Early Childhood

Caillou: Big Kid Caillou. DVD. approx. 50 min. PBS Dist. 2013. ISBN 978-1-60883-920-9. $9.99.

Dinosaur Train: Nature Trackers. DVD. 1:40 hrs. Prod. by Jim Henson Co. Dist. by PBS Dist. 2013 ISBN 978-1-60883-894-3. $9.99.


Totally Spies! Season One: Wild Style. 2 DVDs. 4:48 hrs. Prod. by Marathon Media. Dist. by Cinedigm. 2013. ISBN unavail. $19.95.


A Perfect Day: A Provocative Film about School Violence. DVD. 19 min. with tchr’s. guide. Prod. by Organic Pictures. Dist. by Human Relations Media. 2011, 2013 release. ISBN unavail. $139.95.


Sexual Identity. DVD. 17 min. with tchr’s. guide. Prod. by VEA. Dist. by Films Media Group. 2013. ISBN unavail. $129.95.

Language Arts

Arthur Stands Up to Bullying. DVD. approx. 60 min. Prod. by WGBH Boston and 9 Story Entertainment. Dist. by PBS Dist. 2013. ISBN 978-1-608883-928-1. $9.99.

I Want My Hat Back. DVD. 6 min. Weston Woods. 2013. ISBN 978-0-545-57151-7. $59.95; CD, ISBN 978-0-545-57152-4: $12.95; CD with hardcover book, ISBN 978-0-545-57153-1: $29.95.

Super Why!: Hansel & Gretel—A Healthy Adventure. DVD. approx. 50 min. Prod. by Out of the Blue Enterprises. Dist. by PBS Dist. 2013. ISBN 978-1-60883-922-3. $9.99.


Secrets of the Dead: Caveman Cold Case. DVD. 60 min. Prod. by Terra Mater Factual Studios and WNET Thirteen. Dist. by PBS Dist. 2013. ISBN 978-1-60883-915-5. $24.99.

Secrets of the Dead: Ultimate Tut. DVD. 2 hrs. Prod. by Blink Films and Handel Prods. Dist. by PBS Dist. 2013. ISBN 978-1-60883-934-6. $24.99.

Social Studies

Secrets of the Dead: Bugging Hitler’s Soldiers. DVD. approx. 60 min, Prod. by October Films. Dist. by PBS Dist. 2013. ISBN 978-1-60883-909-4. $24.99.


Marty Schupak’s T-Ball Skills & Drills: Tips for T-Ball Coaches & Parents. DVD. 36 min. Youth Sports Club. 2013. ISBN 978-0-9839242-5-8. $24.95.


Many of these titles are available for download and/or in Playaway format. Check distributors’ websites, playaway.com, and audio download retailers for availability and price.

Language Arts

Attack of the Tighty Whities!: George Brown, Class Clown, Book 7. By Nancy Krulik. cassette or CD. 1:15 hrs. Recorded Books. 2013. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4703-7459-4, CD: ISBN 978-1-4703-6424-3. $30.75.

The Best of Fancy Nancy. By Jane O’Connor. CD. 30 min. Harper Audio. 2013. ISBN 978-0-06-228642-0. $13.99.

Boot and Shoe. By Marla Frazee. cassette or CD. 15 min. Recorded Books. 2013. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4703-5294-3, CD: ISBN 978-1-4703-5290-5. $15.75; hardcover book: ISBN 978-1-4424-2247-6: $16.99.

Breaking Point: Article 5, Book 2. By Kristen Simmons. 10 cassettes or 10 CDs. 12 hrs. Recorded Books. 2013. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4618-1325-5, CD: ISBN 978-1-4618-1326-2. $77.75.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. By Roald Dahl. 3 CDs. 3.5 hrs. Penguin Audio. 2013. ISBN 978-1-61176-181-8. $25.95.

Dork Diaries #6: Tales from a Not-So-Happy Heartbreaker. By Rachel Renee Russell. 3 cassettes or 3CDs. 3:45 hrs. Recorded Books. 2013. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4703-4644-7, CD: ISBN 978-1-4703-4640-9. $30.75.

