March 23, 2018

The Advocate's Toolbox

Pick of the Day: Monkey Monkey Music (DVD)

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Monkey Monkey Music: Let’s All Make a Circle. DVD. 45 min. with tchr’s. guide. Monkey Monkey Music. 2013. ISBN unavail. $19.99.

PreS-K–Star of PBS Television’s Monkey Monkey Music, Meredith LeVande performs 15 of her original songs, most of which are in various rock musical styles, except for one bluegrass and one gentle pop tune. The goal of her music video, which is in a style similar to those of Laurie Berkner, is to get kids moving and learning. LeVande performs on guitar with a light, airy voice against various painted backgrounds with a group of multiethnic children dancing to her tunes. Each track includes some simple animation, and a monkey blows a horn to introduce each song. “Hello” and “Goodbye” open and close the production. “What Are the Odds?” has children counting by odd numbers. “In the Garden” looks at the colors of fruits and vegetables. “This Way, That Way” features opposites such as up/down, open/shut, etc. “Frogs Eat Butterflies” introduces food chains, and “Who’s a Knockin’?” has fun with knock knock jokes. The set of the 1950s themed “Turn Your Body Around” has a checkered floor, jukebox, poodle skirts, and miniature “Fonzies.” The rest of the songs include “Air Guitar,” “Circle,” “Bubbles,” “Shake It Loud,” “Wheels,” “Silly Animal Friends,” and “Willow Tree in the Wind.” The teacher’s guide, printed inside the DVD case, has ideas for using the songs. This fun production is sure to get young viewers moving and shaking!–Beverly Wrigglesworth,San Antonio Public Library, TX



  1. I was part of the creative team of the DVD, I am really proud of this achievement.