Fat Angie. By E.E. Charlton-Trujillo. 6 CDs. 6:30 hrs. Brilliance Audio. 2013. ISBN 978-1-4692-7490-4. $54.97.

In My Craft or Sullen Art: Selected Stories & Poems by Dylan Thomas. By Dylan Thomas. CD approx. 1:15 hrs. Naxos. ISBN unavail. $14.99.

In the Groves. Performed by Diane Edgecomb and Margot Chamberlain. CD. 51 min. Living Myth Audio. 2013. ISBN 978-0-9651669-5-3. $15.

The Kissing Booth. By Beth Reekles, 8 CDs. 9:37 hrs. Prod. by Listening Library. Dist. by Listening Library/Books on Tape. 2013. ISBN 978-0-8041-6735-2: $50.

The Lost Sun: United States of Asgard, Book 1. By Tessa Gratton. 8 CDs, 9:56 hrs. Prod. by Listening Library. Dist. by Listening Library/Books on Tape. 2013. ISBN 978-0-8041-2173-6. $50.

Me & My Invisible Guy. By Sarah Jeffrey. 6 CDs. 6:36 hrs. Brilliance Audio. ISBN 978-1-4805-0361-8. $49.97.

A Midsummer Night’s Scream. By R.L. Stine. 4 CDs. 5 hrs. Macmillan Audio. 2013. ISBN 978-1-4272-3164-2. $24.99.

Mr. Death’s Blue-Eyed Girls. By Mary Downing Hahn. 8 CDs. 8:42 hrs. Brilliance Audio. 2013. ISBN 978-1-4805-1725-7. $59.97.

Mrs. Kormel Is Not Normal: My Weird School #11. By Dan Gutman. cassette or CD. 45 min. Recorded Books. 2013. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4703-4160-2, CD ISBN 978-1-4703-4159-6. $15.75.

The Moon and More. By Sarah Dessen. 10 cassettes or 10 CDs. 11:30 hrs. Recorded Books. 2013. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4703-8128-8. CD: ISBN 978-1-4703-8127-1. $108.75.

New Lands: The Chronicles of Egg, Book 2. By Geoff Rodkey. 7 CDs. 7:52 hrs. Brilliance Audio. 2013. ISBN 978-1-4805-1810-0. $49.97.

The Night She Disappeared. By April Henry. 5 CDs. 5:25 hrs. Brilliance Audio. 2013. ISBN 978-1-4692-7832-2. $69.97.

Ol’ Mama Squirrel. By David Ezra Stein. cassette or CD. 15 min. Recorded Books. 2013. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4703-7756-4, CD: ISBN 978-1-4703-5289-9. $15.75; hardcover book: 978-0-3992-5672-1: $16.99.

One Dog and His Boy. By Eva Ibbotson. 5 cassettes or 5 CDs. 5:30 hrs. Recorded Books. 2013. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4703-5298-1, CD: ISBN 978-1-4703-5293-6. $51.75.

Plague in the Mirror. By Deborah Noyes. 6 CDs. 7:23 hrs. Brilliance Audio. 2013. ISBN 978-1-4805-0340-3. $49.97.

The Quilt. By Gary Paulsen. 2 CDs. 1:45 hrs. Brilliance Audio. 2013. ISBN 978-1-4558-0913-4. $39.97.

Samurai Summer. By Ake Edwardson. 5 CDs. 5:25 hrs. Brilliance Audio. 2013. ISBN 978-1-4805-1976-3. $49.97.

The Second Life of Abigail Walker. By Frances O’Roark Dowell. 4 cassettes or 4 CDs. 4:45 hrs. Recorded Books. 2013. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4703-6415-1, CD: ISBN 978-1-4703-6414. $46.75.

Sketchy: The Bea Catcher Chronicles, Book 1. By Olivia Samms. 5 CDs. 5:45 hrs. Brilliance Audio. 2013. ISBN 978-1-4805-0356-4. $49.97.

Stormbringers: Order of Darkness, Book 2. By Philippa Gregory. 7 cassettes or 7 CDs. 8:50 hrs. Recorded Books. 2013. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4703-4518-1, CD: ISBN 978-1-4703-4476-4. $51.75.

The Testing. By Joelle Charbonneau. 10 cassettes or 10 CDs. 11:15 hrs. Recorded Books. 2013. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4703-2620-3, CD: ISBN978-1-4703-2621-0. $77.75.

Ties That Bind, Ties That Break. By Lensey Namioka. 3 CDs. 3:37 hrs. AudioGO. 2013. ISBN 978-1-62460-222-1. $39.95.

When Thunder Comes: Poems for Civil Rights Leaders. By J. Patrick Lewis. cassette or CD. 40 min. Recorded Books. 2013. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4703-5295-0, CD: ISBN 978-1-4703-5291-2. $15.75; hardcover book: ISBN 9780104521-0119-4: $16.99.


Blink of an Eye. Performed by Frances England. CD. 28 min. Frances England Music. 2013. ISBN unavail. $13.99.

Bob’s Favorite Sing Along Songs. Performed by Bob McGrath. CD. 51:09 min. with liner notes. New Sound Kids. 2013. ISBN unavail. $12.99.

Hello World. Performed by Rose Coen. CD. 21 min. CDBaby.com. 2013. ISBN unavail. $9.97.

Pleased to Meet You. Performed by Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke. CD. approx. 46 min. Prod. by Worm Hole Prods. Dist. by CD Universe. 2013. ISBN unavail. $11.67.

Shine and the Moonbeams. Performed by Shine and the Moonbeams. CD. 40:14 min. CDBaby.com. 2013. ISBN unavail. $15.

Take Care: Songs for Friendship and Social Awareness. Performed by David Kisor (and Friends). CD. approx. 36 min. with lyrics. Prod. by Growing Sound. Dist. by CDBaby.com. 2012. ISBN unavail. $9.99.

Whatever I Want to Be. Performed by Young Avenue Kids. CD. approx. 52 min. CDBaby.com. 2013. ISBN unavail. $12.98.

Social Studies

Story Painter: The Life of Jacob Lawrence. By John Duggleby. cassette or CD. 45 min. Recorded Books. 2013. cassette: ISBN 978-1-4498-0941-6, CD: ISBN 978-1-4498-0945-4. $15.75; hardcover book: ISBN 978-0-8118-2082-0: $16.99.

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  • AudioGO, 800/621-0182; AudioGo.com/library
  • AV Café, 6201 S. 58th St., Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68516; 877/228-2233; theavcafe.com
  • Brilliance Audio, Box 887, Grand Haven, MI 49417; 800/648-2312; brillianceaudio.com
  • CD Universe, cduniverse.com
  • CDBaby.com
  • Cinedigm, cinedigm.com
  • Crystal Productions, 1812 Johns Dr., Glenview, IL 60025; 847/657-8144; crystalproductions.com
  • Dan Zanes, shor.danzanes.com
  • Films Media Group, 132 W. 31st St., New York, NY 10001; 800/322-8755; films.com
  • Frances England Music, francesengland.com
  • Harper Audio, harperaudio.com
  • Human Relations Media, 41 Kensico Dr., Mt. Kisco, NY 10549; 800/431-2050; hrmvideo.com
  • Listening Library/Books on Tape, Box 25122, Santa Ana, CA 92799; 800/243-4504; library.booksontape.com
  • Living Myth Audio, livingmyth.com
  • Lucky Diaz Music, luckydiazmusic.com
  • Macmillan Audio, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010; macmillan.com
  • Naxos, naxosusa.com
  • New Sound Kids, newsoundmusic.com
  • PBS Distribution, 1320 Braddock Pl., Alexandria, VA 22314; shopPBS.org/education
  • Penguin Audio, 375 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014; 212/366-2000; penguin.com
  • Recorded Books, 270 Skipjack Rd., Prince Frederick, MD 20678; 800/638-1304; recordedbooks.com
  • Video Project, 150 Green St., San Francisco, CA 94111; 800/4-PLANET; videoproject.com
  • Weston Woods, 90 Old Sherman Turnpike, Danbury, CT 06816; 203/797-3520; scholastic.com/westonwoods
  • Youth Sports Club, 9 Florence court, valley Cottage, NY 10989; 800/511-2101; YouthSportsClub.com


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